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I just got my opti shot. It seems to me that the lighting in the room where it is located is critical. I have noticed that my swing speed on the driver varies quite a bit. I have had a high of 109 MPH and a low of 75MPH. I have in the past had my club head speed clocked from 85 to 92 mph. I am wondering if it is the lighting effecting the sensors. Does anyone have any tips or contacts that can help me with this? 

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So... I finally broke down and bought an OptiShot tonight.  I was thinking about holding out a couple more years and getting a really nice simulator ($10K+)... but I'm a little impatient and decided to use the range for my serious practice, and a simulator to just fill in when the timing doesn't cooperate and to have a little fun.  I already had an 8 ft net (Callaway), 10 foot ceilings in the basement, computer.


I don't have a ton to say about it at this point, but here is some initial feedback:


1 - Very easy to set up.  The only issue initially was with lighting, but I tried turning different lights on and off and found the conditions that gave the best "face feedback" (open face vs. closed face).


2 - I will definitely get an appropriate mat to go with it (found a company that make a mat specifically for OptiShot for $125 or $150).  It's awkward to stand on the carpet and the have the ball sitting 3/4" higher.


3 - I will definitely buy a projector or good sized TV, veiwing it on a laptop monitor sucks.


4 - When I pull (my typical miss), the feedback shows the ball going left.  I also tested leaving the face open a little at impact and the feedback showed the appropriate result.


5 - The distance doesn't seem to be too accurate (shows me hitting my 9i 115... I hit it 145 in real life).  However, I haven't "set up my bag" yet.  I believe you're supposed to calibrate you clubs to what you hit them.


6 - If you wind up in a deep (pot) bunker, it's almost impossible to get out haha.  Maybe I just need to learn the intricisies of the game a little better or something, but playing sand shots couldn't be any further from realistic (not that I would expect any simulator to be though).


Overall, I'm pretty happy with it so far and the potentail (granted I've only had it for 5 hours).  I can see the potential of this being pretty fun to play with through the winter months, and to swing the club either super early before work or late at night after the kids go to bed.  I think it'll be fun for the family to play with too.


I'll post again after I've had it for a few weeks and can provide some more experienced feedback.

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I wound up returning the OptiShot.  I decided it was fun as a toy, but also too expensive for something that's just a toy (and not very accurate).  I think I'll just hold out a few years until it makes sense to put in a better set up.

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Hi all,
Not sure if anyone is interested but I spoke with optishot today about online play and here is their response. Well the whole email chain....

Jonathan B Cole (OptiShot Help & Support)
Jan 30 09:40 AM

You're very welcome and yes, available even in Europe.

Jonathan B Cole
Technical Support Lead | Dancin' Dogg Golf
+1 (866) 867-6771
+1 (231) 225-9773

Jan 30 09:33 AM


Thanks very much for the reply! Really
Looking forward to this release!!! Will
It available to people in Europe?


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Jonathan B Cole (OptiShot Help & Support)
Jan 30 09:21 AM

Hi Jason,

We are in the final stages of testing and hope to release it in the next few weeks.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Jonathan B Cole
Technical Support Lead | Dancin' Dogg Golf
+1 (866) 867-6771
+1 (231) 225-9773

Jan 30 07:42 AM

Just wondering when you will be able to play online with optishot, or will this ever come about?

Hope this helps some folks out there who were looking to play online.
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Any final consensus on the accuracy of these? We have long winters up north and I wonder if I could gain anything using this.
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My Optishot works fine, even my driver works well after reading a post earlier in this thread years ago. I don't let any sunlight into the room and use incandescent lights. Judging by my swing speed, yardage is off by 4 yards compared to the launch monitor at Golfsmith (IF I trust that I had the same swing at Golfsmith as I did at home on the Optishot). You guys are saying it's an expensive toy at $299. Have fun buying the much more the expensive models to get the data and accuracy you are desiring. I doubt more than 3 of you will buy a P3Pro or better. The Optishot shows me the same ball flight I see in real life and is close enough distance-wise that I use the feedback in real life. Check my MUCH earlier post on how to use the Swing Groover with Optishot to eliminate the need for a net. I also got a 4x7 golf mat, and cut 3/4 inch plywood to the same dimensions and stand on that when I use the Optishot to make it level. Just like at the driving range.  You guys have fun.

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I've had my opti for 3 years and love it ! I can play golf all winter with my buddies or practise on any course from any area I place the ball. The only downside is it doesnt register thin or topped shots but for 399 its great bang for the buck. Ive tried 10000 to 50 000 dollar simulators and although its not as accurate , its close enough to have fun .The only thing missing is online play that Dancin dogg has promised soon.

To get the most accurate results you have to put two cfl florecent spot lights about 2 feet directly over each row of sensors, tape the bottom of your woods and driver with black electrical tape except the leading egde .You must tape about an inch and a half white electricall tape from the leading edge.

I strongly reccomend that you buy a thick after market turf to replace the horrible one it comes with.

Also, you must tweak your clubsets to the closest you can to your real ones.

Good luck
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Just posting to say that they came out with optishot 2 so the the original is only 200 now.

With 4 year old twin boys and another on the way in June, I know my golf time will be dwindling so I picked it up with a net and mat all for under 500 bucks.

Hopefully it's worth it, I'll post after its all set-up.

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Id be interested in what you are talking about making with these components.


You can make one for maybe $15 with a couple of LEDs, a resistor, a battery and holder, and a piece of plexiglass to mount them on.

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