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Re: Golf Tech Golf Instruction

I took a 10 minute lesson with them and they helped me with my posture, which was terrible. I am probably going to be taking another lesson with them in the near future.
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Re: Golf Tech Golf Instruction

I'm a Golftec member and have taken about half of my thirty alloted lessons.

As for the instructors, there are usually four or more from which to choose. I'd recommend that you try each and every one, and then settle on the one with which you feel the most comfortable.

As for the instruction, they prefer teaching the student from the ground up, starting with the address position, then back swing, then top position, and so on all the way to the pose position. The lessons are short as they only review a couple of details at a time. They then have you work on obtaining the newly taught positions using certain drills that you can work on in their indoor practice facilities, if you wish. From my experience, they love discussing positions and don't talk much about feel, unless asked. Matter of fact, during the lesson they have you wear a harness with electronic sensors. The digital feedback from this harness, which is displayed on a monitor in front of the student as well as the instructor's PC, allows them to compare results to a pro average chart that is displayed on the wall.

What follows the lesson is helpful. They create a post lesson summary with which you have access to using a web browser. Included are before and after swing videos, video drills, instructor summary, and voice over with some additional video from the lesson.

As mentioned above, the student can practice within the Golftec facilities as much as they want as long as they have member practice privileges. Practice and lessons are separate memberships, by the way. The practice booths are high tech with multiple high speed video cameras hooked up to a PC and a separate monitor that is placed in front of the golfer. There are five large green buttons below this monitor that allows the golfer to manipulate the video playback, including a button that displays a calculated carry distance from the last swing as well as the club face position at impact. The student can use their club handle to press a button that slowly steps through their swing in slow motion, for example. The student can also go over to the PC and draw lines, circles, and such that become overlays to the live video on the larger monitor.

All in all, I would say that the Golftec experience is all right. It's nice for me to view video during practice to ensure that I'm achieving certain positions. I can easily determine if my hands are forward of the ball at impact or that my upper torso is catching up to my hips, for example. But I'd say that where Golftec lacks is the value and quality of each particular lesson. At Golftec, they're rushing a lot of members through, and I feel a little rushed at times. So, I have to couple my lessons with a lot of additional research to understand swing feels or to clear up any misunderstandings.

Once my membership is over, I'll most likely try a good teaching professional with a more personal approach.


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Re: Golf Tech Golf Instruction

Originally Posted by wheredidthatgo? View Post
Has anyone taken lessons from this company? I am looking for good advise on lessons and this seemed like a good start but very expensive.
EatMyBologna (aka Mark) provides a good summary of what I've heard from others. Like with PGA instructors the quality of instruction can vary from one instructor to the next, so you could get a decent instructor knowledgeable in the game, or you could completely waste your money. In general people I've talked to didn't feel GolfTec was worth the money. If you're interested in video lessons there are currently a couple of free options.

Option 1:
The Jim Mclean Golf Academy has partnered with Golf Digest to provide free video swing analysis.

Option 2:
The website Swing Academy has some pro instructors and other knowledgeable members who provide free video analysis.
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Re: Golf Tech Golf Instruction

Thank you for the reply... I dont think i will get the lessons because I have heard the same things you guys are saying. It good to have but not worht the money. I will be checking out those sites you gave and look into some personal lesson at the course.
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Has anyone ever used a GolfTEC simulator. I have an appointment for tomorrow night to go meet at the local Golfsmith and has my swing looked at. I guess its hard to fix what you can't see, so I'm eager and going into this with an open mind.
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Re: GolfTec

I'm a GolfTec member and have used the video playback devices they have in their practice facilities.

The student golfer can practice their swings, privately or with the instructor. The PC automatically captures the full swing through two high speed cameras. I think the PC continuously records and when it hears an impact sound through a mic, it figures out and saves only the video portion from address to the follow through.

In front of the student and on the floor is a good sized monitor with five large buttons that, when pushed with a golf club, will play back the last swing in different modes such as normal speed play, step through, step back, etc. The video will show both the front face and down the line views.

The student can also go to the PC and overlay geometry onto the screen. That way they can confirm certain positions at any point in the swing. Drawing a yellow circle around the head at address and viewing how far back or forward it moves during the swing, is a good example.

The instructor can draw geometry on captured video, save it, and save it onto the Golftec servers. The student can later log onto their account and review the last three lessons, including specific video drills the instructor deemed important.

The approach is very nice, but expensive. As far as I know, they want potential students to commit to long term packages.

I signed up for a 30 lesson package that expire within two years as well as unlimited practice in their booths. The cost was $1500.
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Re: GolfTec

Hell I'd sooner spend that money on green fees, but thats just me.
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Re: GolfTec

Originally Posted by Uthinkso View Post
Hell I'd sooner spend that money on green fees, but thats just me.
Me too. But I'd like to improve my game and enjoy it even more.
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Re: GolfTec

Originally Posted by MPS67 View Post
Me too. But I'd like to improve my game and enjoy it even more.
Touche'......I can't argue with that.
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Golftec Club Fitting Session, opinion?

Thinking of getting my custom club fitting through Golftec through Golfsmith. So I was wondering if anyone has gone through them and what their experience was. It's either there or through my local course.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Golftec Club Fitting Session, opinion?

I spent some time on my swing with GolfTec. They are overall a great place, and they'll certainly give you the best advice...thats no doubt.

However, after you get fit, are they going to credit the cost towards new clubs at the Golfsmith store?
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Re: GolfTec

I'm surprised this thread hasn't had more response. I have often wondered if Golftec is worth the money. It is expensive, but seems to give invaluable, instant feedback.
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Re: GolfTec

Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
I'm surprised this thread hasn't had more response. I have often wondered if Golftec is worth the money. It is expensive, but seems to give invaluable, instant feedback.

I have visited and explorered and inquired costs and what not. However, I rather spend that money on an instructor.. A very good one.
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Re: GolfTec

I've never had one of their lessons before but have looked into it. What they offer is not really unique though. The place I take lessons at has all the same equipment plus you actually hit out into a range so you can see your ball flight. My suggestion would be to look around your area for what is all available. BTW, I'm a huge believer in places that record your swing.
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Re: GolfTec

Our GolfTec here in town is brand new and they're having an open house tonight that will give us a free video analysis and then they'll show what services they have. It's free for the analysis tonight and I've been wondering what it's like- I think I'll stop in. Sure is spendy from what I've seen though.
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GolfTec swing analysis

Just signed up. Anyone ever had one? What can i expect to get out of it? This is my first step into taking golf serious and really trying to improve. Lessons soon to follow!
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Re: GolfTec swing analysis

I'm a member and my experience has been great. I have learned not only a great deal about my swing, but also about how the swing works. My coach has really got me hitting the ball a lot better than I did when I first started with them. I have my orginal swing on video and now I laugh and cringe when I see the changes that have been made.

It hasn't been easy and I did regress from my normal scores when I started, but I can honestly say it has improved my game by 10 strokes easily. Before I went I was consistently shooting in 95-100. Now I have been firing at 85, and even shot an 84 last year (my personal best).
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Re: GolfTec swing analysis

I tookthe 30 min swing analysis tonight and you know....the camera does add 15 - 20 lbs. But really, I thought I had a pretty good swing until the vidieo showed all the flaws. Everything on the way back was good, but bad from there down. My instructor showed me a few things to work on and then I swung my club the right way slowly to get the right feel and I tell you , the swing felt very smooth, easy and I was hitting the ball very, very straight. I will be signing up for more and some leson's in the very near future. It was by far the best $25 I have ever spent.
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