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Working on: Getting weight onto the left side of my body for all shots.


Why: Falling back and lifting up were my #1 problems last year.  


#2) Short game and putting change from Pelz mechanical approach to Utley feel approach.


Why: I tried it and liked it better and it fits my game better and more importantly, my son's game better.

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My first time on this forum and not one hour ago returned from my chipping/putting practice.  Am trying my very best to visualize the ball landing on the green just where i planned, rather than observing my technique.  Oh, ain't so easy. I think of which club to use, my stance, set-up, shoulder movement...you name it and i'm thinking of it. So this new program will (maybe )help me to see where i want the ball to land on the green.


I took an old rope and unraveled the 3 strands then choose 2, each 4 feet long. On the practice green made a circle with the two strands of rope and pinned them down with 4 inches of # 10  bent copper wire.  The circle was about 4 feet in diameter. From 20 yards i could not place a ball in that circle, on the carry, 5 times in a row.  I made 4 times, but never 5. An inch short, or long, or out to the left side, or the right side; very frustrating.  But also very instructive as the result continued to indicate the incorrect motion of my swing.  I used the PW, the SW, and the 9i and all had their special challenge.  


Oh, i am improving but not yet able to place those 5 balls. 


More data  next week. 

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Working on - Getting membership at my local club, swing


Just getting back into golf from about 4 years out (still only 21), only been to the range so far this year and taken 3 trips to feel like I have actually played golf before! Need to post a swing vid I think. How do people get the front view video at the range, with the big wooden bays?



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Originally Posted by tiger1242 View Post

Working on 2 big keys for my golf game.


The first one is the 50-90 yards wedge shot, I have to get much better and more consistent with these shots. Right now It's all about distance control and a solid descending strike while keeping my weight forward. I've been going to the range and just hitting these shots over and over


I played a little game with shots like these at the range.


Picked 8 targets of varying distance, direction. Hit 1 ball to each target and gave 1 point for if it's the right line (within reasonable distance, depending on your standard) and 1 point for distance (within reasonable width, again, depending on your standard). Say I got 10 points from the first 8 balls, I'd do the same 8 targets again, and try and beat my 10 points.


Have fun!

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After this long northeast winter, I'm working on everything. I'm blessed with a finished basement in a ranch house, so all winter long, I've been chipping and putting on the floor there, and I feel really great about my short game now. 


The rest of my game is a disaster. All winter long, I've been watching videos and working on turning my fade / slice swing into a draw, but since the driving ranges were covered in feet of snow, I was working on my swing without being able to hit any live balls, and I've screwed up my swing really good. I've developed an insane case of the shanks that I've been working to fix over the past month. It's awful, though: I'll go through an entire bucket without being able to hit any full shot off of anywhere but the hosel. I've started to videotape myself (the 120 fps of the iPhone 5S is wonderful), and I took a lesson, and as a result, I've been working on getting my backswing steeper and releasing the golf club. I've worked out the former after a lot of practice, but I'm still working on getting the feel for the latter. Maybe it's the way that my instructor explained it, but releasing the golf club (or more accurately, getting my wrists to "turn over") is what I'm struggling with the most.


I finally had a decent day on the range yesterday (and by decent, I'm talking about at least making reasonable contact on about a third of my shots). It's been really, really demoralizing having my swing go completely to hell the past month or two. I picked the game up in mid-2012 and even broke 90 last summer, but right now I don't think I could get around the golf course the way it's going. I have another lesson coming up in a few days, so I'm hoping to come out of it with a swing that's at least functional. 

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Working on:  Tempo, rhythm and feel


Why:  Overall swing mechanics are okay right now, but want to groove a feel with my swing.  This helps me learn my swing and feel my positions and sequencing.  Also helps me with distance control and feeling the clubhead through the swing.  (And when I'm tired or under pressure, my tempo and feel end up being the first things to go)


What I'm Doing:  Swinging 75% - 85% power - Drill that helps on the range:  Stop at the top of my back swing and feel that set position at the top, (pause) then let club fall to start the swing - (This helps me to avoid "yanking" the club down from the top).  This also helps me get the feeling of finishing my backswing and helps me swing through the ball with a smooth follow through.  Avoids:  Over-swinging, getting quick, forcing the clubhead through the ball, not finishing backswing...  Mental Image that helps me:  Swinging a rope or soft noodle - I want to feel the end of the rope extended through the swing.


