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I have used Sky Droid GPS app for just distance to pin.  But keep in mind that if you keep an official handicap, you cannot use a smart phone GPS because you also have access to weather data.

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I used Swing by Swing for a while.  It is free for yardage and overhead views and such but you can also pay and get more stat tracking features. I definitely enjoyed using it.  But then my GF got me a laser range finder and I found it to be faster and less cumbersome to use, so I just use that now.  But SBS is a fine product.

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I've got an app on the iphone called 'swing plane'. Its a fairly simple system where you can slow down your video frame by frame and draw lines etc. I use it with a gadget I bought that the iphone fits in and then attaches to an alignment rod or similar that you stick in the ground to video your swing. When i'm not hitting it great, i generally use this to see if i can see where the problem might lie. Its obviously only good if you know what everything should look like during your swing. Luckily, I've had enough issues with my swing that I pretty much know how it should be!
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Thanks for the response thus far. Just to fill you in, I downloaded "The Grint"  it's also a website that tracks your HNCP and your play.  I am going out to the course today to see how well it works.  I think it's a legal app as the site has some strict rules regarding playing and keeping accurate score along with playing with other members in your area to validate your score.  I downloaded another app to see how it compares with the other.  I have a feeling I might like this Grint app, but I'll advise later.  

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I second GolfShot, its a great tool to have.

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Striker Golf GPS app vs Golfshot GPS app

I'm in the market for a smartphone GPS app.  Anyone have any experience with the Striker app?  I've heard some great things about it on my facebook and the ratings were good.

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I just posted a similar thread.  I am in the market for a gps app too.  I am trying to decide between the Striker Golf GPS and Golfshot.  I have a read a lot of good reviews on Striker on FB and in the store.  But obviously, golfshot has been around for a while.  Has anyone tried the Striker App yet?

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I use Golflogix and I enjoy it. It gives me yardage and I can also track my stats. The have a a second level that you have to pay for but I like the free version just fine.
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and use skydroid. I used the free version for awhile and it went on sale for .99 cents in the google play store and picked it up. Love it. Played 18 holes yesterday with it and still had 64 percent battery life.

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So bringing up an old thread again. Just downloaded swingbyswing app on my Samsung Galaxy S4, lets u note which club you used and analyse the distances you got and rought locations when you get home. Will try it tuesday and post results.

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Hey Guys!


So I feel I contribute to this post because I am going to be launching a GPS golf watch that functions off a GPS app on your phone. I went to a few local golf courses and compiled some data on several of the most popular GPS apps. I analyzed the accuracy of the app by picking a green that had a central flag and comparing the yardages from the app to my Bushnell yardages.


Golf Logix:

Accuracy 1-2 yards (very good)

Update time: Updated almost instantly while walking

Update time from unlock: 2-3 second delay to update yardages

Note: Slow interface due to the graphics but the yardage quality is very good. If you want more than just front, middle, back this app has some good features.


nRange Golf:

Accuracy: 1-2 yards (very good)

Update time: Almost instant while walking

Update time from unlock: Instant (very good)

Note: Very fast interface, switching between holes is very quick, great for just getting front, middle, back yardages



Accuracy: 1-2 yards (very good)

Update time: Almost instant while walking

Update time from unlock: 1 second delay

Note: Very fast interface switching between holes. It did crash on me though.



Accuracy: 5-10 yards (not great) not sure why but the signal on the app from the same spot was not nearly as good with this app.

Update time: Instant (very good)

Update time from unlock: Instant (very good).

Note: An interesting feature with SkyDroid is you can hit the pause button on location services when you are not using it in order to save on battery life


Golf Pad:

Accuracy: 1-2 yards (very good)

Update time: 1-2 second delay

Update time from unlock: 1 second delay

Note: Scorecard feature is nice and the interface is quick


Mobile yardage GPS:

Accuracy: 3-5 yards

Update time: 1-2 seconds

Update time from unlock: Instant



Accuracy: 1-2 yards (very good)

Update time: Instant

Update time from unlock: Instant (NICE)

Note: Love the simple easy to use interface of this app. If you are just looking for your front, middle, back yardages the free version is the one for you! The pro version show hazards and such.



Overall I am very impressed with how close the majority of these apps came to matching my Bushnell yardages which was the main thing I wanted to test for. Hope this helps a little :)

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I am also looking for a good app for my IPhone 5S and am seriously looking at FunGolf. You can try it for free for a trial and pay $19.99 one time if you like it. No additional costs after that. It has a 3D screen shot which is unique and loaded with a bunch of extra features. I have contacted them with some questions and they seem pretty friendly and responsive. You can take a look at it on there website www.fungolf.com.

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So played a round with swing by swing app. Found it fantastic, Only problem i had was that i didnt charge my phone before going out on the course so battery ran out on the 16th. Came home and logged in on the site. Can see where my shots went and also gave me an accurate average with each club used. Gives you targets on how you can improve ie need certain amount of GIR and FIR to meet a target score you set and it will also work out your handicap with the rounds you have uploaded. Would recommend for sure.

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Golf Sense -- have the old model sitting on a desk waiting to open.


What can I say ... they had a flash sale on Amazon at more than half off before Christmas..


While the original is small, the new model is so small you won't notice it on your glove...


Tells you about your swing by synching with your phone.. must review when we have more than a day of good weather.. one day it's 67 and calm, the next day the high is 38 and windy.


Hadn't swung at a ball in 6 weeks ... sometimes layoffs are good. Swung a LW and PW yesterday ... that's all. Out.

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I have now used FunGolf for about six months and love it. The yardage is spot on and I have compared it to my playing partners GPS units and have found no discrepancy to other, more expensive units and apps. It keeps my score and statistics if I want plus other great features. It's free but I upgraded for $19.99 and do not regret it. 

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