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Age: 41

Height: 6'

Where are your from: Albuquerque, NM

How long have you been playing: ~20 years

Best score: 65 (-7)

Favorite club in the bag: Driver

Golf books/DVDs that have helped you: The Art of the Short Game, The Art of Putting, All of Harvey Penicks books

Where do you play: New Mexico and Michigan

Best courses you've played so far: Sanctuary Golf Club, CO- Shepherds Hollow, MI-The Eldorado, Cabo San Lucas

Things you enjoy most about golf: Competition

Goals for 2013: Win the Club Championship for the third time.
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Age: 47


Height: 5'10"


Where are your from:  Born down south, grew up in Michigan, and currently reside in Saratoga, NY


How long have you been playing: 37 years


Best score:  67(-5) at my home course. 69(-3) in competition.


Favorite club in the bag:  Scotty Cameron Newport II


Golf books/DVDs that have helped you:  Jack Nicklaus, Golf My Way. Ben Hogan, Power Golf and Five Lessons. Harvey Penick, Little Red Book. 


Where do you play:  Airway Meadows GC, and Saratoga State Park


Best courses you've played so far:  Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Bayonet Course at old Ft Ord, and the Nicklaus course Long Bay in Myrtle Beach. Pebble was incredible for obvious reasons and Long Bay is a solid layout but I have to say The Bayonet was probably the toughest course I've ever played. It was my home course in the early 1990's when I was stationed at Ft Ord. I'll also add that I really enjoy Donald Ross layouts and the three I've played The Sagamore, Glenns Falls CC, and Wilmington are right up there with the best I've played. 


Things you enjoy most about golf: From the time I took up the game at age 9 golf was about competition and improving. As I've gotten older the winning or losing part of competition is not as important as just the actual thrill of competing. Whether it's at the Club level or higher there is nothing that adds a little electricity to playing the game like competition does. These day's beyond the competition I really enjoy playing with my son and watching him develop into a good player. Last year he beat me straight up for the first time and I've never lost and felt so proud,lol! I told him I may be getting old but I'm not going to give up the title of best player in the family just yet. He's going to have to earn it! Last year was pretty cool in that I won our Men's Club Championship and my Son took the Junior Title.


Goals for 2013:  Repeat as Club Champion and continue to improve all aspects of my game like I have for the past 37 seasons. Also to continue my work out routine I started last year to keep myself more fit and flexible. As I approach 50 I've come to the realization that I wasn't going to be able to maintain my level of play if I didn't get my butt in the gym!

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Age:  41


Height:  6'4"


Where are your from:  Saskatchewan, Canada


How long have you been playing:  12 years or so, with more intent the last 4 years


Best score:  +5 (76 on an easy par 71 course)


Favorite club in the bag:  4 Iron/5 Iron


Golf books/DVDs that have helped you:  David Leadbetter's Practice Makes Perfect, and The Short Game


Where do you play:  SK


Best courses you've played so far:  Bell Bay, NS and Highland's Links, also in NS


Things you enjoy most about golf:  Being outdoors, the exercise and beating my golf buds


Goals for 2013:  Routinely break 80, after getting sidelined for eight weeks midway through last season due to broken ribs. 

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Age: 48


Height: 6'2"


Where are you from: Summer - Bloomington, MN/Winter - Sarasota, FL


How long have you been playing: 13 years


Best Score: +1 at Kapalua Plantation(birdie on 18 would have been even….3 putt:( )


Favorite club in bag : putter


Golf books that help: Robin Sieger - Silent Mind Golf


Where do you play: Summer - Somerby Golf Club/ Winter - Concession Golf Club


Best courses played to date:  Arcadia Bluffs, Kapalua Plantation, Pine Valley this October?


Things most enjoyed playing golf:  hitting a pure shot and making putts, socializing, 19th hole


Goals for 2014: get lower back healthy finally, get more flexible, and get handicap down to a 5 or 6...

