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how do "you" define high, low, mid handicap golfers? - Page 6

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BTW I love clambakes explanation of each of his handicap ranges even if I slightly disagree with his range of what he considers a mid handicap

The reasons outlined though are spot on for golf at those particular levels of golf.
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Originally Posted by Lookingfortruth View Post

F.Y.I.. According to Dr Bob Rotella. The average H/C for American males is 16.9 if I remember correctly.. Also F.Y.I. it was the same before the in introduction of all the new technology gear.


What does that tell you?


It tells me that you're using outdated information.




Despite decades of naysayers and experts alike suggesting that the average handicap is not dropping, has not dropped and never will drop, the fact is, it has. Let's say that again: The average handicap of all golfers -- men, women and children -- has decreased consistently for the past 15 years. The average handicap today is two strokes better than it was in the early 1990s, according to research provided to Golf Digest by the USGA's Golf Handicap & Information Network (GHIN).


The link to that quote is provided above.

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I think it is all relative to your skill level. I see myself as a "low" handicap but do not think I am incredible, just above average, others think differently, handicap wise I think 1-10 is low, 10-20 is mid, and 20+ is high. But relative to who is good for me is anyone better than me I view as good, and it would be the same way if I was a 20 handicap. I don't view people worse than me as bad, a bad golfer in my opinion is sometimes not always based on their scores, more on their knowledge of golf, how they act on the course, things like that, my grandfather is 70 sum years old and a 25 handicap, but I don't think he's bad, because he was once good and understands the game and plays it with integrity and how it's supposed to be played. If somebody was 20 years old and a 25 handicap who threw their club around and stepped in peoples lines, things of that nature I might view him as a bad golfer. It is easier to view someone as bad if they act poorly on the course.

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low - serious golfer on 16 oz energy drink.  Counts all the strokes.

mid - regular golfer on bottle water.  Counts most strokes.

high - not-so-serious golfer on 6 packs or something better.  Counts all the drinks.  It's truly an handicap.

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IACAS: Thanks for that. Won't argue as you have showen some statistical evedence. Always good in  a bebate.


RKIM: I think your answer in nearer to the truth than some might give you credit for...Makes me laugh.


Enjoy your golf.

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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

By comparison, the rest of us all suck!

The people that beat me are better than I am. Those that I beat are worse. That's all I really care about.

For those that haven't played with one, I will offer that someone that honestly plays off a "+" handicap is just stupid good.

I have played with two pros (who play for a living) before and they are just "stupid good." I don't know what their handicaps would be, but they just hardly mess up. And when they did, the recovery was no problem. For example, hitting a shot out of dense woods off pine needles through a small opening towards the top of some trees and drawing it onto the green from like 150yds... executed perfectly. Yeah, "stupid good."
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