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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post
Check the date.
Just realized that... thanks...
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Re: Scratch Golf

Originally Posted by tristanhilton85 View Post
Better than the Miuras?
Nope, but they came pretty close. The Miuras have a softer feel, less of a click. I made a shaft change when I went with the Miuras so I'm betting that I would have liked my SB-1's even more with the new shafts. In the end, I sold my SB-1's and got a set of 1957 LE Miuras. See my WITB post for more details on both of my bags (both Miura, although I do still have, and occasionally game, a set of TD Scratch wedges).
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Originally Posted by rebby View Post
I don't have any appearance problems with mine and I have a whole bag full of them. Depending on what you're looking at, the clubs will be made of 1018 carbon steel and forged (all of my Scratch clubs fit in this category) or 8620 carbon steel and cast. As halcon stated, in both options this is pretty soft steel.

The 8620 is the exact cast blend that most OEMs use (including Titleist Vokey wedges). Most OEMs use something a tad harder in the forgings though. For example, Titleist uses 1025 carbon steel. The blend is pretty similar and I've seen no difference in wear between my Scratch SB-1's and my Titleist ZM's or any of the countless other forged blades. I do notice a difference in the feel however. My Scratch irons/wedges are a bit softer than most blades. I have no idea however if this is due to the forging, type of carbon steel, some mental bug or just how I had this set of SB-1's built. Either way, the difference is there. It's nothing mind blowing but it is noticeable.

I'm loving everyone of my Scratch clubs. Enough so that I continue to pimp them every time I get the chance.

As far as ordering is concerned, I'd suggest that you either go to the source (they may have a list of dealers in your area that you can work with too). Alternatively, you could go through a Scratch dealer. Shoot me a PM if you want the name/email for the guy that I use. He does great work.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I just got a set of Scratch EZ-1 irons and they are definitely the best irons I've ever hit. I traded my Rocketbladez Tour irons straight up for them. It`s the first time I`ve had the privilege of hitting forged irons and I`ll never go back to cast clubs. I like cast irons but the feel of forged irons surpasses cast in every way. You are correct when you stated that the forged irons from Scratch are made with 1018 Plain Carbon Steel (which means that there is 0.18% carbon in this particular steel, making them very soft). As for price, the EZ-1 Irons from Scratch are retailed on their website for $1300. Very pricey.

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Originally Posted by jhcarson View Post

I gotta say, I LOVE my EZ-1 irons. Probably the best feeling forged GI club I've ever hit. I previously gamed the MX-200s which I really liked but Scratch kicked them right out of the bag. Are they worth $1000+ for a stock set (choosing from one of their three standard grind options)...I guess that depends upon how much you like them but for me they've been worth every penny. Converted me from my ho'ing ways (at least for irons - drivers are a COMPLETELY different story).

I agree. My EZ-1 irons are worth every cent. I was switching from iron set to iron set like a crack addict until I found these irons. These irons will not be kicked out of my bag for any other iron set. I just walk by my golf bag and I have to stop and take a look at them, that`s how beautiful they are. Even better when you hit them.

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