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Age: 22

Height: 6'2

Where are you from: KY

How Long have you been Playing: 10 years

Best Score: 68 (-4)

Favorite club in the bag: PW

Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: N/A

Where do you play: Anywhere I can, mostly local muni's

Best courses you've played so far: Hermitage (Nashville, TN)

Things you enjoy most about golf: Being outdoors/sun, friendship with playing partners

Goals for 2014: Qualify for state-am tournament, post at least one under par tournament round, improve putting in the 6-12 feet range

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Age: 46

Height: 5' 10"

Where are you from: PA

How Long have you been Playing: 26 years (10 years on and off, 15 years off, back now for about 8 months)

Best Score: 95 (since back)

Favorite club in the bag: 7i

Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Little Red Book

Where do you play: Mostly at JC Melrose CC and Warminster Five Ponds

Best courses you've played so far: Huntingdon Valley CC

Things you enjoy most about golf: The chase to always get better

Goals for 2014: Play more, take lessons, get better off the tee, and break 90.
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Age: 42


Height:  6'6


Where are u from:  Texas


How long playing:   20 yrs on and off


Best Score 70


Favorite Club in Bag: SW and 7 iron tie


Golf Books/DVDs :   A good Walk Spoiled &  If u play Golf you are my friend


Where do u play: Anywhere I can but Winstar World Casino is home course for now


Best Courses I've played: Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits, Cog Hill, Blackwolf Run, KO o Lau, TPC Las Colinas, Oak Tree


Things I enjoy most about Golf: No watch. No time restraints. Exercise in fresh air. Meeting new people. Challenging myself

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Age: 18
Height: 6"1
From: Edmonton, Canada
Live in Winnipeg Canada
Been Golfing for: 8
Best score: 73
Where do you play: where ever is get a tee time
Best club: 3 wood
Golf DVD/book that helped you: golfers handbook
Best course you played: jasper park lodge
Things you enjoy most about golf: the challenge of beating my score from last round

Goal: make more putts
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Age: 49

Height: 5'8"

Where are you from: Maine Originally but live in No. VA now

How Long have you been Playing: 34 years

Best Score: 67

Favorite club in the bag: Driver

Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Harvey Pennick's Little Red Book and the Dave Pelz Short Game Bible

Where do you play: No. VA and MD but play wherever and whenever I can (26 states and counting)

Best courses you've played so far: Plantation Course at Kapalua (HI), Cave's Valley (MD) Baltimore Country Club (MD), Sugarloaf Golf Club (ME), Bedford Springs (PA)

Things you enjoy most about golf: Meeting new people. Being out in the fresh air. Walking the course.

Goals for 2K10: Be more consistent throughout the year and definitely make more putts.

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Age: 63

Height: 6'3"

Where are you from: Born, raised, worked and retired in Pittsburgh, PA

How Long have you been Playing: 50+ years

Best Score: 73 (one over par)

Favorite club in the bag:  I don't have a favorite, I love (or hate) all of them

Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Dave Pelz, "Short Game Bible"; Joseph Parent, "Zen Putting";  Ben Hogan, "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf"; Jack Nicklaus, "Golf My Way"; and, Bob Rotella, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect".

Where do you play: Many courses north of Pittsburgh, PA.  Home courses River Forest CC and Saxon GC

Best courses you've played so far: Oakmont Country Club and Fox Chapel Golf Club

Things you enjoy most about golf:  the environment, the people, the game.

Goal for 2014: Keep a single digit handicap

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Age: 29

Height: 5'9"

Hometown: Born in Long Island, NY.
Currently living in NYC.

How long have you been playing: always owned clubs but barely played once a year until this past summer.

Best score: 100....twice. grrrrrr but have gotten a 48 on 9 holes

Favorite Club:
50* Wedge or 4 hybrid
Books/DVD: I mostly read articles online or watch YouTube, but just ordered The Elements of Scoring.

Where do I play?: Mostly Pelham Bay/Split Rock and Van Cortland Park both in the Bronx.
Best Course: Hudson Hills up in Westchester.

Things I enjoy: The challenge.

Goals for 2014: Break 100.
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Age: 20


Height: 5,7"


Hometown: Newark Ohio, College in Big Rapids Michigan


How long have you been playing? : first touched a club at 3 started competing at 12


Best score: 66 at Moundbuilders Country Club


Favorite club: 7 iron (714 ap2 KBS C-taper) or 3 wood (913 F 13.5 accra dymatch 2.0 M4)


Books : Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, The Match, and The Links of Utopia.


