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Callaway Diablo Forged Irons

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Anyone own a set? Likes, dislikes? Any opinions welcomed...

I hit them the other day and they felt amazing. I'll be doing it again at a Callaway demo day.
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Re: Callaway Diablo Forged Irons

Bump... anyone playing these or know someone that does? Opinions?
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Re: Callaway Diablo Forged Irons

I just bought a set of these today. Hadn't really looked into them before I got to the store, I was dead set on the Mizuno MP-58s. But after swinging both 6 irons over and over I felt I would enjoy the Diablo irons more. Should get them soon, I'll post back.
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Got the Nippon Shafts with em, they are smooth.  These are easily the longest irons I have ever hit, and i have had a hard on for the MX23's forever.  Finally ditched the 804OS Titleists that I couldn't hit ever unless I was having my best ball striking day ever.  I would have never even looked at these if it were not for the salesmen while I was testing shafts.  If you like a blade but can't hit one, this is your answer.  These things are pure and you can move the ball however you wish,.... stops on a dime!

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Just took a demo set of standard specification Callaway Diablo Forged irons to the range that I rented from one of our local retailer (Uinta Golf) .  I found these irons to perform amazingly well off both synthetic mats and real grass.  As others have stated, they were clearly 10-15 yards longer than my current irons (4-5 year old Callaway FTs) while more accurate than my present irons.  The Diablo Forged irons had very boring trajectories while hitting into the wind.  Thin hits did not punish as much as other game improvement and player irons that I have demoed recently.  If you thought these irons were uguly before hitting them, you will find them much more attractive after a session at the range with them.  Pricey yes, but worth it to me.  Will be ordering a fitted set next week. 

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We had a Callaway demo day at my club last week.  


I hit the Diablo Forged and was absolutely blown away.   I hit the Project X 5.5, the Dynamic Gold and the KBS.  For me the Project X was the best shaft.   I couldn't believe how long and straight I hit the irons.  They will be the next thing I purchase for sure. 

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Freddy J won with them this weekend.

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I own these irons and love them! I have the nippon shafts which cause a tad bit of ballooning although if I slow my tempo down a bit I still get the distance without that effect. They feel sweet and I love them, I am on to the mizuno mp 59 possibly as another forged set to try!

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