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So I know a little about this brand of golf clubs but not much, pretty much that they are very expensive and rare. I was playing in a tourney the other day and my playing partner had a set of the thinest blades from this maker and he was 62!!! Just wondering if anyone on this site has had experience from them, I did some research and from what they say the metal they use and the double forging process makes these clubs some of the best on tour, but why dont we see more of them in that case?
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Re: Kzg

Being that KZG is local to where I live and play (about two blocks away) there are a bunch of guys in my GC that have been fitted at their headquarters. The guys that play their clubs swear by them and are more often than not are single digit handicappers. They recently (last two years or so) started offering a cavity back which is pretty nice. I don't know that these are more expensive than buying off the rack since they compete with no less than a dozen golf shops nearby their HQ. Really nice, clean looking clubs that perform well.
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Re: Kzg

I have never played them but was considering to buy a set of there irons. I talked to the fitter and if I had the capital, I would do it. They are very high quality and lots of options. The fitting process and the quality of the sticks makes them a great.
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Re: Kzg

As you can see from my sig I play KZG's forged blades. Had them in the bag for 4 seasons now, and I can tell you that they're fantastic clubs. As with any soft forged club they show wear pretty quickly, but when stuck well they feel sooooo sweet. As with any club, get fit and make sure you find a skilled fitter to take care of you....makes a world of difference in the finished product.

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Re: Kzg

I've played these for 2 seasons and love them. You get IMMEDIATE feedback on whether you hit a good shot or not.
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Re: Kzg

From the replies I take it these are some serious sticks, just so happends I have a KZG certified fitter and dealer about 45 mins from my house. I think Im goin to go check these guys out, thanks guys.
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Re: Kzg

Someone above mentioned cost. I didn't count them as that expensive. I paid $500 for 5 - PW with the Rifle shafts, grips, etc.
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Had a sett of kzg zo with 7.0 project x. The old project x. They are the best irons ever made. The strikes feel like butter and the workability is amazing. I'm looking for a used set now so any one that has them let me know. I have ap2 714 now and they are not for me trade anyone? a1_smile.gif
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I moved fr ZO to AP2 714 early this ..lol

I love ZO more but 714 is more forgiving ..
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I find the ap 2 clanky the feel is just empty
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Yup !

Feels wise ZO win by a mile...

I still keep my ZO , and I have 2 set of them lol !
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I have played KZG Forged 2 for about 15 years.  I have also used their Driver and FW wood.  Very nice clubs and since I have played them for a long time, I guess you could say I am happy with them.

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