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I've been super broke lately gearing up for the wedding, so getting to the range has been a no go. I've been working on pitching and chipping a lot lately, anywhere from 50 yards and in. I'm starting to get a bit more confident using the pitching technique around the greens. 

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Working on laying the shaft down from A4.


What has worked for me the past couple days in terms of changing the picture is pretending to be cutting a small tree from the bottom of the root with an ax!


It is the same feeling and skipping a rock across the pond & others..


I can't find the ball right now with this new motion, but I am going to be taking high speed video soon to confirm that I am finally really on the right track!

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What am I NOT working on ... after a 25 (or so) year layoff due to time, work, other commitments, I coming back!  As you can imagine, pretty much everything has gone south.  I used to shoot in the upper 80's low 90's and played in a weekly company league.  I struggle to break 100 now, but things are slowly improving.  Touch in the chipping game seems to be my biggest downfall, so that is what I am working on recovering first.  Fat shots, thin shots, too far, too short, I have quite a varied repertoire when I get close to the green - mostly bad.  I am starting to practice on this more and more - the only way I see of recovering the touch I had when I used to go to a nearby field and hit balls for hours on end - ah youth and the time availability!  I have purchased and am anxiously awaiting lowest score wins and Phil Mickelson's new book as well.  Today I started using my sand wedge for chip shots up close (10 yards and in) and I am encouraged by my results.  I played around a bit with using my hybrid with a putting stroke - that is going to take some more practice.


Anyway, I just closed my photography business and have more time to devote to my golf game - so here goes nothing!!



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Working on Shortening my backswing.  Started taking lessons a few weeks back and the first time i saw my swing on camera i was amazed at how far past parallel i was getting on my backswing.  My swing was so long that you could see the full club head, the hosel and a little shaft sticking out in front of my head from an in-line view when i was swinging a pitching wedge!  This was causing my head to dip and pushing my weight out onto my toes making me hit my shots off of the heel.  just recently started seeing results from the big swing change by trying to feel like i am hitting half shots which puts me just a hair past parallel. Outside of that is putting within 5 to 8 feet since my pitching and chipping is excellent and puts me at these length puts often

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For someone that doesn't play a lot I have to work on my wedge play. The way I have been doing it is by utilizing some targets in my backyard and I have a nice size field that is close by to practice full wedges to various targets. For some reason out on the course I tend to find lies that trip me up or the dreaded pull creeps into the wedge play so that is the area that I spend a lot of time with off the course.


For the short pitches, I use a technique that involves varied amounts of hinging with the wrists and then I simply turn the arms off and rotate through with upper left arm connected. As long as my arms don't activate I have been getting really good at hitting those targets.


I have some issues playing in the wind so I'm also working on lowing my trajectory.

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I'm working with Stephan with Evolvr and I am working on Key #2 which is weight forward at impact. Basically he is having me do a drill where I take my backswing, pause for a second at the top, and then take my swing to parallel with my weight forward and knee flexed. I've been chipping balls working on that move and it has probably been the hardest drill I've ever done. Basically because it feels so weird. The hardest part is getting from where you point the butt of the club toward the target to get my weight forward. I think it is because for so long I have flipped my hands and it just feels so hard and weird. 


Another hard thing has been to do that drill instead of hitting full swing shots. I normally get a medium bucket which is 45 balls so I've been doing that chipping weight forward drill 35 balls out of 45 and that is humbling. Yesterday was probably my hardest range session but I left happy because I knew I was improving even though you wouldn't know it watching me on the range. I've been working on this drill for about a week. Not sure how long it will take to master:)

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Steep shoulder turn with a nice position at A4

This is still an issue for me because I am steep till A3.5, but then my shoulders flatten out and my chin goes up making it difficult to get into the right positions after or making solid contact consistently!

I hope that I am able to keep my inclination to the ground till A4

I'm doing this by slowly getting to the position at A4 with a mirror to the side.. I make sur that my shoulders don't flatten out.. I also purposely flatten my shoulders to see what it looks like.. It helps me knowing what is good to do and what isn't.

I have been doing this for one week a couple times a night for like 10 minutes each.. I'm really getting te hang of it, and it is starting to feel like a natural move to me when I do it full speed!

