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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Played from "forward tees" yesterday. Met three college friends at an equidistant location (Twin Rivers Golf Course Waco TX--the second longest course in Texas), thus didn't play a course I had played before. One friends isn't a golfer, so we played from the blues (6257 yds). The other two played highschool golf.

Twin Rivers Golf Course--home course of the Baylor Bears golf team, tight tree lined fairways, blind tee shots, creeks running through fairways, elevation changes, hard fast greens.
Tees Yardage Course Rating Slope
Red 5157 71.2 123
White 5674 67.8 111
Blue 6257 69.8 119
Gold 6698 71.7 125
Black 7123 74.0 126
Silver 7478 76.1 131

My score from the blues 85 (choking to the finish with double, double, bogey, bogey). My usual score from 6600 yards 82
Of note, I had an eagle on a 350 yard par 4. There was a 50 yard wide lake 260 yards from the tee. 4 iron to middle of fairway 130 yards to pin. 9 iron into the wind, two hops and rolled 5 ft slowly into the hole. This is the longest distance I've holed out from.
Stuart's score 85. His usual score recently is 83
Chad's score 84. His usual score recently is 80

The course was new to all of us, so the results are outside the experiment guideline parameters.
However, we found that straight away par 4s and all par 3s were easier.
Dog leg par 4s and par 5s were more difficult, we outdrove the fairway consistently into high rough or O.B.

If we had all played a course we were familiar with, we would have scored just slightly better than usual.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Played yesterday with Zeg. I shot an 88, but boy was it an odd 88 (46+42 doesn't begin to tell the story). The online scorecard is wrong: distances and rating are right, but the nines are reversed.

At one point (holes 8-12), I hit 5 GIR in a row - a personal best, I think.

No birdies for me, although I did have some good looks. Man, it feels great to have irons into greens on a regular basis!

Of course, my short game let me down on a number of occasions: I hit a greenside bunker in one on hole #2 (a short par-4). Out of the sand, but not onto the green. Chunked chip. Bad putt from fringe (underestimated how much I needed to do). Two putts for a 6 after darn near driving the green.

On the second nine, I only had one bogey and five pars in the first six holes. Then I went double-double and had to scramble for bogey on the final hole, but I did get up and down for a bogey.

Three great shots of the day for me:
- Tee shot on #2: into greenside bunker (hole is 230 yards).
- Approach on 12. My drive was right fairway (barely). Big bunker guarding the green; only approach over grass is from left hand side. I'm between a 5- and 6-iron. So I decide I'm going to play a high fade, starting it over the grass and keeping it there, bringing the bunker entirely out of play. Success! GIR, 2 putts for a par, and the sand was never in play.
- Shot 4 on #15, a par-5. I had a downhill lie in the rough and not much green to work with and some distance to carry. I managed to knock it to tap-in range for an easy par.

Some awful shots:
- I shanked two chips.
- I hit two wedges heavy, going for a forward pin. In one case, the flag was red but the cup was actually middle of the green!
- Hole 17 is short par-4 (under 300 yards), and I had just come off of a double bogey at 16. Despite that I hit my driver well all day, I went with 4-wood off the tee. I must have hit a tree, because I had 180 left in from the rough. Didn't reach the green, shanked a chip, and failed to get up and down. After starting the second nine one over through 6, I went double-double-bogey to finish.

There's a course design trick that I hate, and that's putting the forward tees only a little forward of the second set of tees, and just changing the "women's par." It's stupid that if a man is playing a 420-yard par-4, a woman might be playing a 415-yard par-5 on the same hole. It ruins man-vs-woman match play (his 4 beats her 5, even though both are par). It also slows play, because even if the forward tees are rated for men, why would a man play those tees if the next set back is only a few yards? There's no advantage and he maintains some ego. Anyway, I don't think the tees we played were much of an advantage over the set right behind them.

But the courses I play regularly don't rate their forward tees for men. Maybe I should return to this course and play a different set and see what happens.

