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What is your longest hole out?

I have yet to get a really long hole out.  My longest is just over 20 yards.  It was my second birdie ever and I celebrated accordingly by throwing my hands up in the air and running around the green shouting to my friend.


My second question of sorts is  has anyone noticed a large increase of off the green hole outs as you got better?  That 20 yard chip was in my first year of golf.

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Longest hole out was from about 240 out on a par 5. Only albatross I've gotten.

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Right around 30 yards. I'm still waiting for my ace or >100 hole-out.

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About 60 yards. Pitched a 60* wedge about as good as I can. It bounced twice, checked, and rolled about 2 feet right into the hole. One of my few eagles. 

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My longest hole-out was from about 100 yards with a SW. To your second point - No, I haven't holed out more as I get better. In fact, it's been quite a while... not counting short chips from a few feet off the edge of the green.

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The other day I canned a 60 degree wedge from 87 yards. It tore the edge of the cup.  The year before I had a 125 yard pw hit 6 inches beyond the pin and back into the cup. Other than the odd chip in, these are the only 2 that I can really recall. I don't know if you hole out more as you get better (it's still really hard to do), but I do know that you get closer to the hole on average which gives you a better chance at making more putts. 

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145 yards.  Twice.  Once on a par 4 for an eagle (10th hole, Laguna Seca Golf Course, from the right rough) and once on a par 3 for a hole in one (Cottonwood golf club, Ivanhoe course, El Cajon, CA, hole #4)


Both pitching wedges too.


Also both in the '90s. :(  Haven't holed out from any considerable distance in a very long time.  Heck, I haven't put one in the hole with any club other than a putter in recent memory at all!

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215 yards.  In July of 1959 when my mom was 6 months pregnant with me.  I had to have added something to the shot, right?  That's my ace story and I am sticking to it.

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Holed out quite a few short pitches and chips from the rough or fringe...no more than maybe 7-10 yards from the hole.


I ALMOST holed out a long (30+ yard) pitch over a bunker on a par 3 about 2 weeks ago, as someone let me play through. Died less than an inch from the hole...the guy couldn't believe it...he felt so bad for me. Haha.

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161 yards on the par 3 fourth at my home course for a hole-in-one. I hit 7 iron.


I've also holed out from 150 yards when I was in high school... that was for a birdie (I'd hit a horrible drive and then the recovery put me in the right rough 150 yards out). My first eagle was a hole out on a par 4 from 117 yards.

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44 yards measured with a laser just before the shot.  I didn't see it go in, but my friends did.

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Its been a while, but some were in the realm of 120 yards, for par :p


I've had a few pitch ins, like 20-30 yards, and chip ins as well.

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In most seasons I'll sink a half PW or half GW from about 60 yards out.

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I have no idea but not real far since 04/2012 and all have been from green side bunkers. I didn't play from late 90's-2012, I have little recollection of how I golfed back then.

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In the 170 yd range for eagle on a par 4.  No aces though.....

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Made an eagle from just over 150 out, it was a blind shot. I thought I'd hit it over the green and was looking for it there when my buddy yelled at me to come take my ball out of the hole.


Still waiting to make my first ace....but then again I've only been playing 40+ years.

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Have holed out numerous chips from right off the green.  My furthest was from ~120 yards with a pitching wedge.  Landed on the fringe, bounced a time or two, and proceeded to roll into the cup.  Eagle.  Felt great.

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First one was last week during a terrible round.  Saved bogey from 50-55 yards with my PW.  Bounced once and rolled about a second and then disappeared.

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