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Yep.  Great thing about golf is it lets you use your imagination.  I figure I have all these wedges so I might as well use them.  I learned the game when I didn't even own a sand wedge - did my fringe chipping with a 7I.  Tom Watson still doesn't carry a LW, and there's never been anything wrong with his wedge play.

Then why does Tom put his name on these?  a3_biggrin.gif  Another great athlete shilling something he doesn't use.  My dreams are shattered.




Just because he endorses it, doesn't mean that he uses every loft in the line.  Last I read he used a 56° as his highest loft.  A few years ago I believe that it 54°.  His wedge setup for the 2009 Open Championship was  Adams Puglielli (52°), Tom Watson (56°).  When he won the 2011 Senior PGA Championship it was Adams Pugielli Wedges - 52° and 56°.

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70 yards for me.
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I holed out a 75 yard SW for birdie today. 352 yard Par 4, My tee shot went left behind a tree, my only shot was to punch it out back to the fairway, SW one hopped in to the cup.  I have chipped in before but never holed out from the fairway using a full swing.  Almost hit a hole-in-one today too.

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120 yards

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About 40 yards from a bunker to an elevated green. All I could see was the top of the flag. Spent 5 mins looking for the ball along the back fringe and rough before my sister said, "maybe it's in the hole." It was.
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This thread is back again?   Hmmmmm.....lets see?  Did I mention I have 12 par4 deuces? :-P 


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185 yards for eagle
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About 40 yards. 3rd shot on a long par 4. Played that hole many, many times, and it took my longest hole out to birdie it:~(
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best hole out to date was from a fairway bunker from 45 yards.    3 green side chip in's this year from 45-60 ft.

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Haha well I've only ever holed out from the side of the green on a little chip shot. Doubt that counts, but still waiting on that approach that that holes for eagle.
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180 yards for an Eagle on a par 5
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120 on an absolute fluke. I hitd a 3 iron punch shot with a tree in my way (negating a full swing with a wedge) from inside the depression around the tree. It came out a little hotter than I expected and fortunately hit the side of a hill around the green and went in. Luckiest shot I've ever hit, with no skill involved.

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Not to be repetitive, but I holed out from 228yds with a 3-iron.........it was all skill...no luck involved!  Hehe..

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Not including par 3s right?  Then it's 150 yards for me.

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My longest hole outs are from 150-150-164-228yds.   

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My only long (145 yds, twice) hole outs occurred in the late 90's. In the last 10 years my longest hole out was a 60 or 70 foot putt. Lame. ;)
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282 meters, thats about 320 yards.


a tiny par 4 with a 3 wood. HIO for albatros.


otherwise i holed out from 70m (77 yards) 3 times. pretty precise on this half 56° with short finish shot.

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Southland GC: Hole 14, Dogleg left par 4. Second shot about 160 yards out in the middle of the fairway. I hit a well-struck 6-iron and watched it sail right at the pin, but I couldn't see where it landed because the green was elevated. When we got up to the green, I didn't see my ball and my buddy said to check in the hole. Yes. It was there for an eagle 2.
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