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I have 3. My first was funny because I was having a horrible day and it happened on 13, a 9 iron from 135 and it hit even with the pin and kicked dead left off the side of a hill and went right in. Immediately thought, oh great i make a hole in one and I won't break 90! Ha ha Loosened up as I walked to the green

Second one was. 8-iron from 145 and out of a threesome two of us were dead on the pin. We couldn't tell because it was uphill. We walked up and I was in the hole and the other guy was 2 inches away. Very nice

Third one was something I wish I could have done with more skill, but it was a two tiered green and i hit into the hill separating the tiers and it rolled back down into the hole.

I feel I've been very lucky because much better golfers have never had one.
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I have never had one, but I have been within a foot twice. I have had many eagle opportunities that were not realistic and a handful that were, but missed the putt. Only have 1 eagle to my name so far.

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I've got one "hole in ones" in my life time and I've been playing for 40 years. My son has 5 and I've seen him make two of them. It's like magic! My irons usually hit and go right due to the spin I put on them with the high cut shot. The day I hit the ace, the ball landed on the green and jumped left and right into the hole. It was a 157 yd 7 iron that did the job. The golf gods let me do it. How many do you have?


Two.  The first one was as pretty an 8 iron as you ever want to see, and it happened on the 71st hole of the 72 hole Club Championship in August of 1989.  


The second was a badly thinned shot, that was still traveling about 30 mph when it hit the pin and dropped.  That was a casual round in May of 1990, with witnesses. 

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Null, Nada, None.  But I have had three eagles on Par 4 holes of reasonable length, e.g. not in driver range (at least not by me).  :tumble:

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Big, fat ZERO!  I think my wife, a player of 5 seasons now, has hit a couple closer than all my shots have come over the years.  You'd think a 53 year old might have found the jar ONCE thus far, but alas, 'nary a ONE on the card, ever.



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My colleague did it, then quit golf.


My kid's team mate did it, and even walked over to us on another hole, before being yelled at by his playing partners to keep up pace of play.

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Originally Posted by dave s View Post

Big, fat ZERO!  I think my wife, a player of 5 seasons now, has hit a couple closer than all my shots have come over the years.  You'd think a 53 year old might have found the jar ONCE thus far, but alas, 'nary a ONE on the card, ever.



Same here. I had one stop short of the hole with the edge of the ball hanging over the hole but it didn't fall in and another on a par 4 that was a couple of inches away.


Even though of course there is some luck involved I blame my inaccurate ball striking with irons much more that bad luck. Just don't give myself enough chances considering how many rounds of golf I've played in the last 10 years. (Should have had a bunch of them).


On a par 3 last week all 5 guys in our group hit the green. One of the guys said "I don't think I've ever seen 5 guys in a row hit this green".


I told him I haven't either and mostly because it's me that misses the green knocking myself out of the chance to see it. :-D

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Only had two in 44 years of playing the game. It took me 22 years to get the first one (3-wood from 215 yards), after which I expected to be making them on a regular basis.  Took another 13 years to make the second one (7-iron from 148 yards).

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I've only had 1 ace....... 164yd 8-iron.  The green was slightly uphill and the pin was tucked in a low area so we couldn't see it drop from tee..


I have 12 par four deuces....... I've been playing for 20+ years, but made all of them in a crazy stretch between 2005-2012.   My longest was from 228yds after a bad drive on a 451yd hole... I hit a tree and my ball dropped straight down......I proceeded to hole out with a 3-iron from the rough under a tree...HEHE...gotta' love it!  Two were from 150yds in the rough and the rest were from 100yds and in.  I've holed a couple from 100yds, a few from 80-90ys.......a few from 60-70yds.........only 1 was a simple pitch.   I've reached a few par4s in 1....but never made the putt...LOL

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I've had 2.  Most recently, September of 2013 and the first was over 20 years ago.  Several weeks ago I Iipped out one.  The ball was approaching from the left, caught the hole, and ended up behind the hole.

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I have had two I could count, and one while I was playing alone. The two official ones came on 12/1/12,and 1/12/13 on the 11th hole at my home course. The unoffical one was on the 11th hole of another course.
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Two. One in 1976 at Brandywine Bay near Morehead City, NC and one last year at Lake Nona.
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I have one... on May 5th from only 63 yards (forward tees) :-D


The funny news is I'm getting my name engraved on the hole-in-one plaque in the clubhouse of the course I did it on. Pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the engraving is going to include the yardage :doh:, but I'll take it. I checked all the other past hole-in-ones and mine will officially be the shortest in the course's history. 



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None, but came close a couple times...:-$

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Originally Posted by Hammer 4 View Post

None, but came close a couple times...:-$


At least Youtube works for you :-P

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Before each Par 3 I tell myself that the ball has to land somewhere so why not in the hole? After 40 years of playing "0". Plenty of exciting times but alas membership to this exclusive club has eluded me.
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Unfortunately, I have never had an ace nor an eagle for that matter.  I have never even witnessed one either.  I was once playing in a league and a player got one.  He pulled the ball due left , hit off a tree, rolled on the green and in.  After the round, during dinner pro came in and congratulated him and announced to everyone that he hit the ball 10 feet beyond the hoe and sucked it back in and winked to everyone!!!

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No aces, but came within about 8" once several years ago with a 9-iron on a 130-yard hole. Made my first (and only) eagle last year by holing out with a wedge from the fairway on a par 4.

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