I like my position at A4 right now and I can't wait to video soon.. Basically before I start up with evolvr next month I want to make sure this issue of mine is a non issue ;)
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Working on shorter backswing and staying down thru impact. Right shoulder must touch chin before I come up. As always weight shift to left as I tend to hit fat. More around and less up on backswing. This one is starting to set in finally so I can now concentrate more on impact and finish.
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Originally Posted by InTheRough View Post

.  just recently started seeing results from the big swing change by trying to feel like i am hitting half shots which puts me just a hair past parallel.

You too. The 3/4 thought was to long for me, so started thinking half as well. a1_smile.gif
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I'm working on 2 things: One course management related and one technical related.


1) I am trying to hit more greens; I tend to go at tucked pins too much. I am a good enough putter to where I can make a few 15-20 footers during a good round, but my short game is not good enough to give me stress-free up-and-downs when I miss a lot of greens.


2) Regarding the short game problem: I noticed that if I use my body more than my arms and wrists when hitting chips and pitches then I am a lot more consistent with distance and trajectory control. I've been hitting little short shots in my back yard the past few days and it's worked wonderfully. I'm going to try these 2 things the next time I play and see if I can't improve a shot or 2

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  1. I noticed that I have some serious wrist-cupping going on (~70 degrees), so I'm trying to weaken my grip a bit. I've also interlocked my entire life, but have recently been playing with an overlap instead and found it to be quite comfortable. The cupped wrist could also explain why my shots often go to the right with a high fade. Hopefully fixing this will get a lower and straighter ball flight.
  2. I've always tried to kill the ball, but for the last month or so I've been working on my swing tempo to try to make it much more smooth and effortless. I feel I've been swinging at about 80% power instead of 110%, and I've really liked the results so far - little to no loss of distance, and much more consistent ballstriking. In fact, my swing has felt great, but my shots were still off, which I couldn't figure out until very recently (see #1).
  3. Always trying to improve around the greens. I'm much more confident with my shorter putts these days, which I feel builds confidence with the rest of my game, but I still have a lot of trouble getting the right distance with putts over 20 feet. I don't practice my bunker shots nearly as much as I should, and it shows.
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In the past few weeks, I  have been working on my.


1...Grip, keeping my club in my fingers, also weakened it just a tad.


2...Along with the above, I'm working on key #3 to keep my wrist slightly bowed. At the range tonight, I seemed to be doing better, I could hit 3 shots from the same ball position and vary the flight by how much I did, or didn't bow my wrist. mainly taking 1/2, and 3/4 swings Slowly. I did hit a few with a full swing, but still swung at about 50% max.


3..Keeping my noggin in Back of the ball, while still getting to my left side. My bad back makes that move a challenge for me, so it will take a tad more time than usual.

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Thats a good question.. Currently im working on 3 aspects of my game. Have been going through a swing change since January to develop more consistency and increasing my distance a little.


At the moment i'm working on generating a bit of lag consistently and also getting my left leg straight through impact to help turn my hips a little more through. 


Also working on my 10-15' putts and distance control with chipping and pitching.


Played my first sub 70 round 3 weeks ago so things looking up.

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HIPS!!! The hips don't lie! Since getting the hybrids I've think I've finally felt the feeling of release! Getting those hips thrusted through on the down swing so at impact all your weight has moved forward and leaving only your head right shoulder and foot behind the club on the through swing! It feels incredible! I never would have thought shakira knew the secret to golf!
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Lag, lag, lag. It's the final piece to my swing. Everything else is feeling good. Shooting well. Pretty much every ball I stand over I feel is going to go right where I want it. Just hoping to figure out lag and hope if I stop releasing at my right leg it will add about 10 mph to my SS and not mess up my timing.
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Steep shoulder

Left knee down

Lay down shaft and swim to right field big time! Bring on the hooks even push hooks or strait hooks I don't care.. Then I'll work backwards to straighten things out.. I can't possibly play good golf with the current dispersion of shots, thus I need to eliminate or half of each hole.. Easier said than done of course!
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I've been working on swinging the club on plane and maintaining balance throughout the swing.

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working on getting my wife to let me play more often

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