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Those calorie burn calculators are inaccurate at best. Forget golf, input shopping and see what you come up with. Probably something like 300 cal an hour. Compare it to riding a spin bike for the same time, probably around 600 per hour. Try it and see which one gets your heart pumping.

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Men have died on local course. The hills are so steep, pulling the trolley, no sit down carts permitted, the weather humid and tropical with a blazing sun, no wonder the bosses installed the cardiac defibrillator on the 14th tee box, just on  the highest peak.  When your round is finished,  esp during the summer, the clothes off your body are totally soaked with sweat, surely an extra 4 pounds of weight to carry.  Calories spent...a six pack of Carlsberg for sure.

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Sorry. Double post.

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Depends on the course, how heavy your bag is, how long you are out there (you probably burn 50 calories per hour doing nothing), and whether you are zigzagging around helping playing partners find their golf ball. ;-)


On some courses the walk between tee boxes can be as long or longer than the holes and walking up the side of a ridge is different from a flat stroll.


Just being on your feet for an extra 4 hours or so is better than sitting on the couch. When I don't play I always walk 6 to 8 miles every day and a light work out with weights every other day and my weight stays from 189 lbs to 191 lbs. I played 63 holes over the weekend in a cart (cart path only) and lost 2 lbs. If my calorie intake was normal (and I think it was above nomal) I burn more calories playing 2 rounds of golf in a cart (cart path only) than walking 6 to 8 miles at home.

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