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Golf Glove fit

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How should a glove fit? I know this sounds dumb, but I was recently advised that your glove should be pretty tight, and i'm wondering if this is true. I did not use a glove for the first 8 years I played golf, so its kind of a new thing for me.

Is there a method or rule of thumb ( )for finding the right size glove?
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Re: Golf Glove fit

The rule of thumb I've used is that the fingers should be snug and when you place your palm up in front of you, you should be able to just pinch the leather on the palm - not too taut, not too loose.
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Re: Golf Glove fit

To be honest, I have no idea. I bought an Under Armour golf glove for my left hand in an XL and since I wear two gloves I needed a matching UA glove for my right hand. However, they were out of the XL for the right hand, so I went with a L. It was pretty tight at first, but after a round at the driving range it broke in and is now as comfortable as my left handed XL. UA Heat Gear, excellent gloves for fighting moisture! Just wear to fast. :(
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Re: Golf Glove fit

I use size small. I'm not big, but has got long fingers.

Find the glove that fits perfectly, then choose one size smaller. I like the glove to be really tight, and I know it will expand, so one that fit perfectly on first try will expand too much after a few rounds. The glove should be tight around your wrist too.

I use the Nomis glove, have never experienced a better glove than this one. It's got an amazing grip in both dry and rainy weather.
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Re: Golf Glove fit

I use medium/small titliest gloves. They always expand a bit. I have short fingers so i dont have to worry about the glove curling my fingers back, which is a sign the glove youre wearing is probably too tight.
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Re: Golf Glove fit

My rule of thumb has always been to fit the finger length first. When you put it on the fingers should be snug, but without there being too much extra room at the fingertip. If you can put on a glove and shake your hand without fastening the velcro, and it doesn't move around or start to slip, it is probably the right size. If you can shake it off your hand, it is too loose. Then once you fasten it, it should be snug but not tight and the end of the glove should be right at, or just past, the base or your wrist. You should be able to fasten the velcro all the way and it not be too tight. If you can't cover the entire patch you may need to go up a size.

That is what I do each time. Even though I have used the same type and size for years, some of them can be a little different. Just watch out for the 'cadet' sizing. I think the cadet is for shorter fingers. e.g. A medium cadet will be different than a regular medium.
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Re: Golf Glove fit

I'm glad someone asked this. I nearly posted the same thread within the last few days.

I played without a glove until a few years ago, and off and on since then. I have no idea how it is supposed to fit. I bought a Top Flite bargain brand at Kmart several years ago and was very pleased with it, to the point I never gave it a thought. But the last one wore out a few months ago and now I'm baffled that the replacements I've tried are not even close.

I am 6-4 and lefthanded but I play righty. My left hand is larger than my right hand. The Top Flite was an XL and fit fine. The Top Flites I've sampled recently in XL are noticeably smaller, and same thing with a few other brands. Recently I went up to XXL in a couple of brands and they were not enough. The Srixon was a farce. I'd hate to see what L is, if that was XXL.

In the past few weeks I've used one of the Top Flites in XL, but it seems too small. It's a struggle to get it on my hand, and when I do get it on, the gap from right side to the velcro pullover side is a strained inch and a quarter. I have to yank it together and pull the velcro considerably. It does make full contact with the pad but not comfortably, and no natural loosening after at least a half dozen rounds. Takes quite a while to get it off before chipping or putting. I've been pulling my irons since using that glove.

I guess my simple questions are:

* How much of a separation should there be from one side to the other, before the velcro is attached?

* What model glove plays true to size?
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