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I don't actually agree with your statement that if they were any good the pro's would move to them.

They are sponsored, they play the clubs the sponsors provide and their set of clubs can run over $3000 without even thinking about it.

They have their clubs tweaked every week/month depending on how they 'think' they are playing. Golf is a mind game as much as anything.

Not trying to be offensive here at all. Everyone has a different approach and what works for one guy or gal is good enough, we should leave it at that.

I have hybrids, lots of people think these are not 'real golf clubs'. I should be hitting forged they say or Pings or whatever.

Well I hit my 7 through 3 hybrid quite well and use standard cavity back short irons. None of them have failed me.

By the way, all of my hybrids are the same length (well nearly). 7 through 5 the same length, 3 and 4 the same length. (only one half inch difference in the two groups)

Now I'm not like a bunch of guys and gals out here knocking the ball off the tee 300 plus yards as I see regularly stated. I never will. Too old and broken.

But I can stay in the fairway from tee to green all the time. It's just up to my swing being correct, steady and consistent. This is where I think the same length clubs have helped me.

Not for everyone, but if it helps one person, then that one person should go with it. Golfs a game, supposed to be enjoyed not frustrating and none of us that I know makes his or her living playing golf exclusively.

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You play baseball?  throw a ball at 2 degrees of angle with a certain amount of effort.  now throw a ball at a higher degree of angle with the same amount of effort.  Does it go as far?  Did you use a longer arm to throw the first ball?  One iron lengths make sense.

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What has gone unnoticed (or at least un-highlighted) is that this thread contains 2 completely separate and distinct arguments - either for or against the same-length theory – that are totally unrelated.  So I will break them out from a logical standpoint.


1.  11.  Lots of talk about the “science” (physics, angles, distances, plane theory, etc…………).  The missed point on this science argument is this:  The same-length system developers/advocates do NOT dispute the science behind the argument that – all other scientific factors being equal (except clubhead speed) - a shorter shafted 3 iron will travel less distance than a longer shafted 3 iron.    Of course it will…….due to shaftflex/clubhead speed.  So stop arguing against the same-length iron theory based on the science or physics of “distance”.  It’s off-point.  That argument misses the real point, which is:  Your swing PLANE will be more CONSISTENT with the same-length system, since your goal (via the practice range) with same-length clubs will be to ALWAYS apply the SAME swing PLANE to all of your irons (in contrast to your goal with conventional clubs being to apply the consistently appropriate but DIFFERENT swing plane to each different-length club in your bag, based upon it’s length .............which overburdens/complicates your practice range sessions…….hence your game ).  And the ability to CONSISTENTLY apply the APPROPRIATE swing plane to every iron swing is the MAIN thing that separates ALL of us on this forum from the approx. 250 tour players.  Men/Boys.  Period.  It’s why tour player swing coaches focus on consistency and not style.  We know for sure that it ISN’T clubhead speed that separates us since Bubba Watson’s is 123mph and Webb Simpson’s and Vijay Singh’s are 112mph.  Some of us can go 112 or higher so we know it’s not that.


2.   2.  Which brings us to the second distinct and separate argument:  Tour Players have the talent/skill to take ANY length club and apply a consistent and "appropriate" swing PLANE to it at will………..we can’t……….period.  So using the argument that if same-length is so great, why don't Tour players use them?  It's offpoint.  Tour players would NEVER opt for same length clubs.  Why?  Simple.  It won’t help their “scores”.  They don’t HAVE to use same-length clubs to lower their scores.  On the contrary, it would raise their scores due to decreased distances.  The rest of us – until we get on Tour – would probably achieve lower scores with same-length clubs. If any of us could apply as consistent a swing plane to each swing we make, then we wouldn’t need to use same-length clubs either.  If we're honest, we all know that we are striving toward, or trying to emulate the Tour players games.  That’s what we do.  But the question you have to ask yourself is this:  When you are on the course, are you trying to emulate Tiger’s “shot-making”, or are you trying to emulate his “score” at the end of the round?  If you are a true sports competitor and understand the very essence and nature of competition, then your answer will always be “score”.   So, would you rather continue your [perhaps:-O ] narcissistic attempts to emulate Tiger’s “shot-making” for those fleeting and scarce moments of glory on the course?  Or would you rather sacrifice that glory, in exchange for lower overall round SCORES?  (even at the expense of your buddies bustin yer onions because you have “training wheels”).  Because your shots (swings) will (unless you are a Tour player) be more CONSISTENT with same-length clubs, which means your SCORES will likely be lower.  Put more simply:  Would you rather hit your 3 iron 190 yards, 50% of the time being in the short stuff and 50% of the time being in the long stuff, and consistently score an 82?  Or would you rather hit your 3 iron 170 yards, 90% of the time being in the short stuff, and 10% of the time being in the long stuff, and consistently score a 76?  (which by the way is my story, albeit irrelevant to my objective argument here)


Don't confuse the 2 separate arguments.


That’s it.



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