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Just had all 4 of mine removed last week, top 2 were just pulled bottom 2 were impacted and one had 4 roots rather than the normal 2. After the pain meds wore off it felt like someone was driving a Mack truck into my teeth. Pain meds upset my stomach so I only took them as last resort. I'm just now having no pain but still can't open my mouth all the way.
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I remember about 9 years ago having mine removed. I was 18. They put Me to sleep and cut all 4 out. I was fine til the Anaesthesia wore off about 10 that night. I woke up on my parents couch cused my mom out, grabbed some pain killers and went back to bed. I was back at work at 4am the next morning mowing greens. I did get dry socket in one, that sucked. I got bad teeth that winter I had an infected tooth that one hurt. Woke up one morning after getting about an hour of sleep, looked in the mirror to see my left cheek swollen. Looked like I stuffed a softball in there, no joke. For three days, everywhere I went people people looked at me like i was Frankenstein!!
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This is a fun thread to revive. I had mine out in January. All four had been in a state of half-eruption for a few years and they got hard to brush, so they pulled them all. Put me under with IV anesthesia, and I was out for about 90 minutes (or so they tell me). Pretty straight-forward, I guess. The anesthesia was fun. I had double vision for a few hours, so the drive back on the highway was weird, every car looking like it was coming straight at me. 800mg Ibuprofen actually worked better for the soreness than the Percocet they prescribed. I was able to go back to solid foods within a day or two.

I had another tooth pulled about 10 years ago, which was a weird experience to have while awake. The feeling of being completely numb and them just sort of wiggling it out is strange. I'm kinda glad they put me under for the wisdom teeth.
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Getting my last widsom tooth pulled tuesday.      In moderate pain, nothing that advil can't manage though.     Have a Tampa golf trip in less than 2 weeks - hoping all goes well & no dry socket

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I had my wisdom teeth removed on 2/14.  One was errupted and the other three were impacted.  The two lower ones which were both impacted, they had to drill into my jaw bone to get them out.  I still have my tonsils, and didn't want to be put under so I was awake during the entire procedure.  It took them 2.5hrs to get all four out.  And the one that was through the gums - only took a minute or two.  The other three.... WOW.  Brutal pain.  


I'm still taking Advil (4x 200mg pills twice a day)... And Vicodin to help me sleep.  As I type this... My mouth hurts.  I go to see the dentist tomorrow to get looked at.  They wanted me to come in earlier, but I was on a business trip last week.  I have to believe that I have dry socket, because I don't know how the pain could still be this bad.  


It sucks... All of my teeth are tender.

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