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Re: Mizuno Vs Srixon

Originally Posted by Shanks A Million View Post
I'd say of the two brands, Srixon is a touch ahead.

Srixon takes the woods category. Srixon's Cleveland brand makes very good woods, notably the HiBore and Launcher. Mizuno's woods (including their titanium fairways) are more expensive, are not nearly as well regarded.

Neither brand is known for their hybrids, but a slight edge goes to Mizuno for its Fli-Hi hybrid irons, which are very nice.

Irons is a wash. Both brands make fantastic forged irons. Mizuno has a slight edge in variety, but both brands make forged game improvement, players, and blade type irons, although Srixon's blades are very rare.

Wedges goes to Srixon, their Cleveland brand's 588 and CG-12 are among the most popular wedges ever made. Mizuno's wedges are good, but not as highly regarded as Cleveland's wedges.

Putters are more or less evenly split, with Srixon's Cleveland and Never Compromise line both producing great putters, and Mizuno's Bettinardi producing equally fine putters.

Balls goes to Srixon, as Mizuno doesn't make them. Even considering that, Srixon balls are second to none.
I suppose if you throw in Cleveland, they'd get the nod. That would also explain why the Srixon website is so sparse.

Comparing Srixon and Mizuno straight up, since Mizuno doesn't have any other brands (that I know of) is a different story.
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Re: Mizuno Vs Srixon

Tough call. Id say they are pretty equal. Anyone who says that Srixon doesnt make good clubs obviously has never hit any Srixon clubs. They make some of the best drivers. fairway woods and irons on the market; not to mention they own Cleveland and Never Compromise; so they make pretty awesome putters too.
A lot of people seem to only know Srixon as a golf ball company, but they are a very accomplished golf club make as well.
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These srixon i 302s are simply amazing,they are extremly difficult to find. Compared to the mizuno 62 is like night and day. They are easier to hit with actually a softer feel. These clubs did not get a lot of hype here in the states but in japan they cost around 1600 dollars. The forging process for these irons are incredible. Where mizuno stamp press their irons twice srixon stamps the i302s six times. this is the reason why you pay 600 dollars more but believe me you can feel the difference. If your lucky enough to find a set in the USA hold on to them because they really are a great set of sticks.

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