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Me too working on my putting. Especially my posture.

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This winter my focus is on flexibility and putting.  I ordered my Birdieball putting mat (Christmas gift) and plan to spend the entire winter working on putting.  I've learned the hard way that the best wedge shot into a green is wasted if you 2-3 putt from 10'. 


I also will change my training program to incorporate more flexibility, thinking yoga right now, but we'll see after I'm evaluated.  I don't hit the ball very far and part of that is technique but I also believe part of it is due to a limited range of motion on my backswing. 


Once the spring hits I'll be focused on chipping, I don't know if you can have the chipping yips but I have something close to it because I'm just not comfortable on most of my chip shots and end up shanking way too many. 

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For me this winter will be all about clearing the hips properly.


spent months trying to work out why i draw my irons but block slice my long irons/woods/driver


bit of vide analysis shows ive got the weightshift going okay, but not the hip rotation causing my to lunge them towards the balls, get the arms stuck and a wide open face at impact prevails....


using the butt against the wall drill and really over-exaggerating it to ingrain muscle memory,... i can already see getting a proper hip turn going back is helping keep my right arm above the left, at impact my belt buckle is out to 35-40 degrees, maintained lag angle, and into the follow through the right arm is rolling over the left arm way easier, and im much more balance on finish.


left hip is hurting a ton at the minute cus of the over-exaggeration, but i imagine with practice and the more flexible i get this will fade away.


really shows how valuable slow mo video is, but even with that its taken me the best part of a year to figure it out.

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Winter exercise



1) get my left side back up to strength (lots of single leg, single arm exercises)

2) want to be able to do a set of 10 chin-ups (personal goal)


Golf practice


I usually hit driver alot at a local driving range that has mats, just to keep the swing fresh. I hate hitting off mats, so its only driver. 

I'll practice putting inside, and also practice my preshot routine. Its really a good time to practice your imagination and ingrain that routine. 

I will do a lot of slow motion swings, holding at different positions to get the feel were i want the club. 

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Tearing down and starting over.  Swing overhaul began today...

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Rebuiding my swing to be more text book and consistant 


Over the time ,i have tweaked a little and it accumulated to a monster ..need to get back to the fundamentals .



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1. Balance and tempo. The swing is built from the ground up so if you can stay balanced, your swing will be more efficient.

2. Simplifying the short game: keep it on the ground when possible and don't try to hit the miracle shot.

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Regaining flexion.

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Hi newbie here...


I am working on lag and today I bought a Net to help me privately work on my technique to achieve my goal (greater lag = greater distance + cleaner contact at impact??)


Will post work in the My Swing thread.

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Hi. Like Mcmac posted in my swing thread i try to get my shoulders more relaxed and get the butt end of the club nearer to my lower body at address. Really strange to change whole setup but ball striking gets more consistent now. 



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Chipping. Got a new style of chipping and haven't mastered it yet. Have no idea what the ball is going to do round the greens any more... Oh, and those really annoying four footers, would be nice to hole 9/10 of those!
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I'm learning to take some sand when in a bunker... I typically take almost none and usually scald the ball out of the trap at 900mph!


also- Buillding a consistent swing

Putting of course.

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Flat lead wrist, above and beyond all else. Also trying to erase the swing philosophy and reboot with a HIT philosophy, just works better for me.


I just posted my thoughts on this here for anyone interested.


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Lately working on the following:




* Staying in inclination longer.  Right shoulder tends to go left and up too quickly on the downswing, working on getting it down and through more.

* Left foot pressure at impact.  Trying to feel a heavy left foot at impact, keeping from falling forward (and losing posture) and having the weight centered on the foot by practicing with the toes lifted off the ground.

* Relaxing more on the backswing.  I tend to get tense and the backswing shortens, especially under pressure.

* Left armpit pressure point maintained longer.  Also clarified when it needs to be freed so the left arm can fly away and back.

* Maintaining the proper level.  Some balance between height at address and squatiness going back and jumpiness going through.  Figuring out how to balance these three so I hit the ball at the right height on the face.




* I managed to work the club a little bit too far to the inside in the last month.  Trying to keep it outside my hands more.



* Always working on finding the line and making a good dead-hands stroke. 

* Started reading putts a little differently, giving them just a bit more break than I had been.

* Right foot moved right maybe 3 inches.  I started getting a little bit of jumpiness with too much of a descending blow and low face contact.  Corrected this with a stance change.  Wider stance means upper arms more in line with spin, elbows in and tighter, and it helps in the wind too.

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Golf Swing

-Takeaway, specifically not swaying to the right

-Impact position, flat left wrist, ball position, hands ahead of ball at impact

-Follow through, stopping my chicken wing, specifically getting the hands more around my body, feeling like my right arm is connected to my chest more in the follow through, than up near my shoulders. 



-Working out, getting back into shape, gained way to much weight over the past 6 months

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Takeaway and backswing....gotta stop getting so far inside on the takeaway and coming accross at the top.

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I am working on letting my right elbow release from my body on the way back and getting my left arm more over my right shoulder on the back swing.  On the way through I need to clear my body more and try to get swinging more left.  I have been workin' hard this winter to implement these changes and I feel good about the swing.  The test will be in Florida in a couple of weeks when I get away from this -40 (literally) weather and play some golf.

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I have incorporated Trackman data into my golf playing, which means that I will not fight to push draw, but rather understand the ball flight laws and D-Plane better which will aid to hit push draws and push fades in most of the irons and straight or even power fade the driver.


I still need to work on #4 which is getting my arms down faster, especially my right arm to the delivery position aka P6/A6.

Enhance my technique of using bounce more into chipping, pitching and bunker play.


Practice using the Aimpoint technology even more.


Instead of all H.I.T in my workouts, I am incorporating more balance and core exercises and learn more of TPI along with Tom House's speed drills.


How to be more simple and precise in my speech/delivery to get the point across.

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