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Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity? - Page 3

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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

im sure i have gone 41/58 lately
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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

ive had a 47-49 on the front (somethin in there) and a 36 on the back.
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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

I don't play alot maybe a couple of times amonth and usually go round in 90...sometime a little under, sometimes a little over.

Hit a 38 on the front nine (Par 72 - 36, 36). Was -1 after 6. From the 7th I was like...just got to hold on!

Not the best attitude. 52 on the back.
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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

13 over front 9 and 1 under back 9.
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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

The delta was 13 strokes
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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

Originally Posted by AceDunk View Post
36/52, years ago. It started on the 10th hole after I got a lost ball and had to run back to the tee to hit again (it was a tournament). That got me all flustered and I played like a big baby for the rest of the round.

I'm going to guess the "shoot good front nine then collapse epically on the back" routine is a bit more common then the other way around.
I don't know. A few months ago I shot 51 + 37 for 88. A buddy and I were playing $10 (per stroke!). Got my ass kicked on the front nine, so I concentrated on the back nine to win $50 overall.

About a year ago, I shot 53 + 37 for 90! Crap, I gotta stop shooting in the 50's on the front nine...
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Re: Biggest front 9 / back 9 disparity?

Off the top of my head, Ive done 39-49 and 51-42. Come to think of it, that might have been back-to-back days. Talk about a fun weekend!
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Rather than start a new thread I'll bump this one up since I think it's a good topic. Anyways this issue has bitten me twice now in the past 4 months and I think . . . well rather know now that it's a hurdle I'm going to have to get over eventually if I want to reach that next level. Four months ago I shot 35 front followed by 45 back, I was doing fine all the way through the 15th hole and then had a blowup quad on the 16th that is also the toughest hole on the course followed by a bogey and a double. Yesterday 34 front and 44 back the one thing about this is I feel some bad luck and a poor decision on 15 cost me by doing something I rarely try and it hurt me in the end. The sand traps barely have any sand right now and the recent rains have compacted it even worse so when I attempted my blast out I caught it thin and just so happens nobody saw where it went and I was 10 feet below the green, finally declared lost and hit second ball when playing partner found ball sitting in open 20 feet from where we were looking, wound up with triple on that hole. The back nine at home is probably 2-3 strokes tougher and they just changed the handicap numbers to fix some issues, rather the front using the odd numbers it's the back that uses them now and everyone likes that much better. I have no doubt that I can put two nines together there and if I would have just shot the simple 40 I did the previous time I would have come in at 74, I think the fact that I shot under par on the front gets me a little freaked out and my biggest golfing goal is to break 70 even more important than a hole in one which comes in a close 2nd.

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In 2013 it was a 36 - 44.  I could do no wrong on the first nine to shoot even and could do not right on the second for a +8.  I know I have had greater swings from front to back but this round is the most recent collapse.


It seems to me that I have more great fronts and poor backs than vice versa.  It is far easier to lose one's game mid-round than to recover one's game.

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I have shot some 9-10 stroke difference in nines over the years but not too many recently.  I didn't see where anyone mentioned this but there are courses where the difficulty of the front/back nine is noticeable and significant.  I can think of a couple around here that are designed that way it would seem.   On those particular course the difference is not due to different play but rather to different difficulty of the nine holes.  Maybe not 9-10 strokes different  but on a normal day as much as five for bogie golfers.

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55 front, 40 on back.

Not the same round or course, but I once took a 14 on a par 5 and the next time I played it a month later, I birdied it. Definitely my biggest swing on one hole.
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52 / 37. I had a hot dog at the turn. Should have had a Jameson on the rocks.
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46 on the front with 1 birdie. 38 on the back with 2 birdies and an eagle opportunity that turned into par. 84 on the day, which is decent for my first round of the year. Looking to get the handicap into the single digits this year as I just moved next to a course with a decent practice facility. Short game is king!

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28/38 66 (-5)

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Last week....44 Front with a 57 on back.

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I'm sure it's something like 36/46, but I honestly can't remember.


The one that does stick in my mind is a 42/33.  Thank God it wasn't reversed, or I'd have cut my throat with a wedge.  As it is, it serves as a good reminder to keep playing hard no matter how poorly I've played to that point....

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40/52 Bethpage Black and 38/44 to miss the cut by 1 at my first state amateur tournement last year. That one still gives me nightmares.     

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