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I love my 3 hybrid and personally enjoy my 4 iron hybrid. The main reason that I am prevented from buying a 5 hybrid is that I have a strong tendency with my hybrids to hook it more than with other clubs. I think Ping may have gotten a little sneaky with their G10 series and designed them similar to their "draw" drivers of the time to help out most people looking into hybrids. Regardless I hit the 3 and 4 hybrids more consistently than their respective irons, so they stay in my bag.


I would recommend you take in your 5 iron (and 5 iron only) to a golf shop that carries the hybrids you're looking at. Get yourself a properly fitted 5 hybrid to test and hit 25-50 shots with each club. Count the number of serious mishits with each club and check the overall dispersion and ballflight with each. Use the numbers to help your decision, but ultimately it will come down to which club will allow you to feel most comfortable when you have a pressure shot to hit.