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A retiree who works at my golf course carries an old Cobra 1-iron. He's let me hit it.


This Cobra had a fair amount of offset - unusual for 1 irons. Off a wooden tee I could hit a low, controllable draw that had a fair amount of runout. But, I get longer carry with my 4i. // 1-iron off the turf: I could get maybe one out of four shots airborne.


The guy uses it as a driving iron on a couple of the tight par 4s, or holes with a bad crosswind.



When 1-irons were available back in the 1970s I had hit some just for fun. I just know I never considered putting one in my bag.  

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Have you ever hit a 1 iron


Absolutely. Had a Ben Sayers (slight cavity back) 1 iron from the early 1990s in my bag until a couple of years ago. Then I changed it out for a Ping Zing2 2 iron of similar vintage, which is slightly easier to hit.


Clubs like these still have their place, and it's a pity more golfers don't persevere with them. Want to stand on the tee, pick a spot in the fairway the size of a dinner plate, and stand a chance of landing the ball there? These are much more likely to get that job done than any wood or modern hybrid, in my experience.

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I have a couple of 1 irons. One is a Wilson FG-17 Tour Blade from about 1981 and the other is a Titleist DCI from about 1992. I have hit good shots with both, not that I am immensely consistent with them. In fact some of my best shots have been 1 irons. Last year I hit one with the old Wilson that was nice and high and about 240 yards straight down the middle. That was a rush for this bogey golfer. That of course is not my norm--usually around 200-215 on a good shot. The Titleist DCI that I have is fairly easy to hit for a long iron-it has a pretty deep cavity and some offset and really plays almost like a hybrid.


I love both these old clubs and enjoy hitting them from time to time. I have to admit that I get similar distance and direction from my 20* hybrid which is much easier to hit.

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I have some Wilson blades from the 1960s and there is a 1 iron in the set.  The clubhead is teeeeny.  I took it to the range once and tried to hit it . . couldn't really do it.  


I've hit through the rest of the Wilson set and they are all very hard clubs to hit .. but even adjusting for the old technology and original, vintage grips . . .I hit the 1 iron pretty terribly.   I was definitely *not* inspired to go look for one to put in my bag, lol.  

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I had a 1-iron with a set of Titlest DCI's about 25 years old IIRC.  DCI's were an early attempt to make forged cavity back clubs, and at the time seemed pretty easy to hit.  I think I was getting about 210 carry with it, at a time when my driver carry was about 240.  The thing I remember most was the amazing top spin roll out, sometimes 40-50 yards or more in dry conditions.


I do not have a machine to measure lofts, but I compared the club with about a 10 year old set of Big Berthas and the loft looks to be about the same as the BB's 3 iron!


With all the de-lofting the club manufacturers have done in recent years, a modern 1-iron might have to be about the same loft as a putter!

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I hit a 1 iron hippp cavity back golf club at the weekend dor the first time . Tried it three times and hit three decent shots (for my standard) .

I also own a Callaway two iron which I use quite alot .
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