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Originally Posted by senorchipotle View Post

yes, i used to have this problem a lot. and this is precisely where the mental aspect enters the game. make your mind stronger, and your game will become more consistent.


This is the part I need to work on.

Last year I was -2 after the front nine.  Then I promptly lost my concentration and ended up shooting +8 on the back nine with 4 straight pars to start followed by quadruple bogey on the 14th hole!



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Streaky?  I don't know.  How 'bout this for the first three holes last week:  Par, NINE, birdie.  Here was the 9:  Drove ball into trouble off tee.  Pitched out to a perfect spot with a 7 iron.  90 yards to green hit a total hosel rocket right of green, across the cart path and into deep rough.  From there is was a fatty into the bunker with wet, packed sand and DEEP.  Pin was in middle of an hourglass shaped green.  Tried to get cute and left it in the deep rough just outside bunker that was really uphill.  Chipped on from there and 3-putted for a NINE.


It happens.  I don't call it streaky.  Just a bad hole sandwiched in between to really GOOD holes.  Last time I saw the 9 hole, I made par.  The 9 was also the only hole over bogey for the round even though I 3-putted 4 greens.  3-putting greens for me is something I'd call 'streaky.'  Don't do that very often.



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I played in a tournament a couple weeks ago.


#1 - Birdie 

#2 - Birdie

#3 - Double

#4 - Double 

#5 - Double

#6 - Par

#7 - Par

#8 - Par

#9 - Par


For a 39... Par 35 


Then I shot 45 on the back... 

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