Also, had lots of fun. And the experience reminds me that I want to set up a Los Angeles area TST meetup at some point.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

So yesterday I took the forward tees challenge at Delcastle Golf Club in Wilmington, DE. It was weird going to the first tee and having to tell the starter and the guy he paired me up with that I was playing the yellow tees, which are well up from the white and blue tees on pretty much every hole. But the guys didn't seem to mind it too much, and he actually found it kind of funny. My game was pretty good. At times, especially with my driver, I just couldn't figure out how to not hit it left, but at times I was just absolutely bombing the ball straight down the middle (a lot of these are not included in the summary because I am only including bogeys and birdies). I hit a few shots left with my irons, but mainly they were solid all day. It didn't hurt that I had LW into most greens. My swing thoughts were keep the head down on the backswing, keep the swing short, and extend through impact. I have found that at times I do too good of a job at keeping my head down and it stays down on the throughswing. That is a lot of why I've been hitting it left. 


Anyway, I shot a -5 67, but because the course rating from the yellow tees is 65.3 my differential was 1.8. 

Hole #2: A 400 yard par 5, I bombed my driver and had about 70 yards in. A slightly fat LW to to just off the front edge left me with about 20 feet for eagle. I hit a poor putt to 5 feet but made the birdie. 

Hole #3: I hit my driver way to the left, into an adjacent fairway on this 329 yard par 4. I had a 9 iron in and, even though I hit it perfectly, I pushed it into the right bunker. I bladed my bunker shot over the green but was able to get up and down for bogey from there. 

Hole #7: A 434 yard par 5, and I hit another great driver to the 150 mark. A slightly thin 8 iron to 31 feet gave me another eagle try. I actually gave this one a scare but it came up just short. 

Hole #9: I missed the green left on this 150 yard par 3, but after a chip to 7 feet I was able to save par.

Hole #10: On this 345 yard par 4 I hit a slightly popped up driver to the middle of the fairway, and I had a SW to the green. I don't know why or how but my SW went way over this elevated green. I was about 20 yards past the green, and was forced to hit a flop shot over a tree. The flop leaked to the right, and I had 25 feet for par. I missed it. 

Hole #11: This par 4 is 260 yards from the yellow tees, so I was going for it. Like I said in the "Best Shot of the Week" thread, my -14* angle of attack and 4500+ rpm spin rate actually came in handy here as I put it to 7 feet from the tee. BUT I MISSED THE PUTT! Still made birdie though. 

Hole #13: This hole is a huge dogleg left 294 yard par 4, but I was going for the green because I could go right over the trees. I hit it a little off the heel but the ball still went about hole high and 20 or so yards left. I hit a bad pitch shot to 31 feet and made a disappointing par. 

Hole #15: On this 420 yard par 5 I got a little bit under my driver, and hit it a little short but dead straight. I had a 5 iron uphill to the green that I pulled a little left into the rough. I hit my pitch to 5 feet and made the birdie putt. 

Hole #16: On this 304 yard par 5 I hit a bad driver to the left rough, but I was only about 50 yards from the green. A LW to 7 feet gave me an easy birdie putt. 

Hole #17: I hit a relatively poor PW on this 124 yard par 3 to 25 feet. My putt was hit way to hard but somehow the back of the cup got in the way and it went in for an unexpected birdie. 

Hole #18: Another great and long drive on this 440 yard par 5 gave me just a 6 iron to the green. I hit it right over the flag and had a 25 yard putt for eagle that I just barely left short. Tap in birdies are always appreciated though. 

So that's how it went down. I had a lot of short LWs to greens and as a result made a lot of birdies. I didn't play the course anywhere near the way the architect (if this course even has one) wanted people too, but I had a lot of fun.

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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Played my 18 yesterday from the yellow (farthest back rated for the men). Normally rating is 74.0/144, the golds are 67.0/126. Seven shots lower, and I ended up shooting 64 (-8).

