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Re: PING opinions

I use Ping Irons and have had two sets, G10's to start and now i15, with Tour-W Wedges, can't see my self playing any other irons, I have hit Mizzuno/Nikes/Callaway/Taylormade & Cobra and the Pings worked best for me (even though the Mizzuno's made me drool) I also swear by Ping putters, I started with an old Ping N Echo that my dad gave me and now play the Redwood Anser but with the same Jas pp58 grip that was on the N Echo

Only Ping clubs I don'y play is my woods as per my sig, again that is because I hit these better than the Ping G10 range at time of purchase (I got the Nike 3 wood recently but it was £89 and did not hit the i15/G15 3 wood better enough to justify spending the £149 for them)
I do love Ping though
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Re: PING opinions

Originally Posted by JML22 View Post
i love ping clubs, i just wish their stuff wasnt so damn expensive new.
You can get a brand new set(3-pw) of G5's for $399. For the new model stuff, they aren't any more expensive than everyone else.

I am rocking the G5's right now. And a Ping visor!
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Re: PING opinions

Originally Posted by muzz View Post
I always disliked Ping Irons because I never really paid any attention after seeing the Zings and that weird twisty hosel.....
I always thought they were WAY overpriced as well....of course I was pretty poor back then.

I have since looked over ALOT of irons from different companies, including Pings, Mizzys,Callys,Titties, and decided that although I PREFER the look of the thin topline/sole like the S57/i10, I finally convinced myself to get real and realize that I am a High Capper and a prime candidate for GI/SGI clubs (although I did have Tour Burners- those were GI) and there was nothing to be ashamed about considering I play once, or if extremely lucky- twice a week(VERY rare).......
Never picked up a Ping club before this week, but got fitted hitting the i15/G15 the other day, and just ordered a set of Raptures (V1) because of hitting them, the G5, G10, and G15.....
I was able to track down the Raptures(3-PW) used in Mint condition stiff W/AWT for <450

Can believe that I'm gonna play them big shovels, but they kicked my Tour Burners outta the bag(they weren't real small, but smaller and way smaller in the sole)!

Pumped for my Greenies!
the raptures are very good. i couldnt digest their looks at first afer having played the lynx blades for a while. but now ive got used to thrm and i dont notice the offset that much. ive been gaming them for about 2 months now. and theyve knocked 4 strokes off my game. if it werent for my putting i'd be a single handicap. ive been playing rounds of 9 over and 10 over for the last two days and had 39 and 40 putts on these days respectively. bottom line "green is the colour" =D
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Re: PING opinions

I think these "reviews" are way over rated. The only things that matters is how the clubs work in your hands and not in the hands of others. That being said, I think Ping makes very good quality equipment and I have demo'ed several of their clubs this spring and I give them very high marks.
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Re: PING opinions

I can contribute to the PING thread :)

I've been playing my Rapture Irons for about 13rounds now with alot of practice in between and it has definitely helped my ball strking ability. I just started playing late summer of 2009 and ball striking with the Raptures are forever forgiving and LONG. Before I found these bad boys with a steal price locally, I tried various different types of clubs from TM, Nike, Callaway and Titelist. Of course the Raptures are SGI so it was suited for my game. My hdcp is currently a 20.3 but considering I just started playing last year average score in the 120s to hovering mid 90s is HUGE improvement...

To my new to me Ping Rapture Titanium 3wood is also a very nice club. Its a 220cc club head that is a tad larger then your normal 3wood but it is very forgiving...I played with it for the first time last weekend and it was a long as some of my friends driving distance...When they say the Rapture is a SGI/Forgivness club, they are definitely correct in that category....
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Re: PING opinions

Well i like my I3s, i just meant like a v2 rapture driver but all new model drivers are expensive as hell.
I like the new nike A LOT 499 though ughhjhh
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Re: PING opinions

Ping is one of the best kind of golf clubs I've never owned (other two = Mizuno and Titleist). OK, my putter is vintage Ping... but no woods or irons.
I played Eye-2 clones from 1994 until last year. Test-hit Pings several time from late 1990s onward, but never bought any.

Thought I wanted Ping I3, but found I liked some Titleist irons (DCIs?) better - much cleaner on impact. Ended up buying neither.

Really like the I3 (second wave) fairway woods, but never bought any. 3W and 5W were super. (I had just finished my final bout with college degrees, and student loans played Pac-man on what discretionary income I thought I had.)

