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Heading to the range tonight to work on weight transfer, and keeping my right elbow in throughout the swing (right-handed). Going to hopefully get in at least 45 mins of putting too, can't have any more of those 39-putt rounds!

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Working on out-to-in path, for sure.


Trying to get that sweet draw shot.

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Going to the range and working on keeping my head steady, take away and weight shift.

Been video taping myself and man do I flip more than I thought.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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I am working on my drive.   I am able to hit some nice, straight shots and my distance is crossing 200 yards. Problem is that I am still hooking at random.  I will keep on it!

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30 yards and in. My last round I had so many approaches and chips roll off the green or 30 feet past the pin. I kept track of my putts and when I two putt I'm around bogey or par...the triples start multiplying when I'm looking at having to one putt for par from ninety feet.
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I´m center all my efforts now in keep my head steady and not coming over the top. Yesterday I was so demotivated, but rigth now I´m so happy planning my new way of train. I hope it will give results. Anyway, I think I need some help, because my strike it´s so poor, and I tend to be sad on a normal round, because of that. I want to low my handicap badly and play better.

Love this Game.

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Working on key #1, weight forward. As per one of the 5sk videos I've been making half swings with a punchy feeling. While making swings been focusing on pressing my left knee down and forward, like I'm squashing a bug under my left foot.
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Originally Posted by achadha7 View Post

consistent putting i hit several GIR's but putting spoils it all 
what i aim to achieve - lower scores

latest crappy putting thread

 iron and driver were excellent ... i shot 10 GIR's but not a single par... total score 102 which had ...... 58 PUTTS 

last time i played the same course , just 9 holes i had 15 putts , which i think is pretty decent, today on the same 9 i had 29 putts !!!!! same putter same greens .. .the issue was yesterday that  if i have to hit longer than 8-10 feet i miss the line all together, if i hit the line i leave em short or hit em way past the hole... i need some putting tips to make it consistent... maybe the much slower watered down greens today caused this issue...?
the first day the greens were fast and great, yesterday they were watered down and SLOW SLOW SLOW so needed a firmer longer putting stroke to go the distance.... this threw me off really bad the firmer longer putting stroke was throwing off my line or i was leaving em short of going way way past the hole ... 
You should try spot putting. Find the line and pick a spot 6 inches in front of your putter on your line line and just putt it over your spot. I assure you, you'll put more in the cup. A good drill that I've been doing is put tees at 3-10 feet from the hole and with 3 balls start at 3 foot and make all three from each tee. If you miss a ball you have to start over from the beginning.

EDIT: Go check out Putting Prescription too. It changed my putting completely. I was using a grip, swing and putter that just didn't suit me. Now that I found what suits me, my game has improved dramatically b

Good luck and report back on how it works out.
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I worked all week on fairways and my driver. Played 18 today and was happy with the results. Now of course, what had been a very dependable iron game has gone to the dogs.


So I'll be working on my iron swing for the next few weeks.


I've see other's post this issue so I know it's not just me. This is not a rhetorical question... Can anyone tell me why we can hit either irons well or fairways/driver well but rarely both at the same time?

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Keeping the Golf Ball in front of me
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My pose, my golf isn't good at the moment as I'm going through a swing change but my pose at the end of the swing is superb
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Really though chipping pitching bunkers and putting where's Dave Pelz when you need him
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Working on a more neutral grip instead of my previous strong right hand grip. As well as trying to move away from the shallow inside out swing path to cure my shank and or severe hook issues.

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1. Hips more open at impact, with extension the front leg and torso, driving up from the ground

2. Limit backswing and stop overswinging the club


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1. slowing down my backswing

2. more weight transfer forward

3. getting more in to out

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After the other days fiasco? I'll work on my tennis....
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Less forward shaft lean on driver swing as well as not smothering the ball with my body - so I can get some height on my drives

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Shorter backswing and a lot of short game practice... my speed on long putts is horrible... any suggestions
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