Hole 1, normally 445, now 360. Hit a 3W into a narrow neck of fairway that's normally not in range and hit a partial wedge to 10 feet. Lipped out the putt, so E.

Hole 2, normally 168, now 113. Wedge to the green and two putts. Played safe as this green can really get severe with this pin location. E.

Hole 3, normally 519, now 448. 3W so I wouldn't go into a gully and a 6-iron onto the front of the green. Two putts to get to -1.

Hole 4, normally 294, now 185. 6I to the green and two putts, -2.

Hole 5, normally 307, now 238. Hit hybrid to just short of the green. Two-putted from the fringe to get to -3.

Hole 6, normally 191, now 146. Safe 8I to the middle and two putts.

Hole 7, normally 537, now 458. Driver over a trap on the right and a soft 6I to the green. Two putts and -4.

Hole 8, normally 436, now 367. Hybrid and a sand wedge to the center of the green, two putts.

Hole 9, normally 396, now 274. Hybrid and a sand wedge again to the center of the green with two putts. Turned in 32.

Hole 10, normally 482, now 384. Driver to 90 yards, sand wedge went a bit long on the green so I two putted.

Hole 11, normally 185, now 139. Soft 8I to the center of the green, putt lipped out.

Hole 12, normally 525, now 409. 3W to just short of the ravine (whew!) and a 7I to the green. Two putts, and -5.

Hole 13, normally 365, now 292. Driver to the fringe. Chip and a putt to get to -6.

Hole 14, normally 189, now 138. Played safe and made par with two putts.

Hole 15, normally 561, now 431. 3W to the end of the fairway, 6I up the hill to the left fringe, and two putted from there for a birdie and -7.

Hole 16, normally 314, now 240. 3W to the back right corner of the green. Chipped it on and sunk the longest birdie putt of the day at eight feet, -8.

Hole 17, normally 405 now 315, hit a 5I and a 9I to the front right corner of the green to leave an uphill putt. Left it just short and tapped in.

Hole 18, normally 427 and now 333 with a ravine. 3I and 8I to the middle of the green, and two putts.

So in the end I hit... what... every GIR? I didn't miss a fairway because the few times I hit driver I hit it straight and the rest of the time was with irons and hybrids or, at most, a 3W. I putted rather average (didn't really make any "first" putts except the one up and down I think - did if you do not not count putts from the fringe).
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Originally Posted by wubskis View Post
I intend to try this out on friday, but I can't get any serious data out of it, as I'm not actually aware of a course in my local area that has a slope rating. It really doesn't seem to be a common system at all in the UK, I guess our SSS (Standard Scratch Score) is a parallel? At any rate, I'm hoping to shave around 5 strokes off my average score at the course I'm going to, and looking forward to playing a par 3 there that goes from 175ish from the men's tees over water to 95ish for the ladies over a little stream. Interesting!
Well, it wasn't practical for me to do this on Friday due to a playing partner blanket refusing to play from the red ladies' tees, due to some machismo testosterone fuelled puff-your-chest-out bullcrap. I'm playing on Tuesday with my dad, and will try the red tees then I guess. He's a pretty short hitter anyway, so it could be a nice break for him instead of barely ever being able to go for a GIR. Again, it'll be purely for the personal experience, as I don't have slope ratings to refer to etc.

Also, that's a pretty damn fine round you put together there iacas, well played.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Ended up going to a nice par 63 course, an hour or so away, to play the forward tees tournament. Though I only played 9 holes. It's a very nice course and I've been there a several times. There were only three tees; black, white, and green. I usually play the white tees (60.3/113) so today I played the green tees (59.5/113).

For 9 holes at this course, I usually shoot in the mid to high 40's, but today I ended up shooting a 42, on the front nine, which is a par 31. There were only a few par 4's so I only hit about 25% of the fairways, and no GIR's. Plus, I usually two-putted most of the time.

