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Re: Changing Putters: Good Idea or Bad?

Originally Posted by redranger View Post
Hey guys,

I've been using a Taylor Made Rossa putter for about a year now. No real complaints about it, except I don't really like the aesthetics of it. I bought it since it had decent feel and it was on sale.

Lately, I've been thinking about buying a Scotty Cameron after I putted with my mom's. The feel was undeniably softer and I just felt more confident with it.

I know some people claim that changing putters is a bad idea if you've already developed a feel with your current putter since it'll just mess around with it.

What do you guys think?
I think you should convince your mother to buy another putter and give you her SC! If she won't buy that, make sure you try out putters on a REAL green,not the ones inside a golf shop(You can make 8 out 8 with a broomstick on a golf store green).

PS- If you buy a new putter,make sure you leave the price tag on(putter thinks you are just trying it out and will make putts from everywere)
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Re: Changing Putters: Good Idea or Bad?

i recently made a rather drastic putter change from a Bettinardi BC1 to a Rife Abaco. I think its for the better. The Bettinardi is much softer than the Abaco and the greens I've been playing have been rather slow. With the Abaco the ball comes off the face much better and I don't feel like I have to push it out to get it rolling.

Point being, I don't necessarily think changing putters is a bad idea, as long as you know what you're looking for. Find what you don't like about your current putter and approach from there.
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Re: Changing Putters: Good Idea or Bad?

I've owned 4 Scottys, a Bettinardi, and 8 Ping Ansers in the last ten years, always looking for the "holy grail" of putters which unfortunately seems to have been one of Scottys that I sold. Aesthetics are undeniably important because if you don't like the looks of your putter you won't have as much confidence in it. Although I normally am loath to mess with something that's working pretty well I say go for the change...but hang onto your old putter just in case.
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Re: Changing Putters: Good Idea or Bad?

It is always a good idea to buy new clubs. Get a belly to practice with, too. It'll make you a better putter with your conventional flat stick.
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I have been practicing a good deal lately and good things are happening, however, I had been neglecting my putting practice. Recently I acquired two different longer putters (1 41 inch and 1 43 inch).  The one I had been using was the Odyssey Metal-x #7 Belly. The other had never been used and was up for sale on ebay with no offers. It is a Cleveland Classic Platinum Belly. So today, I decided to give it a try and much to my surprise I made a lot more putts including six 1 putt greens for a total of 32 in eighteen holes. I guess will stick with it for awhile. More than likely the "honey moon" effect somebody mentioned earlier. Heck, if I could use only the best 9 hole scores and combining them, I would be shooting in the low  to mid 80's, but I don't think that would be consistent with my actual play which is mid 90's for eighteen.  Maybe scores will improve now that my putting seems to be coming back. We shall see.

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i have two putters and switch back and forth, i think it is like my softball bats. i own 8 and use them all LOL 


its a mental thing anyways 

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I went from ping answer 79 to scotty Cali and quickly back to the ping with a new oversized Wynn grip.
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I am seriously considering changing to a broomstick putter, I have tried them in the pro shop and shorter putts are just so much easier. I don't anchor it, so that won't be a problem in the future. So just give it a go and see , you might also like it. The control is just so much better it's unbelievable, I can understand why guys on tour want them banned, it might look silly and seriously uncool, but if the putts are dropping then who cares really!

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i always have the feeling that if i change my putter ( or as recent my putter grip ) the first few rounds i putt very well with it.

after a while it's back to my normal crappy putting

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I have been using a Ram Zebra putter since about mid 80's ...... I've tried many others like Bettinardi's and Camerons, but I keep coming back to that Zebra ...... they are on eBay now and then ...... at $40 or less ..... they are great (I even bought a few spare ones over the last few years).


Changing putters might help for a while, but putting as much time in your putting (+ lessons) as most of us do in your driving will pay off !

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I recently retired my Nike Oz and started using a putter I made about ten years ago . I have improved quite a bit since, as my comfort zone has doubled in size . I dont know the exact percentage improvement but everyone I play with has remarked positively about it 

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If you dont like your current putter and loved the Cameron, then you probably already have the answer to your question. 

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Sometimes a change can do you good. Or at least make you really want your old putter back.
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I've been putting with a blade putter for a while....with mixed results.  The biggest problem was consistent speed where some putts would be "hot" and roll well past the hole.  I found alignment difficult too.


Through trial and error, I found that center shafted mallets with wide alignment aids seemed to work best. I'm somewhat "thrifty" so spending big bucks was out out of the question.


Through the magic of Ebay, I picked up a Never Compromise center-shafted Voodoo Daddy putter for $26 with headcover.  I replaced the grip with a Tiger Shark Jumbo paddle grip which feels fantastic.  All I can say is WOW!  It's been a huge benefit for me.  I went to a par 3 course near my house to practice today and shot 1 over.  I missed many of the greens like usual, but my chipping was OK leaving putts in the 3-8' range.  I made them all except one...even a 20' from the fringe to save par.



In my case, the change to a new putter appears to have helped my game considerably but that's because I went from a putter that did not match my putting style to one that does.  It did take me a couple of days to get used to the feel and sound which were very different from my previous putter.  I need a lot more putting practice but the switch was definitely in the right direction.

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I'm the last guy to give advice on putting, but one thing I believe (through experience) is that there's merit to sticking with & really getting familiar/comfy with your putter.     e3_rolleyes.gif     There's a temptation of trying many different putters ... the way I see it is this --->  if you never have good days with a particular putter, I could see changing it.    On the other hand, if you have good and bad days with a particular putter - stick with it & try to have all good days.   It almost always comes down to being the indian and not the arrow ...

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