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Now that I am getting to actually play some golf again, I am going to bring this thread back so I can track my progress once again.  I played my first round this week and it felt like it has been forever.  The biggest thing I was doing with my driver was hitting it left.  It wasn't a bad flight, just started straight and had some draw.  So I wanted to make sure I still understand what's going on here.


-Starts straight and draws would indicate the face being square (with target line) at impact and closed to the path, right? 


-Does this most likely indicate my path wasn't inside out enough? My thinking is that the only way for the ball to start straight at the target and draw would be with a path that was just outside target line and a closed clubface with that path.


-The same club face angle with a more inside out swing path would have the ball start to the right of target (because it would now be pointed to the right) and curved back to target?



Does this sound right or have I just confused myself on the ball flight laws?



Also, my (now 12 year old) has easily doubled his distance!!  It's amazing how much farther he hits it now.  We have to get his swing straightened out too but seeing him hit it has really got me excited to see how he progresses!

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We went to the range today to work on some things. I was puring the ball! All the way down to my 3i which I never hit pure. It was a great session until the heat got to us.

Jacob is still fighting the push but makes good contact. He also has a problem getting his weight forward. I'm going to make us an appointment with a teacher in the next week or two.
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