Where do I play: Katke GC (FSU GC Michigan), Longaberger Golf Club, Moundbuilders CC, Trout Club, Eagle Sticks GC, and Crystal Springs (all central Ohio)


Best Course: 1st Cypress Point Club (Monterey Peninsula CA), 2nd Pebble Beach Golf Links (Monterey Peninsula CA), and 3rd tie Pasatiempo Golf Club (Santa Cruz CA) and Muirfield Village Golf Club (Dublin Ohio)


Things I enjoy: Competition, adrenaline, the challenge and the sites,sounds and serenity of being on a golf course.


Goals for 2014: beat lowest score (shoot 65 or lower) make it past first round of qualifying for US am, maybe (want to play not sure if i can ) first round for North South AM, shoot better than 75 in US open Qualifier, and qualify for the Ohio Am.

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Age: 15

Height: 6'1

How Long have you been Playing: 7 years

Best Score: 75

Favorite club in the bag: 60° lob wedge

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Age: 50

Height: 6'2"

Where are you from: Northern California (the rural inland portion, NOT the Bay Area)

How Long have you been Playing: 25 years

Best Score: 74

Favorite club in the bag: Currently the 9-iron, but it changes frequently

Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Hogan's "Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf"

Where do you play: Tuscan Ridge GC (home course), Bidwell Park GC, Table Mountain GC

Best courses you've played so far: Pebble Beach, Stanford

Things you enjoy most about golf:  Competition (both against the course and against other players)

Goal for 2014: An index of 9.9 or lower

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age 23


height 5foot8


weight 195 lbs (working on losing weight!)


country finland


current hcp 47 (out of a range between 0-54 hcp, so I'm highcapper)


average drive total distance 250 yards (I can improve this with better ballstriking, or so I feel at this beginner level.)


average clubhead speed 104mph


best score 105 (yea yea, I suck at golf,:cry:mostly the short game and three putting. And not getting on the green with approach shots)


favorite clubs:  24deg callaway hybrid excellent club, you need to buy these callaway clubs people!!!


goal for hcp: lower the hcp down from 47-->36 (out of a range between 0-54)


about finnish hcp system. It's funny when pro golfers have actually negative hcp in this country like tiger woods etc have MINUS hcp. The normal handicaps are 0-54. Pro golfers are better than zero so obviously they have negative (MINUS) handicap.


But in American logic, and American hcp, the pro golfers have PLUS hcp. This never made any sense. You cannot get plus hcp when you go to the negative side of zero. If pro golfers are PLUS handicaps, what are golfers with hcp in the ranges 1-36 for example. I think a number like 3, is definitely a plus number, a positive number;-)


Obviously logically and mathematically you must have negative on the negative side of zero and on the positive side of zero you have positive :-D 

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Age: 23

Height: 6' or 6'1", depending on which convenience store I'm leaving

Where are you from: Dallas, TX

How Long have you been Playing: 6 years, but i just came off of a 2 year break

Best Score: +9, 81; Tangle Ridge GC, 73.4/133

Favorite club in the bag: I love hitting a pure 3 iron.

Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: None

Where do you play: Wherever the golfnow hot deals take me

Best courses you've played so far: Twin Lakes, Canton, TX; The Links at Land's End, Yantis, TX.

Things you enjoy most about golf: Hitting pure shots on forged irons. Cannot get enough of that feeling!

Goals for 2014: Start breaking 80 on a regular basis and have no rounds in the 90's or above.
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Age 48


height  5'10"


Northern CA


playing 30+ years


Best scores 18-72 even 9-34 minus 2


Favorite club PW


Books Jack Nicklaus lesson tee


Where do I play? http://www.roddyranch.com/golf-course http://golfinbrentwood.com/ http://www.lonetreegolfcourse.com/homepage/start_page.php  http://www.thegolfclubatbrentwood.com/


hdcp 5.2  been as low as 4.3


Best courses played, Edgewood Tahoe Couer De Alene, Links at Spanish bay, Incline Village, Yocha Dehe, Bayonet/Blackhorse, Diablo CC,


Goals for 2014, I want to get below 3 index

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Age 58


height: Can ride most rides without an adult approval 


From: South East Texas ... currently shacking up in Phx, Az 


playing since 2002 - 12 years 


Best scores 88 


Favorite club Gap Wedge 


Books ... have read a few (too lazy to go look at titles) 


Where do I play? Mainly Phx Area, but get to travel some... even made it to Ireland 


hdcp 22.5


Best courses played, with out a doubt Ballybunion and Lahinch 


Goals for 2014, be in the low 90's upper 80's 

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