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Re: How many people use an Approach/ Gap wedge?

I've got a 50* vokey that i use ALOT. I LOVE it for short chips and pitch shots around the green.
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Re: How many people use an Approach/ Gap wedge?

Count me in the 4-wedge club. I think I'd take my 54 out before I took my gap wedge out....but I don't that's an issue. None will be leaving my bag anytime soon.
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Re: How many people use an Approach/ Gap wedge?

I carry 4 wedges as well (45, 50, 56, 60). If I had to take one out, and I do when I carry a 3-wood, I take out the GW and then grip down on my PW.
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Re: How many people use an Approach/ Gap wedge?

I own a 52 and I am working it into the arsenal this season. I use 56 green side and my 60 out of the sand. I know thats a bit backwards and most SW are 56 but this is what works best for me. At 75yds out I can put it on with my 56, but at 90-120 I'm too close for pitching wedge and too far for the 56. I had good success with it on Sunday, so I'm confident it will start to come around.
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I use Cleveland REG. 588 Gunmetal Wedges: 51°/6 (GW), 57°/10 (SW) and 64°/8 (LW). The PW with the TA-5s is 45° and I really use it for full shots. I go to the 51° for shots inside 100 yards, pitching, and green-side work. It is my preferred wedge. This system works for me, but some people like to use the PW for a variety of shots. I think the best thing to do is experiment and see what works best for you.

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I carry four wedges, PW, AW SW and LW  47*, 52*, 56*, 60* 


I use each and every one so often that I took my 19* 3-iron out of my bag so i could keep all 4.  Nothing is better than having a club you can consistently and confidently hit a certain distance. I believe it improves my short game immensely.  but as for the gap wedge, in my game, I feel it is a necessity, as i otherwise have a 140- 110 yard dropoff between my 47* pw and 56* sw. the 52* gap fills that void nicely, and reminds me of my old PW, which i used to hit 120 every time.  At times my 3-iron will find it's way in, but only on tight courses with punishing greens, although, usually at the expense of dropping my 5w or driver.

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This thread is really old so I won't waste my time telling the OP that you absolutely should have a gap wedge in your bag, but I will throw in my wedge set also. I carry four wedges, used to be five, but a different four than most people who have been posting that they carry four:


PW: 46* - Ping i20 from my set

UW: 50* - Ping i20 from my set

GW: 53* - Cleveland Tour Action

SW: 56* - Cleveland CG15


The 5th was a Cleveland CG10 60*, but ultimately I decided to keep my 4 iron in the bag and take out the 60*. I think a lot of the time the 60+* wedges are asking a lot of yourself to execute with. It's difficult to consistently find the sweet spot with that much loft, so I opted for two inbetween wedges instead. I can hit the flop shots with the 56* anyway. Carrying the two gap type wedges gives me a club for a full swing from like 110 and also from right at 100. Since I like chipping with the Clevelands, it also gives me a lower lofted wedge for those shots that I can run a little bit since the 56* checks up pretty quick and the tour action doesn't have quite that much spin.

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48, 52, 56, 60 for me
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Originally Posted by Lefty-Golfer View Post

48, 52, 56, 60 for me

I guess I need to update my sig!!
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I've been using a PW (48*), 54, and 60 setup for about 10 years. That left a good 20yd gap from my PW to 54* but I dealt with it best I could and learned to take off the PW.  But nowadays with the typical PW much stronger than before, its almost a must to have a Gap wedge as the PW is more like a 10 iron now.
I recently bought a new set of irons.  Because my new PW is at 46*, a gap became a must.  I went with a 50, 54, and 58 leaving a perfect 15yd gap between each one. The 3 iron came out of the bag.


It took me a few rounds to get used to this setup but I now I have a bit more options around the green and approaches.  The best thing about the gap is the added option with chipping as I now have a new carry:roll ratio to work with.  I can chip with a carry of 5yds and 8yds, but very hard to carry 6 or 7.  With the added GW, I can still chip a 5 yd carry and get a bit more roll than my SW.  So in some ways, more wedges simplifies things rather complicates.  

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It fills an otherwise big gap for me.  My irons are over-lofted (PW is 42.5, AW 64, GW 49.5) so I don't even think of them having numbers.  My old PW was 47 so I think of my AW as the same type of performer.  I have a lot of success with my 49.5 and don't like my 52 at all, so I'll hit a hard GW more often than the 52 degree.

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I've been using one (49*) for about 6 months.   Since I added it, I have probably used it more than any other club in my bag.   It is my go to club for most chips, and it fills the gap between my 54* sand wedge (100 yds) and my 44* pitching wedge (120 yds).

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I currently use a 52* Cleveland Tour Action 900 Gap Wedge. I love it. However I just ordered the Ping Gap Wedge that comes with my new set of G25 irons. It's 50*.
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I have a PW at 48* and three more wedges, two Mizunos and a Vokey, at 52*, 56*, and 60*. I use my 60* Vokey for flop shots or short-sided pitches. My 56* is my sand wedge because it has more bounce than the other two. 

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Originally Posted by Chilli Dipper View Post

I have one, and it's my 100-yard club as well as my go-to club around the green.
Same here. My 52 is used almost 75% of the time around the green as well as shots below 70 yards. I also carry a 56 for bunker shots and a 60 just in case I want to flop a shot or get myself out of trouble behind trees.

Basically my approach wedge is utilized LOTS.
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I had used an AW for awhile but replaced it with a 2i then broke some other clubs and now I have that AW back in my bag. My primary reason is, since progressing in skill level, I have learned my yardages with half and 3/4 swings. My AW was a 50 and now I believe it bridges the gap between my PW (45) and SW (56 bent to a 55) much better.

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I have an RBZ 45º PW as part of my iron set and I carry 52º, 56º and 60º ATV wedges. I use my 52º "gap" wedge more than my pitching wedge, so there's no chance I'd be taking it out of my bag. I love the 60º wedge too, but the 52º wedge is probably my favourite club.

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Originally Posted by -BAMA- View Post

i use mine often from 115-100 yards out. its also my favorite club to chip and run with from the fringe....

I second this. ^
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