It was a different experience. I had to think twice before choosing a club to tee off with, and overshot a few times. I mostly bogeyed and doubled the holes, but did make back to back pars on two holes.

A few holes to note:

6th hole, par 3, 98 yards. I felt very confident, a little too confident, that I could get to the green with my SW. I didn't make it though, hitting it about 80 yards. After chipping over the green, I then chipped again and one putted for bogey.

7th hole, par 4 280 yards to the hole. I went all out in a drive that went at least 230 yards, slightly into the left rough. Ended chipping and two putting for par.

9th hole, par 4 278 yards with a slight dogleg to the left. I sliced and topped my tee shot about 80 yards left into some heavy brush. My ball had a decent lie, so I took out my 4H and shot. I landed the ball directly left of the green. Ended up chipping, then two putting for bogey. Also, I was trying out my new SW and putter, both of which were excellent.

This was a great idea Erik! I'm already looking forward to next year's Forward Tees Tournament.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Originally Posted by alf174 View Post
At my "regular" pasture, I normally play the blues 6463 yards 71.6/122 and average 96. I'll play the reds at 5287 yards (calculating 66.4/110) and should hit 88.
Played in wet conditions and shot 91. A week earlier I played the next longest (tees golds, +100 yards) and shot 87.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Well, since I couldn't make it, I'm going to have to use my old attempt, which was my first try at that length (heck, that course) anyway. Estimated a 60 on a par 33 9-hole course (w/par 3s and par 4s, 2414 yds and 62.4/100 from the forward red tees), hit a 58. Not sure what else I need to say. I wasn't all that great on placement on the green, so my putts weren't so good, but I don't have exact data since I didn't realize you had to SAVE a scorecard within BBGPSGolf. Worst hole was a 10, had a couple 5's as well mixed with 6's and 8's for the other holes. I didn't keep score on the main scorecard either. :(
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

As I said in another post afterwards, I ended up playing from the whites so I went from 71/125 to 68.8/121 To add a disclaimer, I ALWAYS play better when I'm solo vs. playing a group. The distances are based on what the blues were the last time I played before doing this and what the whites were that day. Courses has 5 tee boxes and 4 sets of tees.

Hole #1, par 4. 385(blue), 343(white) My driver has been really crappy lately but I decided to start off giving it a try. Horrible shot that only went about 190 yards to left rough. Since I'm forward though I only have 160 into the green. Nice 8 iron, stick it on the front and two putt...Even.

Hole #2, par 5. 508, 488... Letting my driver swing one more time..another crappy shot(but better than 1). Reached 200 yards this time and was in the fairway but its a par 5 so no biggie. Hybrid to 50 yards, wedge shot missed just right(fringe) I knock on and two putt for a bogey. +1

Hole #3, par 3. 170, 151... a pretty stiff par 3 from the blues, turned into a fairly tame par 3 from the whites. Stock 9 iron onto the green and left myself with an uphill putt. Just missed the birdie attempt and tap in for par. +1

Hole #4, par 4. 341, 312..swinging my hybrid off the tee now. In the fairway but my swing was not good. A little off the toe and high. Still, like #1, I'm forward so I'm only 136 yards out. Kind of duffed my PW trying to take some off of it and end up short right. I hit a good chip and get up and down to save a par +1

Hole #5, par 4. 343, 304.. Finally a good tee shot. Played right where I wanted 55 yards from the green direcly in front of it(hole is a weird design with a three level fairway and the green a little offset right). I mishit my wedge a little strong and landed on the back fringe. I BLASTED a putt from the fringe downhill about 13 feet past the hole and then 2 putted. +2 for the round.

