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Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

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Hi everyone! I'm pretty much new to golf and want to invest in a decent set of clubs. My father has been teaching me for about 2 months now, and I am actually able to hit the ball consistently (albeit, not all that well). My question is, should I get a set of ladies' clubs or just use my dad's old set? I've been told that ladies' clubs have a "springier" shaft than mens' and are also shorter. I don't know if that will really help me hit more consistently, get more distance, etc. since I've never used them before.

There is a bit of a size discrepency between my father and I. I am 5'4" whereas my father is 5'11", and I am about 60lb. lighter than he is. Would it be better for me to just save my money and maybe have my father's old clubs shortened instead? Oh, and I believe his old set is Top Flight brand irons and the shaft says something like "Muscle" or something like that.

I hope you golf gurus can give me some insight on the matter!

Oh, and I am female by the way. Don't know if any guys out there like to use ladies' clubs or not...
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

My take:

There's a whole market out there that caters towards women, and some major club companies put out women's lines, like the Taylor Made Miscela set. These sets are geared for recreational golfers who tend not to play a lot, and don't need a lot of "horsepower" in their sets. They're pretty much set up for the golfer who needs help getting the ball up in the air, and make the game fun by eliminating the frustration of hitting lots of shanks and squibby worm burners. The Ladies Flex is tuned for slower swing speeds (sub-80 mph), and the low compression Ladies golf balls are designed to jump off the clubface with slower swing speeds...

So I guess it all depends on how far you want to take yourself in the game.

What you'll hear from most is to go get a custom fitting, because I can tell you right now that what works for your 5'11" father won't work for your 5'4" frame. Those clubs are probably too long for you. The shaft is probably too stiff for your swing.

A female friend of mine has gotten fairly serious about the game, and invested in a snazzy Adams 11-piece set. Chuck full of hybrids and high lofted fairway woods -- it suits her just fine. Something along those lines would probably work best for you, at least until you get ridiculously obsessed like us.
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

Honestly ... I would stay away from womens clubs. As much as you may see yourself as a beginer there is probably a very good chance you can swing harder/faster than the typical woman golfer. Like I always mention here look into a good set of used clubs... ebay, www.callawaypreownedgolf.com, edwinwatts.com... etc etc etc

look into that before you go and start hitting clubs for broads
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

I'm not fond of being referred to as a "broad", but thanks for the input.

I really don't know how the typical female golfer performs, but I'm capable of of getting a single or double bogey as my norm, with the occasional par. I would like to get more into the game since I think it is fun and a relaxing way to spend the mornings on weekends.

Ragontona, I looked at some of the Ladies' sets on-line and some of them are within my price range. I think I'll check out the local golf shops to see if I can handle a few of them before buying anything. Thanks.
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

Good luck with your purchase. A lot of shops offer free custom fitting if you pick up a set, so take advantage of that if you can find it.

Have fun with the game...
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

Just something my mom experienced when she started. The difference between men's and women's clubs wasn't all that different. The biggest thing she noticed what that she needed to have the grips redone, the stock were too big for her hands.
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

Enjoy the game...both playing AND buying clubs...
Look into SENIOR flex shafts...a flex between regular and ladies...more control than the latter, easier to hit than the former...
Look into standard length unless your arm span is unusually wide or not...overall body height is not the measure, distance from wrist to ground is...
A lot of players like shorter clubs (driver in particular) for more eye-hand control.
PUTTER length is VERY personal...some people like a 32" length, others like 35"
HEAD size is personal too: despite the fact that larger heads are usually more forgiving, if you can't control the larger head a smaller head might 'fit' you better.
Believe it or not, buying a golf club is not very much different from choosing a car...LOOKS matter, including shape AND COLOR...
Have fun...
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

I disagree with the post which advises you to stay away from womens clubs. Womens clubs are designed to accomodate women. The shafts are usually 1/2 inch to 1 inch shorter. The lies are flatter to match up whith shorter stature. The lofts are weaker, in golf this means more lofted. A rule of thumb is that unless you consistently carry your driver over 165 yards 180 with roll womens shafts are fine. If your carry is between 165 and 180 A shafts sometimes called senior are a good choice. Some women who have quick swings need stiffer shafts than distance alone would indicate. Cutting down clubs can make them stiffer, so that is a really bad idea, you can reshaft mens clubs or order them with loft and lie and shaft adjustments if you like them better.
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Re: Ladies' clubs or mens' clubs?

My wife plays Senior clubs and plays Quite well with them.She is very good at all sports so the senior shafts and lenth seems to work better.
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