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My buddy has one set up with a projector.


It's a lot of fun, but you gotta take it for what it is. A $400 'simulator'



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Yea I've played alot on the fullswing simulator in the winter and wasn't expecting it to be that good just didn't want to be hitting huge draws and the thing tell me I'm slicing it or vice versa.

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Just wondering if anybody uses or has used one. Think about buying one to put in the garage.

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Tried one at Golftown. Seemed to work well, and its made to be durable. It is what it is, you arent getting a launch monitor for 400$, but it DOES work.

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I have one and like it. Hook it up to a projector and you have a fun simulator that *may* have some instructional/practice benefits.  Good to do drills and get some feedback. I use it mostly to keep my swing loose during the winter months. 



  • Cheap! $400 is as cheap as it gets
  • Decent set of courses that are fun to play
  • Gives you swing speed, club path, and face hit data
  • You can tweak club settings to get close to real world distances



  • It is NOT a launch monitor so you will not get that kind of data. Spend $15k-30k if you need that precision
  • Lighting can be an issue - NO direct sunlight. Best in dim lit room with flouresent light
  • Drivers don't always register well because you have to tee up high away from sensors. I found it easier to hit 3wood off a low tee and tell optishot I was hitting driver. Makes playing the courses much more playable.
  • Additional courses like Pebble Beach are $50 each. 



Feel free to send me a PM with specific questions

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I've been tempted and likely will pull the trigger in the near future. There's a store on ebay that sells all the peripherals. Nice packages that are reasonably priced.

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One thing I forgot to mention is you will need some kind of base to stand on to bring you up to the height of the Optishot. Most use plywood and carpet or a matt. You can buy a special matt from optishot but it is pricey

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I've seen aftermarket mats with a cutout for OS that are somewhat reasonably priced.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was also looking at something called p3proswing or something.

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I owned one once. I couldn't get into it. First I was afraid of crushing the sensors with a fat iron shot, so all I would use is a driver.


I guess if its accurate its ok, the p3proswing is the same deal but more expensive, I guess that means its better/more accurate?


You also have to have the room to set it up, not everyone has a high enough ceiling anywhere in the house. I was outside at dusk with my laptop on a chair trying to use the thing, lol. Tried the garage attic, but was timid of hitting my driver on the rafters.


My dream in this category would be the golf channel setup, but all together that thing has got to cost at least 50 grand.


The range gets expensive, and the only range that offered a monthly rate closed down!

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I tried one out this spring at the golf show.  Its pretty cool and is much like a golf simulator at a fraction of the cost.

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oh how i wish i had room for one d1_bigcry.gif

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Originally Posted by Lost-Ball View Post

oh how i wish i had room for one d1_bigcry.gif

Mine will be going in the garage.

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www.rockbottomgolf.com had it in the $250-270 range a while back.  I didn't see it today but they get new stuff all of the time so it might come back.  It was the best price that I saw.

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Any updates on this? Does anybody use this regularly? Also, does the ball flight reflect the proper ball flight laws?
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Anybody? Somebody must have or hit on one of these.
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I've been using one for about 2yrs out in my shop. The computer output goes to a projector hung from the ceiling to display the video on screen that's hung at the hitting net. The set up allows me to set up a shot looking at a fairway on the screen and hit a real ball similar to the expensive simulators. Originally the accuracy was terrible but through updates and tweaking the settings it is decent with the irons. Drivers are frustrating as they don't work to well but they pretty much tell you that. It seems like the accuracy gets really exaggerated with bad swings so if your a beginner golfer it may prove to be a real frustrating system. That could just be my setup I don't know. I will say that I have beat the living hell out of this having a few buddies over and a few drinks over the last couple of years. The bottom is busted in two from the plastic mounts cracking but it doesn't seem to affect its accuracy or usability at all. In fact I'm going to call and see if they will work me a deal on a new one. I can get picks of the set up if your interested. Over all it has really helped my game and Definately been a worthwhile investment.
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So how does know which club you are hitting?  Do you calibrate all your clubs up front?  Or does it use assumptions?

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