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Re: Your Username

Although many of you might think my username is a homage to the great Sam Snead, Slammin' Sam was actually my nickname in high school. Considering the state of my game as of late it probably should be Suckin' Sam.
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Re: Your Username

My last name is Gaul, and my buddies would always call me Gaulie, and one day one of them just called me Gaulywood, so it stuck.
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Re: Your Username

bwdial = Bradley Wayne Dial

Creative... I know.
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Re: Your Username

Valerie: it's my name.

I wasn't feeling particularly original when I signed up for the forums (and I'm always happy to find that my name hasn't been claimed yet.)
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Re: Your Username

Pave = to the mighty Pave Low that I used to fly on before they were retired. (Blackout from Transformers if you have seen it)
Spawn = the callsign they gave me that I don't use except for this.
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Re: Your Username

playing Double Bogey golf isn't that bad... ...right?
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Re: Your Username

A teammate called me Pup in high school, and it has been with me ever since. I have good friends that have no idea what my real name is.
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My initials. 999 just because. Was supposed to be 06 or 061, but messed up.
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Couple of my friends and I created a isukgolf association a couple of years ago, for those of us that suk ... So I use the name because ... I suk at golf a1_smile.gif

The concept is meant to poke fun at ourselves and embrace we do suk at golf, but have fun on the course! And as the logo indicates we have nailed a few houses over the years.
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Mine is a term I came up with to describe surf waves that are great for boogie boarding and body surfing.

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I regret not going with my other options: Straight Outta Erik Compton, Stuart Applebottom Jeans, Stew Kitchen Cink, "The Bae" Sang Moon, or Sueng Yul Oh No.
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Mine is my first initial, then first three letters of my last name.



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I created mine because I was new to the game and the site plus I wasn't sure how long I'd be around.  In hindsight I should have picked a better name, but even after 4 years I feel like I'm still learning more than I know, so maybe it still applies.

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I combined my favourite band, the foo fighters with something golf related, a fade.also I thought it sounded cool
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A combination of Hall, my surname, and Ryu. Ryu meaning school in Japanese. I created the username years ago when I was heavily into martial arts.

I use the same username everywhere on the interweb!a1_smile.gif
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Low Rider was the model of Harley I rode 20 years ago.  Jim is I. 

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Mine is cuz I use to be in construction, had my own biz.I was gonna do Hammer 4U, but I though that sounded stoopid..:-D


99% of the sites I'm on, I have that user name dating back to 2001.

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8 is an auspicious number in Chinese culture. Double the luck. Plus there are 88 keys in a standard piano. And OMD's 88 Seconds in Greensboro.
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