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Working on healing. Sprained my back doing chores....been out of action for a week and can't wait to get back on the course....

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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

Over the top, stance, alignment, ball position, putting pace, putting grip,....

This has been in progress for two months. The problem was that I pulled everything, and putted downward on the ball rather than slightly upward.

Changes everything, but at least I am technically still a novice, and have not ingrained any bad habits other than my flat outside in swing...lol...

Trying to keep my head from moving and working on an inside out swing. Most of my drives are straighter, with an occasional fade.


My irons are still weak, my feel and timing is not optimized yet.


My putting is improving, but I still need to work on the distance feel.


I am using a more vertical swing and keeping the swing plane better, its going to take a lot of swings to get it right. 100,000 swings at 250 per day?

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Hip forward drill Erik showed me at the outing. I realized today that it's impossible to do it correctly and stop the club if I have tension in my grip and/or arms. Once I relaxed my arms I was able to hit the shots and stop my follow through in the correct position. Now that I'm feeling the correct position at impact and see the ball flight from correct impact it's amazing how little a swing you have to take to get distance.

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Completing my hip turn before finishing the backswing. Working on putting, inside out swing.

Starting to learn how to draw and fade (on purpose, that is).
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Better lag, better balance, better rotation of left shoulder down, right shoulder up. I still cast too much with my irons and wedges, and when I start getting tired, I swing too much with my arms, which generally slams the face close leading to my pull hook. It's so hot in Phoenix, and the other day I played three holes at even par looking like a tour pro. Hole 1 - drive down the middle, 6 iron to ten feet, lipped out a birdie putt. Hole 2 - drive down the middle, 3 hybrid to 40 yards, pitch to 12 feet, lipped out a birdie putt. Hole 3 - 9 iron to middle of green, 2 putts for par. By hole 6, I pulled a 4 iron OB into a gulch, hit driver OB into a pond on 8, and on 12 after hitting two drives OB I went home and sat in the AC. Way too much casting and upper body effort. Lots to work on. Yikes!


I've noticed that the Momentus dual-hinge 7-iron I have is very helpful here. I always neglected the importance of it during the swing finish, but now that is the most important aspect of using it for me. I can always keep it from breaking through the backswing and downswing, but I used to make it break most of the time at the finish and figured "ahh, big deal. My swing is done anyway. Who cares if I'm "on plane?"" Now I know my swing needs to be steeper with a better shoulder rotation, which results in a follow through where the club folds over my shoulder instead of swinging around me like a baseball bat (at least this seems right, and it looks better on a Android camera). 

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If there is a "pill" for every swing, except for putting, it is the rotary, swing-in-the barrel, baseball type, golf swing.  Chuck Quinton rules. Simple, understandable, and doable for everyone.  


Think Nicklaus: swing inside, within the boundaries of the insteps of the feet. John Jacobs: 2 turns and a swish. 


Going back: Shoulders lead a circular, turning lower body, rotary weight shift, not linear:  from an even weighted position, with the shoulders leading, rotary style, the weight on the left heel at address moves around to the left toe, around to the right toe, around to the right heel - a crescent shaped weight shift.  Right shoulder 90*+ turn.


From the top, going forward to a strike: Head still centered between the insteps, the left hip bumps forward first and then clears in  an aggressive, circular (crescent-shaped, rotary) fashion behind the centered the head, pulling the right shoulder decisively over the left foot.


Through the ball: The club head stays behind the hands, which stay behind the shoulders throughout the downswing and the club head always stays behind behind quiet, reactive hands, ahead of the club head.  This is what Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino had in common - three of the best and most versatile ball-strikers ever. The best golf swings have been leg-driven.



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Swing plane, swing plane, swing plane. Found what I felt was a very educational 2 videos on it and realize maybe my hands seem so uncomfortable on my transition because I am fighting going up above the plane and coming back underneath it which makes me manipulate my hands into impact a lot. Happily and sadly, at the same time, I have a 4 day golf trip coming up that I will have to work on it during. Happy because 5 days no work, 3 rounds on golf courses I have never played and unlimited range balls included so I can work on it a lot. Sadly, because I would rather have my A game and scoring well during this trip. But I think this may really be the final piece of the puzzle, for real this time lol. 

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Short game mostly I have really got a new understanding of what to do with bounce and leading edge depending on lie.

Also my feel with a wedge is now very sensitive and judging distances and roll out has become much improved.

