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What's the furthest you've ever holed out from? - Page 9

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Not me personally, but I'm reminded of a claim from the 1990's of a 7 mile putt holed by Brad Faxon. Anyone care to work how this was achieved? It's not that difficult when you apply a bit of logical deduction

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he holed out the 18th hole playing from the first tee ?

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7 miles should be the clue

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I know the answer but don't want to spoil it.


BTW I heard it was 8.5 miles and that Seve had a 9 miler.

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He made a putt on a plane.


Back to the topic if we could please. :-)

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I know the Europeans flew on the Concorde in the '80s to the Ryder Cup...........   did the Americans ever fly on it?   To hole a 7 mile putt, you'd need to be flying at about mach2.......:-P 

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Something like 160y. Eagle on a long par4. This was and stil is my my first eagle. Until that moment my longest was a pitch from 70 yards for bogey a1_smile.gif
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about 110-120 with a gap wedge (50) on a par 4 this summer  (3rd shot, I shanked my 2nd from under a tree....)


one of the few shots that went 'exactly' as visualized - I even discussed the shot, carry, landing, bounce and how it would roll out with my friend.  When it actually did all that I was amazed.  (this is very rare).  He freaked out (new golfer) might have been more jazzed about it than I was.


Never before got to see a shot like that just hit, roll and disappear like that......


2 holes later was my first eagle...  so 3 holes scoring 3 in a row (birdie, par, eagle) - that looks good on a scorecard.

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i got an eagle on a par 4 from 180 yards out with a 5 hybrid. total fluke. i'm a newbie. was my 4th time ever golfing and i just started this april. so i kept the ball and glad my dad was there to see it so i have a witness. i kept looking all over for the ball......thinking, i know i didn't hit it over the green, then finally looked in the cup. sweetness.
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I can't begin to count my hole-outs from at least 100yds.  I have 12 career par-4 deuces, but they aren't all from outside 100yds.  Aside from the deuces.... I've holed out from 100+ to save bogeys and pars too........LOL  I've also holed out a few times with full shots for eagle on par5s after a layup.


I only have 1 ace, but I've holed at least a dozen full shots that I would gladly trade-in for a 2nd ace...........LOL 

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50 yards.  It was my best day ever - I was totally alone on the course on a cloudy weekday morning, I was playing two balls and never got to finish because of a thunderstorm - I had to play speed golf just to complete the 9th hole as the rain was pounding down and at least get to put down a 42 and a 43 on my scorecard for 9 holes.  It was years before I played nearly that well again.

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