Another quick range drill that helps me get a consistent set position at the top:  Set the wrist really early in the swing, almost instantly, then start my backswing to the top and stop...  It helps me groove that set position at the top of the backswing and start of the downswing.


P.S. - This started working in Myrtle beach two weeks ago.  I knew going in that I would be out late at night with the group I was with and also be playing a lot of golf.... Swinging at 75%-85% helped me keep a little extra in the tank to finish my rounds off strong.  The hardest hole, but the most fun is always the 19th...  Had to keep a little in the tank to play it right lol

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I think I've discovered why it was so hard to keep my noogin from moving. Last week I tried setting up with my head Behind the ball. I've always had problems striking the ball first, and or taking a  divot, so while hitting my PW, I set up with my left hip slightly bumped out, and my head behind the ball, made a slow tempo swing and Wa La..the ball went reasonably straight, ball flight was on the high side, but contact was pretty good, and most importantly I was hitting the ball first, then the turf/mat. Now I can vary the ball flight by moving it in my stance. So keeping my head behind the ball is Key for me, maybe the curve in mt spine is the reason for this..?


Always working on Keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 Being in Sync is also a key for me to hit good shots, also gaining more flexibility is allowing me to get to a better finish.  

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Way too early to make much of it yet but after working my butt off all winter long to make a swing change it seems that a hiccup is that I can't hit fairway woods as consistently as I always did (even from the first day I ever played golf).


In the past no matter how badly I was hitting irons I could always count on my fairway woods, even to the point that I could hit a par 3 from 150 yards fairly reliably if I wanted to when the irons went to Hell.


The last couple of times I played I was topping with my fairway woods from out of nowhere. When it happened it was a complete shock because I've never done that before. Feels as if the club is bottoming out before the ball and catching the top half of the ball on the upswing, but it doesn't seem like that should be happening. 


Pretty sure (knock on wood) that it's something I can figure out soon.


On the bright side I'm hitting my irons very well and the driver fairly well.

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Trying to find a new instructor, that seems to be as hard as fixing my golf swing.:pound:

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working on incorporating more wrist hinge - I have such little flexibility, but it's coming along...

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working on getting my backswing more upright. it's kind of flat at the moment. and also trying to work on being able to hit draws and fades on command

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Hip turn:


Wouldn't say I'm working on it as much as remembering to do it. After a winter of trying to ingrain some plane changes it seems that the biggest piece I still had missing was enough hip turn and slant on the backswing.


Thanks to Mike and Erik harping on it on this site I tried what felt like completely exaggerating it to me and started hitting the ball really well. Of course I am never going to have a swing that looks anywhere in the neighborhood of guys like @poser (good gracious, I would birdie every hole if I did :-D) but it seems like it's going to be a pretty good year with what I've got.

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I had ankle surgery in Feb. so not much with the full swing yet.


I'm working on my pitching. I want to get more upright, closer to the ball, and open the face

more. I had the face open about 30deg yesterday and that felt great. Of course I was in the basement and on an old piece of carpet....


I can't wait to get outside and actually do some work around the greens!!!

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Removing the over the top from my swing, with the help from golftec's John Andrews.
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Dumped my RBZ Driver and went back to my old, cheap Driver.  Hitting it much further and much straighter.  Working on keeping my weight inside my back knee and transferring my weight onto my left side.  A drill that has helped with this is hitting irons with my back heel lifted off the ground.  Not sure why this drill works, but it does.


Also working on putting and rolling the ball.  Putter in fingers, exaggerate feeling of left shoulder high (r hander), pendulum of the chest and shoulders back, and make a longer fluid stroke with an upward motion coming through and the putter head following down the line.

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Working on getting the hands working away from my chest more in the down swing. Currently getting my hands stuck way under and inside the plane causing many low hooks. Working on this with Brian from evolvr
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Working on my stance, after many wasted hours fidgeting with this and that, I realised that I had my hands far too close to the body at address and went back to basics and practicing my address position.  The swing has improved so much and I am so happy with the progress made.  It just goes to show that you have to keep the simple basics in check, and not slip into bad habits that cause you to go off in the wrong direction. Always check your basics!!

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Working with Brian from evolvr on getting my arms to move independently on the down swing. I need to feel like my shoulder is a ball of string and that I try to pull the loose end out with with hands on the downswing.

It's pretty tricky to change the picture on this one compared to what I've been working on before but hopefully I'll get there in a few weeks
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