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Tommy Armour

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Are these now the Sports Authority house brand or something? I stopped in at a Sports Authority just to look around, and this is the only place I have seen new Armour equipment. They had clubs, bags and balls all with the Armour brand. I actually might pick up one of the stand bags and maybe a fairway wood. Seemed to be decent stuff.

Anyone have any experience with newer Armour products?
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Re: Tommy Armour

I have heard that Tommy Armour equipment is now exclusively available through the Sports Authority. I'm not sure if its the same equipment made by the Tommy Armour Golf company before, or if the name was sold to the Sports Authority and is now a cheaper quality club.

The only experience I have had with Tommy Armour products was great. The best club I've ever owned was a Tommy Armour "845 Sickle" - it was a 24* hybrid/fairway wood. It was the straightest most accurate club i have ever owned. When struggling off the tee with my driver, i would always resort to it. I could hit it consistently 220 - 230 yards dead straight every time.

It worked great out of the rough and even in fairway bunkers.

Man do i ever miss that thing. . .
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I believe you are correct, that they are sold exclusively at Sports Authority. On the TA website, Sports Authority (TSA) claims to own or have licensed all rights. No sure about the quality. Line seems very basic and limited. They were apart of the Tommy Armour, RAM & TearDrop fallout 7-8 years ago.


Played 845's SS for many years. Probably the best irons I ever owned.

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My brother has a Tommy Armour box set (the Diamond Scot). Playing around with them at the range, I'd say that the irons are fine. The woods are fairly lousy, and the hybrids feel like I'm hitting rocks (bad thing). Putter is meh. For the $225 or so he spent on his set, it's a fine set to break into golf with.


I bought a Tommy Armour gap and lob wedge over Black Friday two years ago, though, and I love them a great deal. Grips wore down fast, but otherwise they're the clubs I use the most for practice and the finishes have lasted well as have the grooves. I happened to use the rewards points from Sports Authority from my brother's purchase (he didn't have an account, so I gave mine at checkout), plus the $10 they gave for coming at midnight, and the sale was 2 wedges for $50, so I paid $6 total for two wedges I've been very happy with. 

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