Hole #6 par 3. 140, 106.. Stock LW shot for me. Hole plays a little downhill but it usually doesn't change the club unless the wind is blowing. Stuck the green dead center, flag left back. two putted. +2

Hole #7, par 5. 435, 395. Another great tee shot but missed right(fairway runs from left to right at angle from the tee boxes so a fade is your best shot)Still in good shape at 145 out..think I got a little "help" from my hybrid tee shot?? lol). Stock PW onto green dead center, flag in front. 2 putted for birdie. +1

Hole #8 333, 284. Hybrid still working with a strong tee shot. 50 yards out, middle of the fairway. Another disappointing hole though as I stuck my pitch about 8 feet away but STILL 2 putted and the 1st putt was not good. +1

Hole #9 404, 379. Little too much height on the tee shot and also right. 150 out with a stock 9 iron(I forgot that this hole always plays shorter on approach, though and blew over the back of the green. Chipped on and two putted for a 5. +2

Front nine stats. 4 fairways hit, 5 GIR, 17 putts average approach distance 105 yards. 38 strokes.

Hole #10 309, 295 I left my tee shot high and right and 143 yards out. Tricky lie but basic PW. Ended up on the back right fringe. Hit a nice chip that rolled to inches and tapped in for a working par. +2

Hole #11 387, 355. One of the toughest holes on the course. Flare my tee shot way out to the right and have to wedge out onto the fairway. From there I proceeded to leave the next shot short, then blow the chip over the back of the green. FINALLY chipped close for a tap in..but a double bogey! +4

Hole #12 185, 150. Usually no relief after 11. Thank God for forward tees! Put a 9i right and just short of center. Had to putt over a hump but I managed and got off with a two putt. +4

Hole #13 378, 340. Tee shots working again..right down the middle, 130 out. Hit my 54 to the front left of the green, pin front center. Basic two putt. +4

Hole #14 580, 521. Stock tee shot, and played 6 iron to get to the 150 marker. Left it a little right but on a good lie. Use my PW and hit the ridge in the center of green, pin right middle. Luckily the ball held on the ridge so the putting wasn't too tricky. Felt like I should have had a birdie here but walked off with par. +4

Hole #15 353, 310. A bad tee shot VERY HIGH and right. 195 out and hit a hybrid into a green side bunker. I just wanted to get out and onto the green and accomplished that. 2 putted for a bogey..felt good about managing the hole as badly as I played it. +5

Hole #16 475, 426. Good tee shot to the usual rough between the two fairways. 200 yards out but a flat lie. 2nd shot leaks a LITTLE right and I carry the front bunker by a yard...good position though, which I wasted with the chip. Put it too far past the hole and two putted for a par. Left another out there, I feel. +5

Hole #17 140, 116. 54 wedge off the tee and it sails high and a little right. Basic chip and putt for an up and down. +5

Hole #18 356, 313 Pull my tee shot slightly left but get great distance with a little help, leaving myself 50 yards. Basic two putt par from there..+5

Final stats. 7/14 fairways, 10/18 GIR, 33 putts, average approach 128 yards. 77 strokes.

I actually really enjoyed the change, and thought it really helped my golf game given my swing problems at the moment. I didn't notice a whole lot of spots that were different from where I would normally be playing from..probably because of the switch from driver to hybrid. I enjoyed doing this and will be doing it more often when I am playing solo(no one else ever wants to scoot up! lol) In the end the score still comes down to putting. If you're on with the putter that day, I think anyone will score well relative to their handicap. If its average or worse, you'll wonder what the heck happened!
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

I took the challenge at Crystal Lake playing from the red tees (64.9/104/5180 yards). From the white tees (67.6/110/6040 yards) I have been averaging ~82.

I was expecting to score the same as if I were playing the white or blue tees and predicted a score of 81 (75 to 91). I ended up with a 71 (6.6 diff) so I missed the predicted mark on both counts.

1st: Drove the green (257 yards) pin high and a little right. Missed the eagle but tap in birdie.

2nd-7th: Par all the par 3s and bogey all the par 4s.

8th: Par 5 on card but at 380 yards a par 4 in reality. On in two and make the putt for "eagle".