Last year, I10 irons had the lead going into my club refitting, but I ended up preferring feel of both Titleist (early AP1 and 2) and Callaway (X20, X22, and Tour versions of both). For reasons I have shared a lot before, I ended up with my current bag mix.

Test hit the I15 irons this spring. Much improved over I10 (low feel) and G10 (way too high launch), but it's a $ issue. Also, my eye can finally align Callaway irons properly, so I'm not sure I want to switch technology.

If one of the upscale courses rented Ping clubs, I might rent a set just so I could try I15s out "in the wild."
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Re: PING opinions

The best part about pings is how they've made the game so easy.

I step up to the plate on the tee with my G15 and I realize that no matter where I hit it on the clubface, I'm gonna be in pretty good shape assuming I turn my hands right. I've hit one on the far far end of the toe and only lost 10 yards, still went straight. How? I couldn't tell you.

My g10s are very similiar. I don't plan on working them; ever. I just aim, point, swing, and they go there.

The biggest problem is that I don't care where I make face contact, and I can't tell, and it doesn't matter, which isnt too healthy with my 3 wood, 2 iron, and wedges.
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Re: PING opinions

Ping irons are second to none. I have tried everything out there... and always return to my trusty i3´s... which I have recently complemented with a set of S59´s.
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Re: PING opinions

PING is great. My G5 driver is my favorite club I've ever owned. I demo a lot of clubs for fun and I could go PING top to bottom and be perfectly happy (G15 driver, i15 3-wood, i15 hybrid, S57 irons, Tour-W wedges). As said above, durability is a big bonus for the irons and wedges. PING's super-game improvement gear is not my thing at all, but I think their no-nonsense "better players" gear is great. They give you some great technology where I want it (decreasing spin rate, increasing forgiveness, etc.) without messing with anything I consider to be gimmicky (movable weights, different face angles, odd shapes etc). Bottom line: it feels like you're buying a really solid club that'll last a long time. Just my 2 cents...
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I am still using (never seen a reason to "upgrade") a vintage set of Ping Eye 2+ (2-SW with matching serials) and a Eye 2 1-iron & LW. I have always hit long irons really well (do like the offset)....."switched" from a small blade when I got married (and started having kids) and my playing frequency went down. Always missed the pin-point accuracy of blade type of short irons --- but think that cavity back forged are probably the only thing I'd be satisfied with.
Frankly, I do carry a 4-wood but rarely hit it - unless downwind (same distance as my 2-iron which Is more accurate and consistent for me).
Thinking about buying a nice set of cavity back forged irons with a progressive offset and then also getting a "tour version type" hybrid (like a 15 degree) for hitting out of tight lights and light rough. Anyone have any suggestions ??????
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Im playing with a 20 year old set of pings that have a huge sweet spot. I got them after inheriting a few random clubs that i fell in love with. I ended up searchimg out a complete set. Ive played a lot of clubs... These are my fav.
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I know this thread is older, but I currently game ping i20 irons 4-sw, i20 three wood and driver. And they are the best set of golf clubs I have ever owned. Can't bring myself to replace my vokey 60, titleist 910 hybrid and Scotty Cameron putter but the pings are awesome
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The reality is that most golfers could make just about any iron work and become their favorite. Initial in-store appeal though for me was won by the i20 and those are the irons I have and adore. Though admittedly, they are kind of in a class of their own so far being the only Players iron that plays like a GI. I love the matching 3w too, and I also play an Anser putter.
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I have a 5 or 6 year old set of Ping G2 irons (I bought new) and still love them to this day.

If/when it's time to retire this set, I will most likely purchase another set of Ping irons.
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Was a Callaway guy all the way but just changed to G25's, after looking and trying all the clubs out there. Believe me I tried every one that RD had and went with Ping. I know that in my area there are a lot of people that play them, but being the best i would say up in the top clubs out there for sure. They have proven the test of time that is for sure.

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I have played Ping irons for years and I like them better than any other iron I have tried, and I think I have tried just about everything out there. But, I don't like their woods or hybrids, for those I play Cobra. I'm not married to any one brand. I have an RBZ 5 wood, but I don't like that as much as my Cobras, gonna sell it.

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The only Ping club I've ever owned is my current G20 driver, which is an awesome club.


Until recently, I would never look at a Ping iron because they always look like big old clunky things compared to what I'm playing and I couldn't imagine swinging that shovel.  Now that I don't have the time and dedication to keep my iron striking at top form with player's irons, I've been rethinking that, and have debated getting fit for a set of i20/G20 irons that will give me some extra help getting the ball in the air.

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