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Working on getting the hands moving outwards in the downswing still. Although this has been my priority piece for a month or two now I have worked a little on my backswing, trying to hinge the wrists more and getting the shaft less Layed off.

The backswing is shaping up nicely and the better backswing is making life a lot easier on the hands out piece. I think I've got a got feeling for it in front of the mirror so hopefully improvement should be coming in the not too distant future. Also a new submittion to evolvr is most likely only a few days away, once I can start owning this wrist hinge

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I am working on separating my hips and upper body and not hinging my left wrist on my back swing.
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Compacting my swing and flatter swing plane.

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I have always played a great short game. If I could play with just the irons I would do fine but I have major trouble with the drivers.


After not having played in ten years or so my goal right now is just to make contact with the ball every time. Not worry about how far it goes or what direction, just get my swing back and just hit the ball.

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Compacting & Steepen my swing ....

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Slowing down my backswing - a lot. In my lessons we worked on this, getting the same distance, but hitting the ball much cleaner.


This is also helping me to shallow out my swing as it can get steep and over the top when I get fast

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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

Now that I have a decent and consistent swing, a reasonable drive, reasonable and comfortable distances with all my clubs, and decent chipping, I need to work on my putting.


I refuse to 3 putt more than two or three holes per round. Worse yet, getting a triple bogey from a birdie putt position, the infamous 5 putt. My putting is even worse than when I first started. Then again, I have not actively practiced it for over 3 months.


Need to get on a track with 65/25/10.


No, I didn't. I have advanced quite a bit from back then, and still feel there is a lot of work to be done.


Working on Key 2. Making only a few swings here and there that I am getting full weight transfer at impact, but there is still some coordination lacking that is preventing me from doing it every shot. I feel that most of my impacts are slightly back even though I am keeping my elbows together. More hip flexibility seems to help retain my swing angle and balance at the same time. Still trying to figure out the proper feel throughout the entire downswing. Doing a lot of slow motion work. Planning on spending an hour every morning getting that proper feel ingrained, but it means waking up earlier. Good exercise to help keep my weight down anyway.


I am just starting to hit 6i to 3i, and hope to be able to hit the 3i adequately before the end of year.


3 putts are going down mainly because I am on the course a lot more and on the range less.

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I am going to work on longer swing arc, not letting my right arm go past 90 and maintaining my spine angle. All I want is lag but my swing has been so bad lately.

Also getting a camera for slow motion hopefully delivered tomorrow and have a 3 day, 4 round beach trip Friday so hopefully I can work on a lot. Maybe even get the guts to post my new crappy swing in a my swing thread. But doubtful lol.
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I think I'm not using my legs and/or hips properly, or maybe even not at all.  I'm able to swing hard, make decent contact with the ball, and even hit relatively straight shots but my distance just seems poor.  I've read countless times how important it is to use the legs to help generate power, but unlike my hands and arms where I can often tell if I did something wrong due to a slice or fat shot or whatever I can't quite tell if I'm using my legs properly.  I really need to pick up some sort of camera to get an idea of what I'm doing right and wrong.

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If there is one thing I need to work on, it would definitely be my chipping. I feel like I can never get under the ball enough and I end up topping it 10 feet past the hole. I have changed my footing and body position and it has helped a little, but I still have a long way to go before it is consistent. 

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Having been out of the game for nearly ten years, and returning to it aged 59, it's fair to say I've been working on just about everything. However, the two things that are in the forefront of my mind at present are keeping the steady head - I have a tendency to sway slightly, especially with the driver - and tempo. My bad shots are almost always a result of my snatching at the transition, so I'm focussing on giving myself time to change direction before turning on the power.
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I want to keep working on my smooth tempo because if I do anything other than an easy deliberate take away my shot will more often than not become a ugly snap hook or a pull draw in some cases the snap hooks usually happen with driver but that's starting to get under control some now. noticing on the downswing I only need a little weight shift versus the hard deliberate lunging I think I was doing before, the golf swing is so damn intricate some times the slightest little change can sometimes cause catastrophic results and then other times you can just screw around with so many different methods that you have to be careful not to start any bad habits from just experimenting.

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My chipping is horrendous as usual. My short irons have gotten better though so I just have to focus in on the wedges.
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I am currently working on keeping my left wrist flat, maintaining a higher / constant angle of attack and preventing myself from flipping the ball.

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I'm trying to swing more left and get steeper.... wanna learn to hit more fades and less crazy hooks.
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After a forced, 2 year lay off from golf , with almost one year of that, confined to a bed 24/7, my main focus is working on my leg strength, and stamina. I walk several miles a day, most days, and I push a 50-60 pound trolley most of the time when on the golf course. I even have a mountain near the homestead that I climb a couple of times a month. A 12 speed bike is also part of my practice regimen. As for my actual golf swing, I practice a lot of chips, pitches, 50, 100, and 150 yard shots on my make shift practice range. I do not have an area big enough to practice any thing longer than 150 yards.  The nearest "real" driving range to me is 60 miles a way. All of these shots are hit off a home made, spring loaded mat. Since I live near a lake, I do have a beach area where I can practice my sand game. A few miles a way is a dry lake bed. When I get a wild hair, I take my two dogs, a very old 2i blade, and hit balls off the very thin lies one would encounter on a hard sand lake bed. The old saying "thin to win" rings very true when doing this practice regimen. Basically I am just trying to get back into golfing shape, with my legs needing the most attention. 

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Working on being able to get off the tee consistently with my driver. I hit my irons well all the way through the bag. Hit them straight and can draw/hook them on command. Can't hit a driver well 1/50 swings. Always a weak push slice. I just can't seem to feel getting the club face closed. I want to develop a stable release where I don't have to consciously roll the forearms to square it due to the timing issues associated with a rolling release. Just having trouble making it happen.


Honestly feel my driver woes are costing me at least 4 strokes per side. It's that bad. Hard to understand when I hit the irons so much better(even a 1 iron off the tee).

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Increasing distance: coil more into right leg + squat + Key 1-3 = LAG = DISTANCE

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