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Steel Shaft

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I have steel shafts in my fairway woods and love them. I can hit them quite far and my shot cone is quite small with them.

I will admit I know next to nothing about shafts as I am still learning about golf in general.
With a driver what are the pros and cons to having a steel shaft? My understanding is you'll lose distance, but should shoot a little straighter.

Is this accurate? What type of distance loss would one be looking at?

No I am not going to put a steel shaft in my driver as it is working quite well for me right now. The question was more out of curiousity as I saw a guy at the clubhouse the other day with a steel shafted driver. He was just leaving so I never had the chance to ask him why.
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Re: Steel Shaft

steel shafts are typically much heavier than graphite. Thus you'll have a bit more control over your driver. However, it won't somehow mask your swing flaw.

I actually played steel shafts on my FW until this year. With the technological advancements that this industry has made, theres really no reason for someone to play steel shaft these days over graphtie other than if they want heavier shafts. Graphite shafts are just as accurate now.

But in regards to accuracy...lighter shafts are typically harder to control, thus steel = heavier = more control.
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Re: Steel Shaft

The only reason my woods have steel in them is that's how I got them and I haven't wanted to change the clubs since.
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