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Re: Sharing Clubs?

Originally Posted by clubhousehero View Post
If your sharing clubs and walking then i might have a problem with it. But if that was me, i would give him a club i knew i didn't need and let him walk to his ball with only that one club. If he is that big a hack it won't really matter what club he has.

If they have a cart i can't see how it would slow down play except on the putting green.
Then you are one of those who doesn't know how to properly use a cart. When using a cart, you drop one player at his ball with his club or clubs as needed and then drive to your ball. He plays while you're driving.... then you play and pick him back up as you drive forward to your next shot. If you do it any different from that then you are playing too slowly.

If you both need the same range of clubs for the shot, you can't use a cart efficiently if you are sharing.

The real key is that most courses will simply not let you play if don't have your own bag and clubs. On my home course you will be removed from the course and taken to the clubhouse to either rent a set, or to be refunded your green fee. You will be given no other option.
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Re: Sharing Clubs?

I usually get an extra bag and put some of my clubs in it. It's no biggie if you and your playing partner play fast. I only share when I'm playing a two-some and of course with one of my lefty cousins.
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Re: Sharing Clubs?

I only share when I play executive par-3 courses with friends who have little experience. Otherwise it's poor form.
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Re: Sharing Clubs?

I let my brother hit my driver one time. I remember it every time I hit my driver, since the huge skymark is still visible.
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Re: Sharing Clubs?

i'm kind of loose with sharing clubs, letting someone hit my clubs at the range or on the course IF I can see they know what they're doing and won't really run a risk of pulling a barkley and snapping the head off.
my gear's expensive....and it's fitted to me...
I'm 5'8. my brother's 6'1. he's 5" taller than me, but still tries to grab my clubs whenever him and his friends come to the range that i'm practicing at. I CRINGE each time I see him wind up like it's baseball and he goes to hit the ball. .he hits most of hit shots fat, and the last thing i was is a $325 shaft snapped in half b/c of someone else.....
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Sharing clubs is legal.

2 players on the same team can share a set of clubs.

There are several advantages to this.

Less to carry.

Better club management in bad weather being two of them.

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The only time that I shared clubs while golfing was when a friend of mine and I were coming home from work, and decided to play nine holes late in the day, on a course with little play.  He had his clubs in the car, and I didn't. So, when he suggested that we stop for a quick 9, and I realized that going home to get my clubs wasn't an option, I consented, and then promptly beat my friend 1 up on the 9th hole. Otherwise, I would never share clubs on a normal basis. Anyway, most clubs require you to have your own set, or rent one of theirs.


Generally, I don't see any harm in sharing clubs on the range, but here is a little story that might change your mind. My daughter won a new driver as a door prize that is very similar to the Nike Sumo2, (before the Sumo2 came out), with a square head and sounds like an aluminum baseball bat when you hit a tee shot. She took it to her golf lesson and immediately saw increased accuracy and distance, which then led to a new sense of confidence in her game, and consequently, lower scores. Well, one of her teammates, intrigued by the shape and sound of the driver, asked to use the club at practice one day. After hitting a few balls the club face cracked.  Not the shaft, the club face!  We returned the club to the company, and they did eventually replace it, but the day after the club was broken, my daughter had a golf match, and appropriately had her worst round of the year. So, if you do share clubs, just be careful with whom you are sharing.

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