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I used to use Fluid Feel Staff blades in the late 80s. I loved them, but I knew that I would be getting fewer swings as my career started. I thought I would be better served using a more forgiving club, so I switched to Ping Eye 2s which I still use. I kept the Staffs, as they were always my favorites. I'm glad to see that they are gaining popularity again, as Wilson is a great company with winning tradition in golf and tennis. 

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I picked up a set of ci11's in March and have shaved 4 strokes off my handicap. I would say that they hold there own. I mean for the price you can't really go wrong. When I was in the market for a new set of irons I did a heap of research. Being left handed and living in Perth, Western Australia it is hard to find clubs in a pro shop when you only really have 2 different companied to choice from. Reading the forums an seeing what the reviewers had said about these clubs made me try them out. I hit the RBZ's the D100 and the ci11 and went with the ci11's. Both the D100 and the ci11's felt 10 time better than the rbz.

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Wilsons are great irons.  The problem is they dont release new stuff often enough to keep up with the rest of the industry and the lack of any real tour presence hurts them from a marketing standpoint.

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I was gaming a set of first series fat shafts for the last couple years. Lives them but moved on to a set of callaway x forged. Wilson is getting back on track for sure I love there new line up the ci 11 are nice I almost bought those instead and there pricing is great for what you get. There lifts seem to be pretty strong though bug hey who cares lol. Driver wise the d100 is pretty nice. Demo demo demo all the Wilson line and others but give them a shot I give them 5 more years an they will be competing with the big boys again
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The d 100 irons are pretty sweet but the lofts dont match the actual club lolll.

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I had a chance to demo some of there new stuff at the PGA Tour Superstore when it opened out here a few weeks ago. It's very high quality stuff and they are definitely making a comeback. I think their biggest issue is that a lot of stores just don't carry their clubs; however that does seem to be slowly changing as I'm seeing more and more Wilson Staff stuff.

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