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Re: Should I hit my driver or hybrid off the tee?

I'll probably continue to hit my Hybrid off the tee for the remainder of the year and then get to the range with my neighboor before I get out golfing next year. He's a PGA Professional and does lessons at a local course.
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Re: Should I hit my driver or hybrid off the tee?

Originally Posted by DaSportsGuy View Post
With Driver:

-Hit it 230 yards max with a huge slice and very rarely hit the fairway. On a good day hitting my driver off the tee I'll hit maybe two fairways.

With Hybird:

-Max out at 200 yards but hit it dead straight and hit probably 12/18 fairways but lose anywhere from 30-50 yards hitting it instead of my driver.
i recommend changing your swing to a draw. i know it sounds drastic and it's easier said than done but its an easier swing to learn and easier to hit with consistency. i went from a fade to a draw in 1 practice session. take the club on an inside path on the backswing, then slightly outside through the ball on the downswing. you'll find that you'll be a more consistent ball-striker in a short period of time. once you do that, see if you still have the same distance with the driver. i bet you start hitting your drives farther. if not, try different drivers that fit your swing better. get your swing speed measured and make sure your shaft flex is correct for you. you may need a stiffer shaft if you hit a lot of slices. good luck, hope it helps.
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I've done the same thing. Use a 4 and 5 hybrid off the tee and all the way to the approach shot. I hit it off the grass even on the tee since I get to keep my fairway swing consistent. If you have a banana ball you are most likely not losing much if any yardage in reality. I'd rather be in the center of the fairway at 220 than be 260 and a fairway over. Just makes common sense to me. These hybrids, with an iron like swing, down at and through the ball will indeed take a divot after striking the ball. That's how I gauge my ball strike even before I look up to see it's flight path. If it felt good and I took a divot (small or large) I know when I look up I'll see it headed straight down the fairway. I just have to do my part so the club can do it's part.


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Here's the question, are you playing for score or for the sheer joy of crushing the awesome drive?  I play in the high 70's low 80's and like to beat the course.  My brother plays in the mid 90's and MUST hit the impossible shot at least once per round or it is a wasted day.  Yes, he's nuts.  If you know why you're out there, the answer is clear.  Enjoy.

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Are you playing for $$?  How serious are you about your score?   If you are in a league where the low score gets a new Corvette, throw the driver away.   If you are still learning the game, don't put it away, learn to use it.

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Originally Posted by DocParty View Post

I've done the same thing.


Wow a record I think. Last post before this one is 40 months old. The TS made it in the meantime from 26 to a hcp 11. Maybe, just maybe a little late?g2_eek.gif

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I started out with a driver and right from the start ballflight wasn't a major issue for me. The main problem was quality of contact. I could smash it 260 then hit behind it and hit a low worm burner for a 100. I very rarely lost balls with the driver. The issue was consistency. Anyway ditched after a year or two of playing because my score were in the 110-115 range.


I only used my hybrids and got down into the 100-105 range quite quickly. Now to take my game to the next level I need to reach the par 4's. I have taken a 2 year break from golf and only just got back. Scored 101 first time out. Hit it well but couldn't reach the par 4's in 2. If I had played perfect that day I would have only scored 90-93 as I was too far from the hole to score lower.


I now have a 3 wood for extra distance but I'm now itching for a driver because my swing is much more repeatable now.  Scoring in the 80's is dependent upon reaching some greens in regulation and using the driver well is needed in that case. So it's a club that can be avoided for a while but not permanently.

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I have been having a seriously problem as of late hitting my Driver.  Hit it once yesterday and it went OB.  I have been leaving the Driver in the bad and hitting only 3 Wood or Hybrid off the tee on par 4's and par 5's.  I won't reach the majority of par 5's in 2 anyways.  The majority of par 4's will still be easily reachable while hitting 3W, of course it will be a longer shot but it will be from the fairway.


I know some people say to practice the Driver, but when you hit Driver off the tee as bas as I have lately that isn't smart.  I will continue to practice hitting Driver at the range and will only use it when I feel confident in it.

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Originally Posted by sethro5hc View Post

I think it's always best to hit whatever club you can hit straight. I've seen good golfers hit stuff like 6 iron 6 iron to get on a par 4 in two.. Just do what you're comfortable with. I tee off with a 3 hybrid that I just got a few days ago now, did it for the first round yesterday with GREAT results (not my score but my teeshots). But, I hit that 3 hybrid 250, sometimes a bit more so I don't have to sacrifice as much I suppose.

But you should always hit what is the straightest as long as it's long enough to get to the GIR.

You hit your 3 hybrid 250 yards, sometimes more?! I wish I had that length.
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Ditto the above, hybrid for now but work on your woods including the driver. If you are slicing you have something wrong with your swing (obviously). I had the same problem last year but I was able to hit my 3w with no problem. So I played my 3w and my scores came down. I worked at the range with my driver but had little success so I went back to my instructure for a tune up and purchased a new driver. I searched high and low, I think I tried every driver on the market but finally found an older Cobra S2 10.5* in mint condition, it was love at first swing, it just felt right, can't explain it. The combination of a couple of lessons and a new driver did the trick.

When I was hitting my 3w I always felt a little funny because everyone else was using a driver and I wasn't. Nobody said anything but still....

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Whatever you hit the straightest. Right now it seems like the hybrid is your fairway finder so stick with that till you iron out your driver issues. What you might also try to do is find the lowest lofted hybrid you can hit straight. Perhaps, you will pick up some yardage too. A driver shootout of sorts may be in your future. I am having one this year due to my inconsistency off the tee.

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If you can hit a 3 hybrid, straight, you ought to get 220 to 250 out of it total distance. There are not too many par 4's out of that range (other than a short chip or pitch from time to time).

Get your hands on several to try out. Find one that works for you off the grass and stick with it (both on the tee and fairway) till you get your swing down pat. Then try a driver. I still think that for weekenders, if scoring, not being in trouble, and etc. are the main goals, there is nothing better than always being in the fairway on your tee shot and second shot.

I see lots of golfers out there hitting a driver and without a doubt over 50% of them are in the trees, bushes, or the next fairway. Sure they move their ball to get a better shot, but in reality that's a penalty stroke, so what have they accomplished?


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Originally Posted by DocParty View Post

If you can hit a 3 hybrid, straight, you ought to get 220 to 250 out of it total distance.



The golfer that hits a 3 hybrid that distance is in the minority.

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Originally Posted by 14ledo81 View Post


The golfer that hits a 3 hybrid that distance is in the minority.

Exactly, a lot of golfers I know can't hit their driver 250 yards consistently. 

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I'm talking carry, bounce and roll. I'm not certain a 3 hybrid is outside of that. In terms of carry only, yes, that's a bit far for an average weekender.


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My 2 cents is to not give up on the driver.  I did that last year and the results were good at first, but then plateaued.  You get to the point that you're in good position but having to hit long irons into the greens.  I figured I was good enough with a 6 or 7 iron that the driver wasn't worth the risk.  But you need to hit a good shot from 160-170 yards out, sometimes more, and two-putt or you're fighting for bogey.  Forget about birdie.  Work on the driver and hit 9 irons and pitching wedges into those par fours. 

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