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Darn.  Today at Pebble Beach, it rained for more than 1/2 of round, and was very windy throughout.   I played from white tee but wind made it much longer.

Decided to go with caddy service for myself.  I am not sure if it was absolutely needed other than 1 or 2 holes (blind shots that can get you into trouble).  

Greens were aerated and played very slow,   It probably cost me a few strokes.  One thing about the greens, they were consistently small.   I had 0 GIRs.  

The view ... absolutely gorgeous even without sun. The view alone made the trip (and $$$) worthwhile. 

The course design was superb with every hole having its own unique character.  

Service was awesome. 

Considering steady & cold rain, strong wind, aeration, no warm up (arrive too late), I did OK (only 2 points over my handicap).   

If you are in the neighborhood and can afford it, play it.  It's worth it.  

It's not really about the score, but rather the experience! c2_beer.gif
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I have just come back from a trip to the Masters followed by a week at Pebble Beach. Two Heavens.

The Masters was awesome - like a dream really. And the course is so BIG!! Great to see the front (sorry, First) Nine in the flesh. Loved the sequence from 3 to 7 and while it was hot not too bad as you could refresh very cheaply at the Concessions for $1.50 Lemon/Lime Drink. The new Driving Range would put most courses to shame and I loved it when a security guard asked a guy to take his feet off the seat in front or "I will ask you to leave the property, sir". Pity Phil missed the cut unfortunately. I think too many of the past winners weaken the field - they should increase the number of players to make it more combative. the Retail Store was doing a Million bucks a minute but all fair prices.

Pebble Beach - I had to pinch myself every hole. Holes 4 to 10 are sublime. Scored par on 7 thank you. But not 8 which is a very hard hole!! Easily go around again but at the price not likely.

Had very enjoyable rounds at Spyglass, Bayonet and Blackhorse, and Pasatiempo which is the funnest course.

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