9th: Disaster strikes, make a double effectively wiping out the gains from the previous hole.

10th and 11th: Miss both greens but get up and down, a bit lucky in both cases.

12th: Plays 335 yards on the card and end up with about a 45 yard flip to the green. First GIR on this side but not the last. Actually make a pass with the putter that I feel good about and it goes in for another bird.

13th-18th: I think (mistakenly) that pars the rest of the way will be a 70 which also happens to be my goal for the year (to shot a 70). So this is where the mental grinding starts. I manage to hit every green and two putt every hole but made some pretty ugly swings and shots to do it.

I put the resulting data into the Scorecard format/link (the FTT round has more hole by hole notes).

To explore the "new look and challenges" theme I played the round prior to this from a set of tees I've never played and further back than normal (6655 yards). I also planned to play the following round at my "normal" home course tees but the course wasn't available. So the next round is on a nearby course from a set of tees (6031 yards) I've played a few times. These rounds are also in the Scorecard link.

Based on the results I'm going to retract my "the same score as if I play the white or blue tees" statement. Playing forward did give me more chances for bird and eagle and I was lucky to make some of them. On another day I might miss them all and then the score would be the same (exactly what Paradox already pointed out). In retrospect I think the real point was to actually have more realistic chances not if you make them.

As a side note as a high teen handicapper I used to play much further back than i do now because when I shot in the high/mid 90 to 100s I wasn't hitting many greens anyway. Missing by 30 yards was better for my score than missing by 10 feet (or even 10 yards) since it usually left me short of the bunkers, heavy rough, and severe slopes typical nearer the greens. As I got a little closer to GIR and two putt golf I also started to become more selective about what tees I play to give me a shot at GIR+2 golf.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

I couldn't do it this weekend as it was raining and the course was closed.
I'll try get out next weekend.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

As Shindig said, we played Hansen Dam from the whites (formerly reds). It was fun, and we got grouped with a couple who didn't even look at us funny for playing the forwards.

I shot a somewhat disappointing 99. My prediction was 95-98, I think, so I was pretty close. I've not played there before, and the whites there are actually rated about the same as my usual course is from the back tees, so I guess the ratings are pretty consistent. However, because of this and because I'd not played here before, this probably isn't a terribly useful data point for this course since it's essentially playing my normal tees, just on a course that happens to have longer ones.

I'd hoped to shoot closer to 90, as prior to this round I'd shot 45 or 46 on 2 of the previous 3 9-hole rounds... The front nine was good to me -- 6 bogeys, a par, and two doubles for a 46. Things fell apart a bit on the back with a couple triples and a quad and wound up with a 53.

The driver was generally well-behaved, as were my long irons. Short irons and short game were really unreliable, which is surprising. Did have a nice par save on #2 after misreading the distance and putting a pitching wedge about 15 yards past the green into a planted area full of succulents. After nearly giving up, spotted my ball as I was leaving to go drop back at the previous spot. Pitched it on and sunk a 15-17 foot putt for par.

That was the only "long" putt I made all day. I also lipped out 4-5 putts, and as a result started missing even tap-ins with regularity. Hit 4 greens in reg and only parred one of them---that's frustrating. Had great distance control (at the start, anyway) but was having all kinds of trouble both with reading the greens and hitting the line. So, while it was frustrating, this could easily have been a 90 so that's encouraging. Need to work on the consistency and get back to regularly practicing putting.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

I took the challenge. I have been playing pretty good lately. Actually I shot par from the Blacks my round before. My prediction was that I would shoot a 37 (+1) from the reds because the par round was a fluke and I would probably make some bad decisions. I predicted 37 but I thought I should have shot a 34. I did the prediction before my round. I played with my wife and I think it kind of through her off that I teed off with her.

