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Short game, inside 30 yards.  Feels like I have the yips chipping and pitching from 30 yards and in, usually results in fat shot left way short or too thin and flies / rolls over the other side of the green.


I'd actually rather hit out of a green side sand bunker than pitch or chip from same distance, pretty sad.

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For me it is driving off the tee. If I am swinging well I score well but more time than not I have to revert back to a 4 iron off the tee. I really need to get fitted for driver and three wood shafts. It seems I am always trying to change my swing to fit the club and that rarely works.
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It's really hard for me to be a stupid monkey. Always tend to complicate things. Working on that though.
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Time and money.

On the course it's being consistent on fairway shots and eliminating fat shots/shanks
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Too difficult to pick...


I would have to say... ME!

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Greenside chips I have down. Pitching from 50-90 yards, down in three is a given, sometimes get up and down. It's those shorter shots, 10-30 yards off the green that you would like to get down in two, and that the pros do with alarming frequency, that have me stumped. I hit 'em OK, but seldom good enough.

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lack of control of the tee kills 4-5 shots per round on avg

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Time and money.

But now that Obamacare is here, maybe I can stop work and chase my dream of becoming a professional golfer.  LOL.....

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Putting, I'm losing 2-3 strokes a round with bad lag putting either poor line or bad pace on the ball, Sometimes I just have an all out mental lapse while on the green and lose focus, the other day I hit a tee shot on a par 3 about 12' away and just blew it by a good 8' and of course miss the come backer, I knew the putt was a quick downhill putt but for some reason I didn't allow that variable become part of the execution, instead of a good chance for a 2 I walk away with a 4.

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My day job is the biggest thing holding me back!
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well.....it's raining pretty heavily right now

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Work 8-5.  That's a killer.  Can only get out once a week.


Have seriously been thinking about getting an overnight job just so I can play more golf.

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Time/consistency. To me those go hand in hand. The more time I have to play/practice the more consistent I am. But, like someone said way at the beginning of the thread, if I try to play/practice more than 1 or 2 days out of the week it's like I've abandoned everything holy for the pursuit of evil! Ah, relationships, aren't they the best!

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Lack of time with a club in my hand.


Between work and family responsibilities you only have so many open windows to play.  Then figure in spring weather...


I plan to give net practice in the back yard a go again.  It at least helps with swing consistency, and is much easier to find time for.


I am also looking at getting a putting mat for the garage.

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Tempo. I get really quick in a hurry. Either I get frustrated and begin to grip tighter and swing harder, or I feel really good and start getting greedy and start going all Barry Bonds on it. I curse the 16 years I spent playing baseball. Never picked up a golf club until I was 18 and I regret it every day. Getting better though! Every 6 months I seem to drop my avg score a few strokes. It's time to break 90!!

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Course management for me. Late last year I made rules up dictating what I hit off the tee based on the hole's distance (par 4's and 5's). Par 4's <350yds I hit an iron, 350-400 I could hit a 3 wood, and 400+ I could hit driver (given there wasn't a dogleg or obstacle I needed to lay up from). Par 5's <500yds I hit 3 wood and >500yds I hit driver. These being the only changes lowered my avg score about 5 strokes. I found myself playing more target oriented golf and focusing less on macho ball striking.

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3 bad holes! I always seem to have 2 or 3 bad holes that knacker my score card!
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