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Re: Vintage vs. Modern Drivers

Originally Posted by wmiller View Post
I don't 'act' like anything. I took a old Wilson Staff 3w to the range recently and realized that I miss the sound and feel of these clubs. Sorry if my post offended you...
Calm down! I never implied you, I mean people in general. Someone here asked "how do you hit a persimmon wood?" Others have asked if you can use them with the new balls, others have mentioned that they can't imagine playing with these clubs. This is the type of thing I'm talking about. They are golf clubs. Modern woods are not that much different. Persimmon woods were used on the PGA tour until 1997. I began playing golf in 1989, and had persimmon woods until the late 90s. My first set did have a very early metal driver though, but the woods were persimmon. When I grew out of that, I had persimmon woods until the mid 2000s.
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Re: Vintage vs. Modern Drivers

Usually, when you quote someone's post, it is assumed you are responding directly to that post. Why else would you quote one specific poster's comment as opposed to responding to the thread in general? Just my perception.

And it's ok, I'm calm. If I were not, you'd know it. ;)
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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post
Check out ebay - occasionally there's something awesome. I've seen sets of mint condition Louisvilles go for pretty reasonable prices - relatively speaking.

There are cheaper options too. I picked up a grab bag of 6 woods for $20 that included two Cleveland Classics (with the still tacky original leather grips), a MacGregor VIP that looked like new, a Spalding, a Tony Penna, and a Lynx. I've hit all but the Spalding and the Tony Penna at an indoor simulator. The Clevelands and the MacGregor feel the best, but I can't hit that Lynx off line - 260 to 270 every time - I only hit my new driver about 280 there. It's a gamer for sure. The funny thing is, I didn't even know Lynx made persimmon woods.

I picked up a set of Lynx persimmon woods for free off graigslist. "Heel N Toe " with the bass inserts in the sole. I only went a got them because I saw a Bullseye putter in the bag. But you're right these Lynx woods are pretty easy to hit straight. And I don't lose much distance.

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The thing about those old clubs is you have about the size of a quarter to hit on the clubface to make the ball fly because they are so small.   This is something most people cannot do.......even low single digit players. (myself included)

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I have to point out a bit of a flaw in the method. They used the Pro V1x for all tests. Which is fine for a pure comparison between clubs themselves. Not necessarily a comparison between technology. The early hickory's would certainly play differently with the balls of that era. The Balata balls of the 60's and 70's were meant to be SMASHED with the Persimmons of those days. Compression #'s were so much higher. The latest clubs are meant to be used with the Pro V1 type of ball- springy face and lower initial compression of modern balls bomb them out there.
I played a round last year with my "magic" steel driver on a few holes that I played with a long time ago. I was using Callaway iX tour balls. I was sadly rewarded with drives at least 30 yards shorter. It certainly didn't sound like it used to- it just kind of clunked instead of that 'ding' it had back in the day. They aren't meant to be hit with with each other. If I had been using the "lower tier" type of distance ball, it would have been different- a harder ball with less spin, maybe could have squeaked out a couple of more yards.
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