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Thought I'd update this thread again. Been doing evolvr again for about 4 months and really starting to get some results back. Still a little rough around the edges but heading in the right direction. Got some 36 hole tournaments (36 holes in 1 day) coming up so looking for some solid results in tournament play. I've played in a few before and my swing just falls apart on game day. So really looking forward to applying my improved swing and also the tricks given in "Lowest Score Wins".


Currently focussing on steady head and swinging with my shoulders. Also the feeling of holding my lag and swinging down on the ball with irons.


Struggling a bit with my short game at the moment. Probably have neglected it a bit in the last 3 months so will shift focus to that a little bit now.


If anyone is considering evolvr it is a great option. Not only is it cheap compared to in person lessons, you get to choose when you do the lessons. It isn't a silver bullet and I have had my fair share of frustration but keep at it and you will see results. Anyone looking at trying it I'd say a minimum of 3 months is required before you start seeing results.