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Re: Is it Worth it to Buy a Ball Retriever?

A Quick Question Here for those of you who have the Callaway Ball Retriever:

How exactly does it work? I know there's an up-and-down lever, but I don't kow exactly how it works.
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Re: Is it Worth it to Buy a Ball Retriever?

To be honest, 99% of retrievers are all the same, but there actually is one that works VERY well. And it's cheap. It's called the mud weasel (used to be called the Gopher) and the design is just stellar: It actually works, and is easy enough that it's not a total pain

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Re: Is it Worth it to Buy a Ball Retriever?

No, I find it easier to just take my clothes off and go get the ball. I can reach out farther that way.
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reviving a thread since i was followed by someone using one of these.

for the record.. ball retrievers are for dorks.
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but, what about the 15' callaway.gif ball retriever?



in all seriousness, if it's too far to reach in with your wedge and grab it, just let it go.

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Since I happened to miss this thread the first time around I will answer it now.




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I don't have one but when we walk I will find a couple here and there, keep my eyes open and my mind active on other things then a bad shot or two.

If you play a course you are not backing everyone up who cares.

My father in law has one and goes fishing, looking behind fences or in the bushes  all the time, slows everyone down drives me f-ing nuts watching him drive around fishing out balls. Then after every one is backed up he like hey I just got 10 new balls. Great you got 10 balls and we now have 10 people who want to kill us!


My son came to me the other day when I was talking to my wife and said we should get one.......All I could say was are you kidding, bad enough your grandfather has one and slows everyone down now you want one too. I refuse to play with them both if he happened to get one also!

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I have a ball retriever and use it sparingly, usually for the couple that I golf with.   I'm agreeing with the golfers that believe that it is just another tool like an umbrella, glove or spike wrench. 




The question I ask, is it considered a club, in the fact like a training club and part of the 14 clubs I can carry in my bag?  Can I carry a Medicus and my Orange Whip, are they any different than a ball retriever?

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I picked one up for $10 and use it to fetch my ball or my playing partner's ball from the water. Recently, I used it to retrieve a ball that went underneath a dried up bush/ cactus plant that would inflict a nasty wound. I've seen the Callaway retriever that comes in its own case but personally, I don't think it's worth the money.

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definitely worth it i chip a lot and having to bend over and pick up 12 scattered balls is a hassle 15 is worth the possible back problems

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I've carried the same one for 25 years.  Sorry to those who are too good for one, but it saves me money.  I paid $5 for in the mid 80's and it's paid for itself many times over just recovering the balls I've hit into the drink.  Maybe yo all play courses with muddy water, but on my home course the water is fairly clear most of the time, so when I roll one in 6 or 7 feet from the shore, I pluck it out and continue to play with it.  With the cost of premium balls, I'm not about to just throw it away when it takes 10 seconds to salvage it.  I reiterate my position from any previous comment I may have made - that I don't fish for balls aside from my own or those of the guys I'm playing with.

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I bought a 25 foot one for $12 at wal mart and love them.. My home course has a lot of water and I usually fish balls out when it's slow. I'm very mindful of people behind me when I fish.. I've definitely got my money's worth plus more.. I use balls that I find on the course as my game balls.. I figured the $20 to buy brand new balls I can put towards green fees..
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