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My favorite golf towel is from the Marriot. f1_cool.gif


One end is wet the other dry. I wrap it through a bar on the cart. Works like a champ. 

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Use a pos towel. Dont need anything fancier than that. Havent tried wetting it, but gonna have to give that a whirl next time.

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I found a towel with cartoon drawings of the cast from "Caddy Shack" on it. It gets a laugh.

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I use a pink gatorade towel. Sadly, they are only available in september/october/ They are about 18" x 42"

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I have a club glove one, that the thing I like best is the small towel that came with it. Stays wet for a long time, but to be honest, the generic microfiber towel I used to use works just as well.
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I really like the Club Glove golf towels, they hold water well and don't dry out too quickly.



Unfortunately I left my on the cart a while ago so I don't have it anymore, although I've replaced it with one with a similar texture and it seems to work just as well.

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Originally Posted by sasquatcho69 View Post

what kind of towel do you guys use?
i went to a tour event and it seems like they just use rags and not any of those expensive(for us) golf towel's.
does anybody know what they use?

I think any towel will do. But there are certainly a lot of towels at golf stores that wants you to spend over $30 for them. Unless you can use them for something other than wiping your clubs, they're not worth it. That said, I scored a iGotcha towel for free last week from RockBottomGolf.com that doubles as a rain hood. It definitely was worth $5 shipping but that's about it.

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I use a Frogger Towel. It's a great towel, a little pricey, but worth it in my opinion. Can't see myself switching anytime soon.
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I've got an old one I got from my grandfather that I use for mud and dirt, one I got at a Marriot golf course for sweat, and a TaylorMade r7 towel I got for a buck at TJ Maxx, for ... I'm not really sure. I could probably stop lugging that one around.

I've got a few more in my trunk too for some reason. One's a black Nike towel, the other I got at the Disney courses and has Mickey on it.
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club glove towel is the best. I love it because it holds water better and doesn't dry out as fast.  It is also good because it has a waffle design that gets in the grooves a lot better then a regular towel. If you have money, get it. If you don't, just get an old towel you already own.


Club Glove towel is the way to go, you don't even need a scrubber to clean the grooves.

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