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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

yep, titleist 980f 17deg, perfect length to land softly on the green for the 220yd par 3 at my course.

slightly shorter shaft than 3w, higher loft, easier to hit, more confident hitting it than 3w
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

I use a Macgregor MT 4W (16.5*) with the stock aldila shaft in stiff shaft. Great off the tees, Macgregor wasn't kidding when they said "expect driver like distance" and inspires confidence at address on both the tee box and off the deck. Very happy with this club!
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

I just made the change from 4 wedges and 2 iron to 3 wedges, 7w, 4w.
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

ive always played a 4 wood because i used to carry a 2 iron...

ive since dropped the 2 iron in favor of a 50* gw...

i carried a callaway steelhead 4 wood for about 8 years.. it was the absolute best club ive ever owned... ever...

i replaced it with a ping rapture 17* last christmas because the steelhead was just getting so old and worn out... i miss the steelhead every now and then when i'm faced with a shot that i wouldnt dare try with the rapture
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

When my swing speed gets me to S-Flex on all my clubs - any month now, I hope - I plan to put a 4-Wood into play. Anyone know if any companies are having this year's release as one? It seems that most of the new releases are just odd numbered woods.
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

The Golf Digest Hot List gives the Ping G15 fairway wood a gold. States that the 17 degree 4-wood should be the new 3-wood for nearly all golfers.
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

I always liked my old wooden 4 wood. I should look into getting a new 4 wood.
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

I have a Callaway FT 17* 4 wood. Works well both off the tee and in the FW on those long par 5's
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

I also use a Callaway FT 17* 4-wood. Have been using a 4 wood since the late 90's when I needed to make room for a lob wedge. The 4 wood was a compromise of the 3 and 5 woods. My first 4 wood was a Callaway War Bird which I loved and used from 1998 until 2008. The War Bird had a steel shaft and was my reliable friend when the driver was off. I had to work to get the War Bird up in the air off of the fairway. Though not as straight as the War Bird, my FT 4 wood is much easier to get airborn. I feel comfortable easing off on it from 230 out and ripping it from 270.... not that it always works out mind you. The more I go after it the more of a draw generally allow for.
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

I haven't had one since woods were wood.
Use to have a Ben Hogan persimmon that was sweet.
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Re: Anybody hitting a 4 Wood?

Originally Posted by richieb View Post
I hit an Orlimar - similar to a 3 wood. It is a 13 degree club and goes about 245 yards. Off the tee I sometimes surprise myself and out-drive guys using their drivers. Check them out!
Great club.
Used to hit an Orlimar back in the day, great club
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He's right, lots of games get played with degrees of loft and subsequent claims of distance each club will hit the ball that are 'created' by the mfg's.

But a 13 degree wood is a 3 wood, no matter what some mfg tells you.

My 5 wood, 19 degrees, is a true 5 wood, just an fyi here, but barely. 19 degrees is the threshold for the 5 wood and can climb up to 22 degrees.

Every golfer is different.

Hit what you feel confident about, not what others are hitting, and trust the club. Trust the club.

Been on the course hitting the short tee shot and ended up on the green in regulation when others with booming drives end up taking 2 or 3 more shots just to get up on the green.

So, why waste one? Game is won or lost from the 150 yard marker and closer. Not from the tee box (except on par 3's of course).

Hit something you can guarantee yourself a decent shot at getting on the green in regulation. Worst case is you'll miss it by a few feet. That can be worked on.

But to hit a 260 plus yard drive and have to take 2 or 3 more shots to get on the green? It's a waste of a great drive, frustrating to say the least, and could have been avoided by hitting a tee shot of 230 and a  fairway wood/iron of 230 and being on the green or the frog hair in 2.


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When it's this old, feel free to begin a new thread.a2_wink.gif

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I play a Taylormade Superfast 2.0 4 wood instead of carrying a 3 & 5 wood. My home course is pretty short nd it comes in handy for long par 3s. It lets me carry an extra wedge which I use much more often. I almost never hit my 5 wood when I carried it. It's shorter than my 3 wood was but has good trajectory and better gap from my driver to be more useful for me.
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I play a Sonartec 16 degree.  The thing is a rocket, nearly as long as my 9 degree Titleist driver, but even lower trajectory with the original shaft.  Put a higher launch shaft in it and it's still no higher than my driver.  LOTS longer than the 3 wood I was playing.  Great off the tee, only give up about 15 yards vs the driver and feel confident letting it rip on tight driving holes.  O.K. from the fairway (lack of height can be an issue), quite challenging from the rough (probably because it's launch angle is so low).  Not enough height to use for most approaches on par 5's unless you've got room to run it on to the green.  Given the amazing distance, would love to find an 18 degree with a high launch shaft, that would be more useful re: approach shots without sacrificing too much distance when teeing off.. 


Years ago played a Powerbilt Citation persimmon 4 wood - LOVED that club!  Was long enough off the tee to use for tight driving holes, could turn it left or right at will, play it high to land soft for long approaches or low and running .  If I can find something that plays the same way, I'd be all over it.

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Also have a Tight Lie Tour 17 degree, same challenges as the Sonartec.  It's a little higher flight, but still fairly low, a little easier to work left/right, but still difficult from the rough.  Definitely not as long, give up about 20, sometimes even 15 yards for only 1 degree extra loft and very similar flight pattern.  As they fly and play just about the same I'm sticking with the Sonartec for the extra distance - at least for now!

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I've got a nickent 4dx 4 wood, 17*.  While I love my set, that is the only club that will really have me missing it when it wears out/breaks.  It gives me the most beautiful ball flight out of any club.  My stock shot goes about 245.  It takes off low and then half way there, it spins up to the sky and drops down real sharp and stops dead.  Any roll out is from the slope.  I can hit a green with no worries of the ball bounding away at all or playing break.    You just figure out where you want the ball to stop, and hit it straight to it.  6i is about the longest club that I can sit the ball next to it's ball mark, until the 4w.  It is also extremely forgiving.  The only gripe I have is the lack of precise distance control, or rather the ability to shave off some yardage.  However, it is a wood with a graphite shaft, and I'm aiming for a target 245 away.  I can deal with it.  Having it stop on that number every time isn't so bad.

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I have a Burner 2.0 4w that's 17.5* I carry when I'm using my Tmade gear. I switch woods and hybrids back and forth between Nike and TM and although the Nike 3w carries a bit further, the TM is easier to hit off the fairway (but I tend to get sky balls when I use it off the tee) and I switch them up depending on what course I'm playing and length I need. 

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