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Mizuno TP and MP Timeline

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A few years ago I sold a bunch of old blades from my garage, Wilson Staff Fluid Feel, Mizuno TP-9 and TP-11. At the time I sold those I did some research at internet and bumped in to a nice website showing the timeline of Mizuno TP clubs and some of the start of MP clubs.

I used to play TP-9 for quite some years, which was a difficult muscleback with some extra weight in the sole, helping for a higher trajectory and switched to TP-11 also played by Sandy Lile at the time he won the Open, with a Sandy at the 18th.

Now I am a Mizuno man once again, I was looking for this info again, but nowhere to be found.

I know Mizuno USA has a history, but not very accurate .... TP-9 (1999-2000????), while I think TP-9 was more like in the mid 80's.

Any Idea's !
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Re: Mizuno TP and MP Timeline

I google Mizuno mp33 irons and found this site called Sand Trap:
If you google mp-9 you will find some results also.

RuariMarch 15th, 2008, 02:37 pm
Ok. After some extensive research here I what I have

MP-57 2007-2008
MP-67 2006-2008
MP-100 2006
MP-60 2005-2008
MP-37 2004-2008
MP-32 2004-2008
MP-30 2002
MP-33 2000-2006
MP-19 1996-1999
MP GRAD MP 1994-1999
MP-29 1992-2000
MP-14 1992-2000
PRO MP-11 1990-1993
PRO MP-5 1990-1992**
MP-9 1990-1992
PRO MP-4 1990-1992 (Right Handed) 1991 - 1992 (Left Handed)
PRO MS-11 1989-1990*
MS-9 1988-1990
MP-7 1988-1990
MS-8 1987-1990
MS-7 1986-1990
PRO MS-5 1984-1987 &1990**
PRO MS-4 1984-1987 (Right Handed) 1985 - 1987 (Left Handed)
PRO MS-3 1983-1985
PRO MS-2 1983-1984
PRO MS-1 1983-1984
PRO 1982-1983

*no photo available

**Seems to be a type-o from the mizuno website. Mizuno has the MP-5 listed from 84-87 and the MS from 90-92. Looks as if these have been inverted as all the other MP versions were released after their MS counterpart. For this reason I have listed the dates as I think they should be.

See the picture of them all at this link

All info from the following two sites. (When dates conflicted I went with Mizuno's site)
Mizuno Retired Clubs

Iron finder

Please let me know if there are any I missed.
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Re: Mizuno TP and MP Timeline

Well I used to play the TP series, which were prior to the MP series....... there were lots of TP models, TP-9, TP-11, TP-Z, TP-2000 etc,

TP stands for Tour Proven, I don't know why it went from TP to MP.

TP-9 would be something like the current MP-68, quite difficult to use, but lots of power behind the ball........ I hope I still had these, two weeks not at the range ... a disaster, but they really went low and far when hit pure, with that climbing trajectory.
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