My round went.
Hole 1 - Birdie, I thought I had the eagle (-1)
Hole 2 - Birdie, Short hole basically a par 3 from the reds (-2)
Hole 3 - Double Bogey, Killed a drive OB over the green (E)
Hole 4 - Bogey, 3 putt from 18 ft. Tried to make the birdie (+1)
Hole 5 - Par, It is a par 5, I basically a 3 putted. Things are going south. (+1)
Hole 6 - Par, Par 3 just not routine par (+1)
Hole 7 - Par, Drove next to the green not a great short game shot.
Hole 8 - Eagle, Drove the island green. Great putt (-1)
Hole 9 - Birdie, Drove into the base of a tree, hit it up short and got up and down on the par 5, (-2)

So I shot my 34. I should have more confidence.

The tees I normally from are the blacks 69.4/119
I played from the reds (womens) 62.8/102
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Okay we did play our fun game last wednesday ..... it is good that I did played a practice round a few days before, figuring which clubs to use, I shot 1 over par from the ladies forward tees, which was actually way better than most of the other guys, actually ..... I don't know if it was this exercise or the many hours I spend last few weeks on chipping, but today I played a round of 75 strokes at our par 72 course ...... am I on my way to becoming a Scratch golfer, or had I just a splendid day..... we'll see.....
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

I took the challenge by myself on sunday evening. (playing in 2:25 no less). We just had a ton of rain so I made the executive decision to play lift clean and place in the fairway. This was probably offset by the inconsistency of the greens.

Par 71.
From the tees I usually play: 6600 yards; 71.9 rating/134
From the tees I played: 5700 yards; 67.5/121

Scores I usually shoot; between 76 and 80; though my last two rounds were high 80s-- been really struggling with my driver
What i thought I would shoot-- even par 71
What I shot-- 68 (-3).

Stats summary:
Greens hit: 14/18
Fairways hit: 9/14 (includes 2 balls pin high on the rough on driveable par 4s)
Putts: 28 with 2 3 putts

Par 5s: -3
Par 3s: +2
Par 4s: -2.

Eagles: 1
Birdies: 4
Bogeys: 1
Doubles: 1

From a course management perspective I took the following approach. Every hole I was either going to try to drive the green or lay up to 115 yards (my favorite distance, perfect gap wedge)-- no exceptions. Tended to work well for me. Probably hit almost every club in my bag off the tee.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

shot 31. i hit a bunch of greens on off the tee

1st hole- 335 yard par 4, pushed my drive on 2 putts (E)
2nd hole-440 yard par 5, killed a drive and had 106 on and 2 putt (-1)
3rd hole- 350 yard par 4, 3 wood wedge to 5 feet for a tap in birdie (-2)
4th hole- 77 yard par 3, sw, 2 putt (-2)
5th hole-285 yard par 4, driver 2 putt (-3)
6th hole- 410 yard par 5, driver wedge wedge. i hit it into the trees off the tee, punched out and made par (-3)
7th hole- 96 yard par 3, sw to about 6 ft (-4)
8th hole- 270 yard dog leg par 4, 3 iron sand wedge to about 4 feet (-5)
9th hole-385 yard par 4, driver wedge chip and i did something i never do. i hit a bump and run and put it nice and tight and made the tap in (-5)

par 5s -1
par 4s -3
par 3s -1

i only had the change to play 9 but it was pretty fun. i actually played with a lady's league because it was the only way i could get out that day after school lol. it was really fun tho. the course wasnt even all that short, it was just mental thinking that im supposed to do better so i did i think
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

My goal was to shoot an 87, but I could only manage an 89. On one hand, the greens of the course I played had just been aerated earlier in the week, which cost me several strokes putting; on the other, my swing was all out of whack, causing all sorts of weak pushes and thin shots, and I adjusted well enough to those tendencies to stay in control of the round.

I played the par 5s at even par, and the par 3s at 3-over; most of the damage on my scorecard was done on the par 4s.
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Re: 9/18 - First Annual Sand Trap "Forward Tees Tournament"

Any updates on stats and such?
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