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Re: Wearing Two Gloves

I wear 2 gloves when the temps are above 85 or so....My hands sweat so much that i have a hard time gripping the club if i don't....
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Re: Wearing Two Gloves

I get a blister on my right ring finger, I interlock my fingers when I grip and get a friction burn, I've been thinking about wearing two gloves to stop this from happening. I've also considered tape and maybe this thing http://www.singlefitgolf.com/.

Maybe just as an option for when I'm at the driving range, seems to be when it happens the most.
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Re: Wearing Two Gloves

Winter I use my batting gloves. But it usually drives me bat sh!t crazy and I take them off.
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Re: Wearing Two Gloves

I wear two gloves because my hands get torn up if I do not. I even keep them on for putting. I love the feel of playing without gloves, but it's not possible for me.
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Re: Wearing Two Gloves

I have previously worn two gloves in cold weather.....and used to wear one glove at all times. That was previously when my grips were all standard sized, and I really needed a midsize. Having addressed that, I find that no glove works best. Is the real answer to make sure that your club grips are the correct size for you, and to keep your grips and hands dry (and your hands warm) between shots?

I find I have nothing like the same hand wear with a correct sized grip, that I previously had with an incorrect (too small) grip and a glove.
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I'd say do what works for you, those are the things that will improve your game, not what someone else does or says.

I sweat like a prostitute in a confessional, but it doesn't affect my game, a carry a towel. I also go through a glove every month since I am now playing 3 times a week.
I may look into one myself, had been thinking about it last year when it appeared I had bought 9 gloves over a season.

Don't think two would help me but who knows.

As for others speaking up about it, keep them interested in your gloves and off their game, you might gain a few strokes by their not being attentive to their task at hand?

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I started out learning without using gloves, and played for several years without them. When I could afford to buy one, I finally splurged and noticed a difference right away... and not in a good way. Took most of that summer to get used to it. As I became more 'financially independent' and was able to play more often and for a longer period during the season, I began using 2 gloves in the cooler late winter and early spring. There is a butter zone in late April and into May, and then again in late September into October when the weather is cool and dry enough for one glove again. But once it gets hot and sticky I will use 2 gloves again. I also have about 12 gloves in my bag ready to go- 8 left and 4 right, to swap out when they get sweaty and damp. I might also take some cheap right handed gloves and cut off the fingers above the first knuckle. That way I can keep some feel in my fingers and still have a secure grip when the palms are sweating out like a fountain.
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