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Originally Posted by bman1313 View Post

I got called a traitor by a lefty on the golf course last Friday because I was writing left handed and golfing right handed. I told the guy that a right handed golf swing is really left handed.



I was born left handed, and forced to use right in the name of "tradition". When I broke my right wrist, I had no choice. :whistle:



My kids are both left handed, but learned everything right handed. I tried to encourage them to use their natural hands, but they decide on their own to use their right hands.





Originally Posted by LeftyGomez View Post

I'm a natural lefty and have been playing golf lefty for 50 years. There are many more lefty golfers now than when I started, and there is a lot of lefty equipment out there now compared to back then as well. Plenty of clubs on-line, that's where I get mine. 


Me and my son still golf lefty, though.



Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I can relate to some frustrations because I've lived it.......but this is much less applicable in todays age.   As someone who has played 20+ years, I clearly remember the days when manufactures simply didn't make some models for lefties as recent as the 1990s. They were usually the good clubs I wanted to buy!!   We had to settle for something else...........


Today, it's much less of an issue.  Now days...we can get anything in left hand.  I do admit that some stores still neglect the lefty in some respects with their selection.  I suppose I am lucky to live in a city where there are many retail choices to buy clubs.   IE....I generally avoid places like Dicks because their lefty selection always underwhelms.   Of course they say...."Hey, we can order it" but this is the incorrect answer.  I know of at least a couple places that carry a nice selection of lefty gear and this is where I go to buy my clubs...  if I can do club testing in front of pro-style launch monitors and they stock the clubs I want....I don't even care if I'm getting the lowest price.   It's all about service and selection.......imo


I saw that you are a lefty almost 2 years ago, and immediately went out to look for Mizuno MX-25 and found some JPX-825 Pro (forged) so it can be made flatter. Mizuno does not make them for lefties. So, I ended up getting lots of lefty clubs, some new and some used.


Still a little challenging to get lefty stuff if you don't fit a standard size.







Wow, are we all the lefties in this forum?

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I started hitting the ball right handed. both of my left handed grandparents had been stuck with a rulers at school so they both write with there right, golf with the left :)


My grandpa would have none of it and he bought me lefty kids clubs. I grew out of those and end up buying a set of wilson Patty berg set at a garage sale for like $5 heavy worn out and made with a righties name on them.


My mom bought my next set in High school. I got a Fuzzy Zoeller set of lefty clubs, once again a righty stamped their name on a club they could not play :)


I was playing with another lefty the other day and we both complained up and down about how our lefty money was not as good as righties. He wanted Mizuno woods and the rep said to his face never gonna happen. I was complaining about an Odessey putter that I loved at Golf Galaxy that callaway only makes right handed. I was like the face of Odessey putters is Phil Michelson the lefty, they should never make a righty only putter !

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