Putting I have a forward press and this has transformed my putting. Again feel for speed and I'm not lifting the club with my right hand because the forward press has put the putter weight more in my left hand.

Ballstriking well I have shifted my weight back towards the front of my arches so my leg muscles are engaged more power. My grip towards neutral and my swing plane had got too upright, all changes that I have made in the last 10 months.

Playing better and better.
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Currently working on getting my ball striking more consistent and proper. Hands in front of ball contact and getting that whipping action of the clubface through the hitting area.

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My wedge play
From 90ish yards I normaly get it with 20 feet but I want to get up and down from 90 yards more often.
All about the distance control
I also tend to pull my wedges slightly
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I am working on my mental game.  Not course management, my actual mental game.  Things like: not letting bad shots affect me, not letting stray thoughts in my head during preshot and shot.  Basically, once I step up to the ball, there is only ball and target...NOTHING ELSE!


I like doing my own research on things and then write about them on my blog.  This is one new topic for me to be writing about.  I hope it helps my game.

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really been trying to hone in my shank game. as always working on developing a shank draw

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Spent this week working on swallowing my pride. I guess it worked, because I finally scheduled my first lesson for next week.


I'm done wasting time and money at the range, trying WOOD techniques and tips. Had a decent round this pas weekend (for me, anyways) but it's time to get some real help, not me trying the latest swing tip that's on the forums.

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Proper set up, posture and alignment. With the help of a PGA pro and lessons.


Have been bending over wrong for so long, at the waist, but properly bending from the "pelvic girdle" seems odd...............but I notice the pros and its how they bend.


Helps arms hang from the shoulders straight down. Its all small stuff..............small adjustments.

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Well, since 2007, after open heart surgery my swing changed. I cannot hit my driver, let alone my arse with both hands. I allow the club to re-adjust at the top of my backswing for comfort,and at this point the death grip seams to help.... HELP !!!!

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Several things. My "coach" is in Utah until October when I plan on taking lessons again, and I'm too cheap to buy a nice camera right now, so here's what I'm working on as a blind solo artist (except for a V1 golf app on my smartphone. It helps see my body positions/movement, but doesn't do jack for analyzing shaft/clubhead position. 30 fps):


Full swing-


Lots of work with my Medicus 7-iron. I've figured out that I'm losing lots of lag and hitting left and thin by rushing my upper body on the downswing. My right shoulder is too high on the downswing. Medicus helps me feel the proper follow-through. My backswing looks pretty darn good (except a slight tendency to collapse my left knee a teeny bit and occasionally shift to the right excessively with longer clubs).


Flat left wrist at impact

Stabilize lower body in backswing

Keep head still

Keep grip in fingers; don't let it creep into palms.

Lots of 5 iron and longer work. It's helping. Can't wait to play Friday. I'm bombing my driver and 3-wood with better accuracy to boot.




Drill my routine in stone, even timing it with a stopwatch.

Use that Pelz putting track thing with a parallel alignment rod at my feet to solidify my putting stroke and impact on the face. Also helps read greens. I'm still weak there. I want to own my putter as much as possible. I've always been good at judging speed. I've neglected putting for too long, and it's getting sloppy.


Short game-


Greenside bunkers, high flop shot. I'm pretty solid elsewhere. My ratio is about 70/10/20 right now because my short game is by far the best part of my game.




Stop playing golf swing and start playing golf. Hit to the proper part of the greens. Play my natural draw to my advantage when it makes sense. Play percentages: hit safer shots sometimes instead of hoping a 210 yard 4 iron to a narrow green with a deep bunker behind it is a good idea. Tee off with a 3-wood more. etc.

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I need to spend a little time figuring out how to better aim my wedges.  I seem to land them pin high somewhat consistently but they're usually 15+ feet left or right of the hole.  I've tried drawing a line across the tips of my feet and aiming that at the pin and looking down my left shoulder to make sure it's aimed roughly at the pin but the ball often squirts left or right just enough to leave me a long one putt.

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Well i was hitting massive snap hooks lately. So my swing thought is CUT i'm really trying to slice the shit out off my ball.

I usually get a straight shot or a slight draw. To bad i sometimes succeed and hit that slice.

What i try to do is take back the club to the outside ( keep the clubhead outside the hands on takeaway ) and on the follow trough i want the palm off my left hand to face the target 

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